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2021: A Year of Milestones

2021: A Year of Milestones

Dear Friends at Porcelain, 

In the blink of an eye, another year has passed us by. It is almost 2 years since the pandemic began, and though it has been a challenging time throughout, we are grateful for the blessings and support that we have received this year, big and small. Despite the adversity, we have learnt to adapt and forge ahead, allowing 2021 to be an outstanding year for Porcelain.  

Before we delve into the milestones of this year, we wanted to first thank our Porcelain Community, our partners, team mates, friends and family who continuously supported us throughout the entire year. Know that you are the reason we are here, having emerged another year stronger and better despite the challenges faced. 

Porcelain Skincare Rebranding  

Starting the year with our first physical event after a year of COVID-19 restrictions to celebrate the long-anticipated rebranding truly set the tone for 2021.   

After 4 years of embodying the same purpose as the world changed around us, we felt it was time to redefine our role in your lives based on the reflections of our journeys with you. This led to a 3-year long process that involved countless hours of research, development, testing and revisions to create a brand that would allow us to better journey with your evolving skin needs.  

Inspired by the time-honoured Japanese art of Kintsugi where imperfections add to its beauty, I felt that this concept of repairing broken ceramics with gold adhesives beautifully captured the essence of our brand. Just like the restored pieces of art, we believe a person’s beauty is beyond skin deep, with their imperfections adding to their uniqueness and appeal. During the event, many friends of Porcelain got to try their hands at creating unique pieces of Kintsugi art! 

Our rebranding also saw the introduction of our new skincare ranges:  

Essentials for the skincare fundamentals. Control to provide balance and harmony to problematic skin. Soothe to build strength and resilience in sensitive skin. Plus+ to slow down signs of ageing for a timeless complexion. 

A Year of Launches  

2021 was the year of innovation, and we only have you to thank for inspiring us endlessly. 

RevitalEyes Concentrate 

With the busy lives we lead, the last thing we want is for your essential skincare routine to be a hassle. Thus, we looked to simplify yet supercharge the effectiveness of one of our more recent products: the RevitalEyes Concentrate. Formulated with 6 clinically proven ingredients, the RevitalEyes Concentrate’s lightweight gel targets common eye ailments experienced by urbanites like dark eye circles and puffiness. Supercharged with a pocket-friendly smart massaging device that activates when touched to provide brighter, refreshed eyes with every swipe.

Ultra-Sheer Platinum UV Protector 
Ever since the launch of our tinted SPF – the Skin Perfecting Moisturiser – we have heard your requests for a non-tinted SPF! Inspired by your skin needs and the gap in the market for SPFs with skincare benefits, the team set out to create a non-tinted SPF that would push the boundaries of what an SPF could be for your skin and environment.  
As part of our Plus+ anti-ageing range, we intentionally incorporated cutting-edge yet luxurious ingredients like Platinum with other potent antioxidants to provide anti-UV, anti-blue light and anti-pollutive benefits. And that was not all! Knowing that we had a responsibility to our environment, we created this lightweight SPF with a clean, reef-friendly formulation.

Bio-DNA Defence Aqua Gel 
Much like our Ultra-Sheer Platinum UV Protector, the Bio-DNA Defence Aqua Gel was created from your feedback and needs. Over the past few years, we noticed that many of our spa customers had dry and dehydrated skin. After speaking with our customers and therapists, we later discovered that it was because their skin was stressed-out, having been exposed to multiple stressors daily. After more than 2 years and countless revisions, we formulated a revolutionary gel-cream that provides your skin with 3-in-1 anti-stress protection.

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World Luxury Spa Award 

Thanks to your votes, testimonials and word of mouth, we were able to clinch our 9th consecutive World Luxury Spa Awards. This time, we are proud to have been awarded on the global level – a first for Porcelain! Starting in a little shophouse with just my mum and myself, I never imagined the day our dreams of becoming a global skincare partner would slowly come true. Of course, this was only made possible with your votes and support, so thank you! 

Made with Passion 

Despite starting small, we were born from the passions of people who wanted to give others confidence in their skin. Being a local brand, we are very thankful to have been selected as part of the Made with Passion initiative, as we constantly strive to embody the Singaporean spirit of innovation and ingenuity. So, to be recognised alongside other proudly local brands as part of the Made with Passion campaign was truly an honour.   

Giving Back 

What better way to wrap up the year than to give back to the community that has given us so much?  As a company, we have always believed in paying back what we have received and never taking our blessings for granted. With 2020 being a tough year, we were not able to do much, so it felt wonderful to be able to give back again this year.   

Back in the earlier days, we worked with the Singapore Council of Women Organisations (SCWO) to help women who have been through trauma through simple acts of self-care such as massaging their faces. This year, we are glad to continue supporting SCWO as it expands its efforts to provide aid to vulnerable women. In support of SCWO’s Gift of Giving Initiative, we pledged to donate 10% of our Ultimate Self-Care Spa Retreat sales to Star Shelter- a local shelter that provides a safe temporary refuge for victims of family violence.   

2021 has truly been a busy and eventful year for us. As we enter 2022, we have got bigger and even more exciting things planned, so keep your eyes peeled. Thank you for being a part of this incredible year, and we look forward to experiencing more milestones with you in 2022. 

With Love,
Pauline Ng 
Founder of Porcelain
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