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Revitaleye Lift Kit

Revitaleye Lift Kit

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3-months instalment plans available

Healthy skin is more than meets the eyes– it involves fueling it from within. Complement the supercharged abilities of both our RevitalEyes Concentrate and RevitalEyes Silk Mask as you wind down from a busy day to soothe your mind and soul for a restful night’s sleep.   

Bundle Includes

1 x RevitalEyes Concentrate 15ml
1 x RevitalEyes Silk Mask
1 x Canvas Leather-Trimmed Pouch

Key Benefits

✓ Intensely hydrates and retains skin moisture
✓ Reduces skin inflammation & stimulates collagen regeneration
✓ Protects skin against free radicals and environmental stress
✓ Brightens and rejuvenates skin

Skin Suitability

All skin types

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How To Use

Step 1: Squeeze a pea-sized amount over the entire orbital eye area. Gently glide the massage probe around the eye contours for 1-2 minutes. Micro-vibrations are activated when the hand holds the metal sensor and the massage probe is in contact with the skin.

Step 2: Remove the protective sheet of RevitalEyes Mask and place it on the eyes for 20 minutes.

Note: Wipe the massage probe clean with a dry or moist cloth after each use. Do not wash with water.

  • Eco-friendly

    We keep your skin and the environment safe through sustainable formulations with recyclable bottling and packaging.

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  • Plant A Tree

    We are committed to planting 1 tree with every order you make, making planet Earth a better home for all.

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  • Recycle & Reward

    Recycle empty Porcelain bottles with us and be rewarded. The environment will thank you too!

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