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"Defining beauty from within, to inspire confidence in every individual"

Porcelain Brand Story

Porcelain is a homegrown cult skincare brand that started as a skincare salon with the ambition to do things differently. Porcelain has grown from a small two-man outfit into a trailblazing skincare authority.

Over the last 10 years, we have also achieved more than 60 beauty awards for both service and products. Internationally, we have won the Best Beauty Spa in Asia for 7 years (World Luxury Spa Awards) and featured on BBC, Forbes and the Louis Vuitton City Guide.

"We aren’t performers of miracles, but we can craft the closest thing to it with you. We will take your hand for as long as you hold it out, and that’s a promise we don’t lightly make."

At Porcelain, we’re really good at listening, and we’ve been doing a lot of that since 2009. Being such great listeners, our solutions are all conceived in-house based on ongoing interactions with you after we get under your skin (literally)! And since your skin evolves with time, it means we’ll never stop listening and curating products and treatments to meet your needs.

We like to think of it as a collaborative effort between you and us. And that’s really what it is like within Porcelain too — teamwork and a whole lot of transparency.

Ours is a really happy team; you’ll be hard-pressed to find another place so full of raw energy and chemistry.

Brand Philosophies

Porcelain’s beginnings were humble in 2009 when founded by Jenny and her daughter, Pauline Ng, who had just graduated from the Singapore Management University. ​

Now taking the helm as Founder and Managing Director, Pauline runs a tight ship to ensure the values of integrity, transparency and craftsmanship perpetuate throughout Porcelain since 2009. ​

As Co-Founder and Director Aesthetician of Porcelain, Jenny Teng is a passionate aesthetician who spent over 20 years honing her skills. Back in the ’90s, she had a small facial outfit at a rented bomb shelter under an HDB block called JPhiline. 

Though semi-retired since 2015, she still shepherds and trains all Porcelain therapists in the refined art of deep-cleansing treatments and extractions.

Brand Philosophies
Porcelain Founders Pauline Ng and Jenny Teng

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