#MyimPerfection – Liberty beyond Boundaries

In this instalment of #MyimPerfection, we listened to a story from a different perspective – one of liberty found beyond boundaries.

Dull Skin & Pigmentations

Dealing with Hyperpigmentation? IPL is absolutely your way to go!

“Freckles are a symbol of freedom,” said Ross Burton. Freedom from makeup and cover-ups. What was once covered is becoming an openly embraced beauty trend. All around the world, individuals are donning faux freckles. The trend has gotten so popular that pens specially made for that very purpose now exist…


#MyimPerfection – The Choice of Joy

In this instalment of #MyimPerfection, we listened in to what seemed like a familiar story but what lay underneath was a tale of perseverance littered with the rare choice of joy.


Top Rated Porcelain Skin Facials to Fight Acne

We are here to help with some of our very own top rated facials for acne in Singapore that you will surely fall in love with!

Breaking It Down

Tips on how to Choose the Best Facial Package in Singapore

Choosing the best facial package in Singapore is not easy and that’s why we have come out with 5 Tips on how to choose the best package for your facial needs