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  • "I must say that this korean technology machine is one of the gentlest I've experienced thus far"

    – Yina Goh

  • "Putting this treatment as one of my faves because the results are good!"

    – Nicole Changmin

  • "The perfect maintenance facial to unclogged my pores and removed dead skin cells" 

    – Alene B.

What is ClearPurity™️ Sensitive Repair ?

An effective, painless treatment designed with Korean Medi-technology and high-potency botanicals to deeply cleanse, purify and instantly soothe sensitive skin.

Suitable for all skin types, but is especially beneficial for conditions such as 

• Rosacea
• Eczema
• Skin inflammation and redness
• Dry and flaky skin

Witness Instant Results After 1 Session

Results are safe, effective, and immediate

*Untouched photos of real results based on 1 to 3 session. Individual results may vary.

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Here's What You Can Expect

Clinically Tested 5-Step Treatment to Deeply Cleanse, Soothe and Repair Sensitive Skin

Amplify your Results with Our Soothing Skincare Products

Comprises of spa-grade formulations with highly potent botanicals to treat your sensitivity

*While Stocks Last Only

Instantly relief, nourish and restore your skin with this duo. 
Get yourself a set @ $50 with purchase of trial. While stocks last.

Kit includes:

- 1 x Botanical Sensitive Care Toner 30ml (U.P. $25)
- 1 x Botanical Soothing Gel 20ml (U.P. $48)

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I start booking my appointment for ClearPurityᵀᴹ Sensitive Repair Treatment?

Bookings for ClearPurityᵀᴹ Sensitive Repair Treatment is only available from July 2022 onwards.

What skin type is suitable to do ClearPurityᵀᴹ Sensitive Repair Treatment?

This treatment is suitable for All Skin Types, and especially designed to reduce build- up from pollution and city residues that adhere to the already stressed –out skin which causes micro-inflammation. This 3 step treatment effectively and gently exfoliates , allow optimal product absorption and allow the skin barrier to have a chance to heal and strengthen.

Can this treatment treat eczema/rosacea?

This treatment is not suitable for broken skin and flaring eczema/ rosacea skin as it is not design to cure or treat chronic sensitive skin. However, it can reduce dead skin piled up on the surface and allow the skin a chance to heal.

Are there any downtime after the treatment?

No, there are no downtime in this treatment. You can resume to your daily routine as usual.

Can this treatment substitute Quintessential Treatment?

This treatment is great for congestions like blackheads, whiteheads and papules but is not effective for pustule or cystic congestions. Therefore, it is more suitable for mild levels of congestion.

What are the contraindication of this treatment?

- Broken skin - Sunburnt skin - Pustular/ Cystic Acne - Very loose skin

Is this treatment safe during pregnancy?

Since micro-infusion is used during the treatment, it is not advisable.

For a limited time only, Enjoy your first trial at $198 (U.P. $386)

Trial includes: 

• 1 x Personalised Skin Discovery Analysis (U.P. $65)
• 1 x ClearPurityᵀᴹ Sensitive Repair Treatment for New Customers Only (U.P. $321)

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