Over 110 Awards & Accolades

We are humbled by the recognition and is thankful to our community who believe in us. Through the years, we have been featured on Forbes, BBC, the Louis Vuitton City guide and won World Luxury Spa Awards for 10 consecutive years.

Made for You, Inspired by You.

  • For Sensitivity

    Targeting skin sensitivities. Soothing one's skin which is exposed to undesired aggressions such as pollution, stress and heat peaks.

  • For Premature Ageing

    Preventing premature ageing of one's skin. Start your preventive anti-ageing treatment before the first signs of age. For the ones who cares about the future.

    Age Freeze 
  • For Acne

    Bringing balance to one's skin condition by focusing its action towards necessities. Designed to bring back harmony to one's skin.


Porcelain Prologue

A skincare blog dedicated to everything you need to achieve Porcelain skin

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