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Beauty Secrets & Tips with Pauline Ng, Founder of Porcelain | #SkinHacks

Beauty Secrets & Tips with Pauline Ng, Founder of Porcelain | #SkinHacks

Discover Porcelain’s founder, Pauline Ng’s top beauty secrets and tips as featured on The Straits Times last month.

Beauty Secrets & Tips with Pauline Ng, Founder of Porcelain | #SkinHacks

Tip #1: Go foundation-free

‘I have nothing against makeup, but I am an advocate of keeping the base of your skin free from foundation, BB cream and concealer. This allows the skin to breathe and prevents congestion over extended period of use, which can lead to acne and other skin issues’.

Tip #2: Double cleanse daily

‘I double cleanse my skin at the end of every day – first with a makeup cleanser, followed by a hydrating cleanser. This helps to get rid of all impurities such as makeup, pollution, dust and sweat’.

Tip #3: Keep your face clean

‘Besides washing my face daily, I also keep my skin clean by not touching my face too much and changing my pillow cases once a week. Good hygiene keeps bacteria at bay’.

Tip #4: Always use Sun Protection

‘Even if you are just making a trip to the supermarket, wear sunblock on your face. This helps to keep your skin healthy’.

Tip #5: Go for a professional skin treatment at least once a month

‘This helps maintain skin health and prevent skin issues. Those worried about skin brightness can choose an exfoliation-based treatment while those concerned about ageing can select a treatment that helps to lift and firm the skin’.

Tip #6: Use nude / clear nail colours

‘If you paint your nails regularly, alternate between nude or clear nail polish. This helps to prevent nails from turning yellow’.

Tip #7: Get enough sleep

‘There is no myth to the concept of beauty sleep. Sleeping seven to eight hours a day allows your body to get rid of toxins, prevents inflammation and recharges your mind’.

Tip #8: Use hydrating skincare

‘Never use cleansers that contain SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) or alcohol-based toners. These tend to dry out the skin. Look for skincare that contains ingredients such as aloe vera, rose, sodium hyaluronate and ceramides. These help to hydrate and provide moisture to the skin’.

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