A Letter From our Founder

Dear Porcelain Community,

This is a turbulent way to start the year and I wish we were communicating under better circumstances. Hope everyone is keeping well. 

COVID-19 has thrown many businesses, governments and institutions off their rails. With all the measures put into place, sales and occupancy rates across the industries have taken a nosedive, and will reach an unprecedented low, if not already. Regardless, I am writing to assure you that the Porcelain team has been working tirelessly to ensure that our business continues to operate and that our employees and clients are taken care of. 

In light of the social distancing measures, we understand you may not return as frequently as you wish. Hence, all packages will be extended by 6 months, and GSS packages by 3 months. Additionally, we will continue to offer complimentary delivery for all e-commerce orders.

Being in the spa business, our top non-negotiables are Hygiene and Sanitation. We have always operated at extremely high standards. We have undergone stringent hygiene audits for the Clean Mark Certification and await final confirmation from the authorities.

We were prompt in implementing processes to do temperature checks since early February, and turned away clients with high-risk travel history since. Stores are sanitized frequently, and safe distancing have been implemented. Complimentary hand-sanitisers refill is also available for all customers.

To safeguard the health and safety of our employees, BCP plans have been implemented and improved along the way. Retail staff in one store will not be able to make any physical contact with staff from another store.

We believe in treating our people well and fair.  When the Malaysian Movement Control Order, our staff had a choice to stay in Malaysia or to continue work while we provide temporary housing in a 4* hotel. A handful of them have decided to stay in Malaysia and will return when the order is lifted.

Without jeopardizing jobs, staff idle time has been converted to training. This allows us to serve you better when you return. We have also made the business decision to close Porcelain Aesthetics permanently for the lease came up at the perfect time. We can now focus all our resources and not spread ourselves too thin. Lastly, to better manage the crowd at Porcelain Origins, we have decided to temporarily close the café for 2 months, reopening it on 1st June

Our digital transformation initiatives have paid off, as our team is fully on the cloud and our back-end operations continue to function at maximum capacity despite the new work-from-home measures. We continue to develop exciting plans for you for in 2020, and we sincerely hope that you will continue to support Porcelain, without which we couldn’t have had the ability to create all these jobs.  

Many of you may know that my mother’s business folded in 2004 as a result of the SARS epidemic. When we started Porcelain in 2009, that memory was still fresh, and for ten years, we have been cautious not to walk down that path should it happen again. However, COVID-19 came at a pace and scale that everyone was ill-prepared for. Regardless, we know that as a team, if we stick together, we can weather this storm. This cannot happen without you – your love and trust in Porcelain.  
We urge you to continue to engage with us, follow us on Instagram and Facebook, download our app (and give us 5*!) and make your purchases on our e-store. In the meantime, we will be doubling our efforts to create more valuable content for you. When things get better, we look forward to serving you with open arms!  

 For now, stay safe, healthy and go #foundationfree!  

With love,  
Pauline Ng