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Beauty Unplugged

Reversing the effects of screen time
A collection of skincare problems like Squint Eyes, Tech Neck and Phone Chin that result from an increase in time spent staring at your phones & PCs.

Squint Eyes

Squinting your eyes from long hours of staring at your screen can cause fine lines & wrinkles to form.

Tech Neck

Forward bending of the neck to look at our phones can cause sagging skin and obvious necklines.

Phone Chin

Constantly looking down compresses the skin underneath the jaw which causes sagging jowls & double chin.

Our environment and lifestyle are ever-changing, and in the past months, we experienced this firsthand. We increasingly spend more time interacting with our devices to stay connected. Though this interaction is not inherently harmful, it is taking unknown tolls on the skin and body. The phenomenon of ‘Squint Eyes’, ‘Tech Neck’ and ‘Phone Chin’ have now become commonplace thanks to our longer screen time.

Porcelain created three treatments to help maintain healthy skin to combat the effects of increased screen time.

Multi-Spectrum Intensive Eye Treatment

Intensive Eye Treatment

For Squint Eyes

Often unknowingly, we squint our eyes while looking at our screens for long periods. Constant squinting creates deeper wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes. Additionally, our devices emit blue light, which is known to disrupt sleep cycles, weaken skin surfaces and cause photoageing. Prolonged exposure often leaves behind dull, dry and puffy eyes.


  • Reduce fine lines, wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles
  • Lifts droopy eyelids
  • Rebuild collagen & firms skin

The Multi-Spectrum Intensive Eye Treatment is created to combat these adverse side effects and to restore it back to youthfulness in just 45 minutes.

Duo-Intensive Neck & Décolleté Treatment

Duo-Intensive Neck & Décolleté Treatment

For Tech Neck

The best accessory is an elegant neck with a flawless décolleté to match. However, both are increasingly hard to come by thanks to our devices. Tech Neck refers to the forward bending of the neck to look at our phones. Apart from its harmful effects on the spine and posture, bending the neck forward causes the skin to crease and deepen necklines. Furthermore, the décolleté is an area that most skincare routines miss out on, yet it is usually the first place to reveal the true age thanks to more prominent fine lines.


  • Reduce fine lines, necklines and pigmentation
  • Improve skin tone and texture
  • Rebuild collagen

Reverse the signs of Tech Neck and ageing with the Duo-Intensive Neck & Décolleté Treatment to reduce fine lines for visibly firmer, brighter and even skin along the neck and décolleté.

Proionic Multi-Sculpting Chin & Neck Treatment

Proionic™ Multi-Sculpting Chin & Neck Treatment

For Phone Chin

Tilting the head down to look at your phone compresses the skin under the jaw. Over time, the skin begins to sag, giving a once defined jawline and neck a sagging appearance.


  • Reduce the appearance of double chin
  • Tighten saggy skin
  • Lifts and firms skin

Using the advanced technology of a carbon dioxide treatment coupled with long wave radio frequency, Porcelain created the Proionic™ Multi-Sculpting Chin & Neck Treatment to restore a sharper visage atop a sleek neck.

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