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A hydrating pre-cleanse is important

Always double-cleanse to get rid of all the accumulated impurities and pollutants at the end of each day. Packed with Orchid extracts, the Makeup Cleanser acts as a revitalizing pre-cleanser while gifting your skin with moisture and antioxidants.

Tone and Moisturise

The Deep Hydrating Lotion has 4 powerful uses: 
1) As a toner 
2) As a spray for a quick, moisturising pick-me-up throughout the day
3) As a mask
4) As a setting spray 

With jojoba and rose oils, this is a lightweight, hydrating product that’s perfect even for drier climates.



Dry skin and dehydrated skin are two different things, and you could worsen the issue if you don’t use the right products (and treatments) to remedy it. 

– Dry skin is a skin type that doesn’t produce much oil (also known as sebum)
 Dehydrated skin is a skin condition where your skin lacks water

  1. You cannot have both oily and dry skin.
  2. Dry skin and dehydrated skin require different  products.
  3. You skin needs a good balance of oil and water.
My skin has been really dehydrated since coming back from a dry climate, I've tried layering hyaluronic acid products with a occlusive but I still get flaky skin, how else can I rehydrate my skin? Please help!
Porcelain follower

Dear @edithrenee,
Yes we love to travel, but it does wreak havoc on our skin. Sounds like your skin's pH might be imbalanced, and your skin barrier weakened. Our skin's pH is a balance of oil and water. When exposed to dry climates, we lose both - and oil is needed to retain water and hyaluronic acid in your skin. What you can do is condition your skin with an emollient moisturiser that contains natural oils i.e jojoba or rose.
Managing Director, Porcelain

Do more than just moisturise

A power-packed concoction to help boost skin’s moisture, reverse early signs of aging and improve its natural resilience. Designed to provide intensive hydration, this serum contains  4 customized complexes to help ageing, dehydrated, sensitive and even acneic skin. Power-packed with Hyaluronic Acid and 5 other hydrating ingredients, antioxidants, and an added boost of Probiotics.

Use masks that retain moisture

Each of these masks is soaked with natural, hydrating extracts and antioxidants. Made of bio-cellulose, each mask conforms to your face to effectively infuse 30ml of serum into your skin. Give your skin a hydrating boost that repairs and brightens, while simultaneously tackling signs of ageing!

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