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3 Challenges We Face When Signing Up For Beauty Packages

3 Challenges We Face When Signing Up For Beauty Packages

We’ve all experienced stepping into the spa for “just” a massage, and left having spent much more. It’s easy to get swept away. Sometimes we find our wallets significantly lighter when we leave: somehow, we’d signed up for beauty packages for different treatments. On hindsight, you might have overdone it – will you really use that?

3 Challenges We Face When Signing Up For Beauty Packages

Here are 3 concerns we typically have when purchasing beauty packages:

1. Packages are for Individual Treatments

Spas often offer “packages” of, say, 10 treatments to target an ailment you have. The problem arises when you have more than one issue you’d like addressed, and you end up having to sign for two or more beauty packages instead.

2. Time Constraints

Packages usually need to be within a specific period. While this might be manageable if you had one package, it can be tricky if you have, say, 30 treatments to complete within three months. You’re likely to forfeit some treatments in the end.

3. Efficacy and Professionalism

Because signing up for packages is usually a costly affair, you’d want to make sure you’re putting your money in the right place. Some kind of assurance that the treatments are going work, and performed professionally. And we hear you.

Introducing the Quintessential Cycle, carefully curated to resolve your skin conditions and the need to purchase multiple beauty packages.

A combination of three of our award-winning, bespoke Porcelain treatments (OxyRevive LED, Quintessential and the SunRescue), this package helps clarify and reboot your skin into a blank canvas. Your skin is now receptive other following treatments with greater efficacy. Most importantly, our treatments are performed only by trained therapists.

And that’s our solution for you when you feel the need to start your face on a clean slate – without the commitment to so many different packages.

If you’d like to find out more, give us a call at 6227 9692 and we’d be happy to help.

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