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Bio-Reset 2-in-1 Home Facial Kit

Bio-Reset 2-in-1 Home Facial Kit

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With the Cryo Stainless Steel Gua Sha Plate, Cryo Stainless Steel Facial Roller, and Bio-Reset Intensive Night Recovery Elixir, this is the ideal kit to invest in for your anti-ageing journey. ​

Bio-Reset Intensive Night Recovery Elixir is formulated using sustainable bio-actives to repair aged fibroblast cells and stimulate collagen growth, experiencing firmer and more youthful skin over time. Blended with a complex of six Ceramides,  SYN®-AKE, IceAwake™, and Recoverine®, it boosts cellular metabolism to energise skin to protect skin from environmental stressors to reduce signs of premature ageing.​ 

Products Included

• 1x Stainless Steel Facial Roller​
• 1x Stainless Steel Guasha
• 1x Bio-Reset Intensive Night Recovery Elixir 50ML

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Typically, a traditional gua sha plate can bring about the following benefits when used on the face:

• Enhanced facial contours  ​
• Deep facial tissue tension relief  ​
• Improved lymphatic drainage from the face  ​
• Boosted product penetration  ​
• Enhanced circulation for a brighter complexion​

Key Ingredients Found Within Bio-Reset Intensive Night Recovery Elixir

  • SYN®-AKE

    Botox-like effects and age-freezing actives decelerate new wrinkle formation.

  • IceAwake™

    Restores radiance as it reverses visible signs of skin fatigue.

  • Recoverine®

    Increases cellular energy to boost natural repair of damaged skin barrier and DNA functions.

How to Use the Gua Sha and Roller?​

Immediate Effect of Using Gua sha


Guasha versus Roller

Gua sha and facial rollers are among the top tools to opt for to really sculpt and depuff the face. ​Is there one better than the other? ​