Breaking It Down

Porcelain’s breaking it down — with our breakdown of all the jargon and essentials. Includes anything from analyses of ingredients that people say are good for you… are they, really?

It’s been several months since Singaporeans emerged from their homes thanks to Stay Home Orders. Now, with spas reopening, everyone is slowly coming out of their homes in search of methods to clear their skin of all the problems that accumulated over time as quickly as possible. 

Thankfully, we’ve got the solution just for you! In just under 2 hours, experience a high performing custom-made facial that combines luxury, technology & craftsmanship for immediate results that will last for weeks! 

cryozap treatment

Introducing CryoZap™ – the pinnacle of customisation. With over 1000 different combinations, rest assured that your skin concerns will be taken care of efficiently and effectively.  

Here’s how it CryoZap™ works: 

CryoZap™ is a combination of two treatments – Cryotherapy and Zap.  

The Cryotherapy aspect of CryoZap™ involves the use of Korean medical technology that is capable of cooling the skin’s surface to temperatures of -15°C. This stimulates microcirculation (which encourages skin’s recovery and reduces skin inflammation), pore size reduction and restores tone & radiance to dull, fatigued skin. 

The Zap aspect involves the use of Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) to zap away your problems – from acne and pigmentation to fine lines and wrinkles. It’s ability to deal with a wide array of skin concerns is thanks to the adjustable light frequencies.  

Combining the two treatments allowed a greater variety of skincare issues to be treated simultaneously with more than twice the result. 

For fine lines and saggy skin: 

The treatment uses a low-voltage microcurrent to tone muscles while stimulating collagen production. A custom-blended serum is then imbued into the deeper layers of the skin with Iontophoresis, plumping fine lines and wrinkles for facial lifting and firming.  

For oily and acne-prone skin:  

The treatment stimulates cellular repair, regulates sebum production and aids penetration of active ingredients custom-blended for sensitive, acne skin. The skin is then treated with IPL to reduce bacteria and enhance healing.    

For acne scars and pigmented skin: 

The combination of CryoStamp microneedles and a custom-blended serum boost brightening, pore reduction and scar reduction results. Followed with IPL to selectively destroy pigment cells to treat acne spots, freckles and hyper pigmentation. 

For dull and dry skin: 

The hot and cold treatment takes the skin from -15°C to 60 °C to stimulate microcirculation, cell oxygenation and detoxification. A special concoction of products is used to soothe, nourish and rejuvenate skin. 

While this treatment allows for a great range of customisation, the use of Iontophoresis and IPL during the treatment makes CryoZap™ unsuitable for all expecting mums, those with hypersensitive and extremely acneic skin. If you are unsure of your suitability, rest assured as our therapists will evaluate your skin accordingly prior to starting the treatment.  

The Process of Customisation: 

In order to maximise the results of CryoZap™, a thorough diagnosis of your skin is conducted to ensure an accurate and total personalisation.  

This diagnosis is facilitated through our comprehensive Q&A and in-depth Skin Discovery Analysis. The questionaire allows us to get to know you – your lifestyle, current skincare regime – to helps us better understand your needs and skin concerns.  

cryozap treatment

This is followed with a thorough Skin Discovery Analysis. Using a device that zooms up to 80 times of your skin surface, our skin experts would be able to uncover the deepest secrets of your skin. All the information gathered from the Q&A and Skin Discovery Analysis will be recorded and conveyed to our highly trained therapists, facilitating the process of customisation to your CryoZap™ treatment. 


Start your path to healthier, radiant skin with a CryoZap™ Trial and experience the lasting effects of customisation.  

Not ready to leave the safety of home but want to kick start your path to healthier skin? We got you! Book yourself a Virtual Skin Education with our highly trained Skin Educators to learn about your skin and what you can do to make it glow from home! 

Needles have always had a bad reputation. Some of us experience chills down our spines when they touch our skin while others faint at the mere sight of them. Unlike their medical counterparts, microneedling has taken the skincare world by storm, gaining instant popularity with a plethora of celebrities mentioning them as part of their skincare routines. Just take a look at Kourtney Kardashian using her own Derma Roller!

Credits: Harper’s Bazaar Youtube

However, microneedling, when done incorrectly can cause more damage than good. Thus, as your local skincare experts, we are here to make sure that you know everything you should about microneedling.

What is Microneedling?

Microneedling is a cosmetic procedure that utilises multiple tiny, sterile needles to repeatedly puncture the top layers of skin to cause physical trauma (aka damage). This intentional damage prompts the skin’s deeper layer to increase the production of collagen, thereby kick-starting its process of recovery and rebuilding.

The benefits? If done in a sterile environment under professional supervision, it can help to lighten wrinkles and scars, improve skin elasticity and minimise pores. Plus, when used with potent products, it can help to increase the product’s penetration and effectiveness. Microneedling tools also come in a wide variety – from Derma Rollers, Derma Pens to Microneedling Stamps.

Despite the large variety of skincare benefits, let’s get one thing straight – microneedling should NOT be a part of your daily homecare routine.

Credit: SheerLuxe

The Downsides to Microneedling

Under the supervision and direction of a trained professional, microneedling is safe. However, not all of us are trained professionals, regardless of how many YouTube tutorials we binge. The main reasons microneedling should not be a part of your skincare routine are simple:

1. Sanitisation

When it comes to needles entering the body, it is a non-negotiable that they must be sanitary. At home, you do not always have the necessary tools required to sanitise your microneedling tool. This could lead to you repeatedly puncturing your skin with a bacteria-laden tool, inevitably causing you to suffer bacterial infections and breakouts.

You may be thinking that an alcohol wipe or solution can cleanse the tool. While alcohol can be used to sanitise, it is not a recommended method. If the alcohol used to clean it is not thoroughly removed from the tool, you would be embedding a known irritant into your skin.

2. Methodology

For cosmetic procedures like microneedling, there is a methodology in which the tool is used on your skin. This method ensures a systematic manner to minimise the widening of each puncture. The gif below perfectly summarises the idea.

Wide punctures should be avoided as it makes the task of repair & recovery harder for your skin. Additionally, home microneedling products often have shorter, more blunt needles which can result in wider punctures.

Alternatives to Microneedling

It is completely understandable to want to treat your skin to the many benefits of microneedling! As we’ve mentioned several times in the article, microneedling is perfectly safe if it is done under the supervision and direction of a trained professional in a sterilised environment. While we cannot encourage the use of at-home microneedling tools, we can encourage you to investing in safe microneedling treatments.

Here are some of our favourite treatments that incorporate the use of microneedling:


Freeze your skin in time with our cool Cryotherapy treatment. Featuring Korean medi-technology, it chills the skin’s surface up to -10°C to stimulate microcirculation, reduce pore size and restore firmness, tone and radiance to dull, fatigued and saggy skin — without any downtime!


Like our Cryotherapy™ treatment but better. Bringing your skin’s temperature to a new low of -15°C, this treatment also features a Low-Frequency CryoProbe for improved toning, firming and lifting results. Your skin absorbs products even more intensively now with Iontophoresis and deeper Cryostamp depths for pore and scars reduction and brightening. Expect restored skin firmness, tone and radiance, and kiss goodbye to dull, fatigued and saggy skin.

That’s it! Now you know everything you ought to know about microneedling.

Have more questions & need more guidance on the latest skincare trends? Get yourself a Virtual Skin Education and enjoy a 30-minute tailored learning session that will reveal all the secrets of skin and what it needs to thrive.

Over on our Instagram, we received an intriguing question during one of our #LetsTalkTuesdays – a weekly installment where we discuss skincare topics and tips. We were asked: 

“What will help firm up one’s skin? Can we consume collagen to produce collagen?” 

With such an interesting question, we felt it would only be fair to research, discuss and share our findings with you! 

Why is everyone so obsessed with Collagen? 

Collagen is a protein that accounts for one third of your body’s protein composition and is the major building block of bones, skin, muscles, tendons & ligaments. Collagen also facilitates healthy skin cell functioning and is one of the reasons why your skin looks healthy and plump in your youth.  

As you age, your collagen production greatly decreases to the point where your body is unable to produce collagen rapidly enough to replace collagen that has been broken down by the body. This leads to more obvious signs of aging (like wrinkles, sagging and loss of suppleness in the skin). Undoubtedly, no one wants to go through this process if they had an alternative to slow it down or bring it to a halt completely. This desire to look forever young led to the creation of technology, treatments and supplements to help slow the process of aging.  

Collagen Supplements – Do they work? 

Among the many options available to help slow the inevitable aging process, supplements have been touted as an easy solution. But does it really work? 

There are two types of collagen used in supplements: Whole & Hydrolysed. 

Whole collagen is collagen that comes whole and will be broken down as peptides in your digestive system. Hydrolysed collagen is collagen that is already broken down into peptides. The difference?  Apart from where the collagen will be broken down into peptides, not much. However, it is important to note that collagen peptides are better absorbed into the bloodstream as they are much shorter chains of amino acids compared to whole collagen.  

The effectiveness of collagen supplements is still a highly debated topic amongst scientists and dermatologists. Although collagen supplement sales people will tell you that their products are effective, there have not been sufficient, well-funded and large enough studies to prove that collagen supplements (both hydrolysed and whole) are effective in boosting the skin’s collagen production and skin elasticity.  

Moreover, when you do consume collagen supplements, much like any other supplement, your body directs and absorbs the collagen in areas that need the most repair. Therefore, it does not guarantee that the collagen you consume will all go to boosting your facial collagen.  

But not all hope is lost, there are still other scientifically proven methods to get your collagen production going! 

Technology & Treatments for Collagen 

Technology has advanced to a point where it can directly stimulate your fibroblasts – a cell that is responsible for producing collagen & elastin –and be extremely relaxing.  

Thankfully, Porcelain has curated a selection of equipment and crafted treatments to create a luxurious and effective experience for you! 

Here are several options: 
The pinnacle of customisation: derived from a combination of luxury, technology and in-house formulated products, this facial utilises Intense Pulsed Light to zap your fibroblasts awake (and subsequently product collagen) while a CryoProbe chills the surface of your skin to achieve micro-circulation. An incomparable experience that will leave your skin feeling youthful and radiant.

Sit back, relax and experience the warm sensation of ionic exchange and long wave frequency that heightens cellular regeneration and collagen & elastin production. Emerge with brighter, healthier and refreshed skin.

Ready to get the get your collagen going? Download our App and book an appointment with us! 

We often get asked: “Are facials really necessary for me to achieve healthy skin?”. As your local skincare experts, we say YES!   

While reading this, we bet you’re thinking: “There must be other ways to get healthy skin, facials are so troublesome!” 

Although facials are not the most convenient or economical thing to incorporate into your life, but much like anything worth having, consistent effort and investments are required.  

Let’s use the analogy of achieving a healthy body to show you why facials are vital for healthy skin.

The Fundamentals of Health: 

At this point, we are sure you’ve heard about the various complex and odd ways you can get healthy. However, for you to achieve a sustainable level health, the following equation should be followed: 

Balanced Diet + Regular Exercise = Healthy Body 

One of the fundamental methods is to watch your diet: having a healthy and well-balanced diet can do wonders for your journey to a better state of health. But a healthy diet does not simply mean cutting out all carbs or eating fewer calories. A healthy diet requires finding out what you’re fueling your body with and ensuring that it’s whole, natural foods.  

Similar to your diet, a good skincare routine shouldn’t be focused on using the best products on the market for the sake of it or adopting a 10 step Korean skincare routine. Your skincare should be designed around your lifestyle and consist of products that are good for your skin; products that include skin-loving ingredients that will nourish and protect your skin.

Don’t believe us? Check out our blog on cleansing to see the importance one small step has on your skin.

But what about the second fundamental: Regular Exercise? 

Although you can get healthy with just a balanced diet, it is not enough. Regular exercise has been proven to boost your body’s metabolism, immune system, strengthen your bones and muscles, and reduce the likelihood of developing chronic diseases. However, those benefits only come with regular exercising. The consistency of your exercising matters just as much as your diet. Don’t let the effort you put into your diet go to waste by exercising infrequently. A healthy diet when combined with regular exercise, allows you to achieve a healthy body at a much faster rate. 

Applying the same concept, if you add “exercise” for your skin on top of a solid home skincare routine, you will be able to tackle skincare woes and achieve healthy skin that radiates from within.  

Wait, What? How do you “Exercise” your Skin? 

We’ve been talking a lot about exercising and drawing parallels to your skincare. But what does exercising your skin mean? The phrase “exercising your skin” conjures up odd images in your mind but it’s not what you think it is! Instead of stretching and pulling your skin in various directions to achieve a facial exercise, there are other means – like a facial!  

Nowadays, facials are more than just a simple cleanse and masking with a gentle facial massage. A facial at Porcelain entails an intensive session between our highly trained therapists, medical grade equipment and in-house formulated products that will harmonize perfectly to give you healthy and brighter skin. 

With advanced technologies, products used during the treatments are able to penetrate deeper into your skin and show greater efficacy than what you can achieve with basic home care. For example, in our Proionic Treatment, we make use of a unique patented 448kHz long wave radio frequency Spanish medical technology to stimulate your collagen and elastin production in addition to improving the skin’s natural ionic equilibrium. Emerge out of the treatment room to visibly tighter, lifted skin that is also stimulated deeply for long-term anti-aging effects. Does that sound like something you could get at home? 

In addition to the technology, expertise and quality of products used, we aim to make your journey to healthy skin easy and sustainable. The reason why many plans for better health fail is because they are a “one-size fits all”, implemented directly without considering their lifestyle and body’s needs.  

An infallible plan for better health is one that is thoughtfully designed to integrate into your current lifestyle and customised to your ever-changing needs. That’s why at Porcelain, all our therapists and ambassadors are trained to be your lifelong beauty partner, accompanying you through the evolution of your skin with customised service and treatment plans.  

Ready to get the healthy skin you deserve? Sign up for our Skin Discovery to kickstart your journey with us! 

Cleansing is something that’s always been a part of everyone’s skincare routine – if it’s missing in yours, consider this your intervention.

For those of us who still have the energy after a long day at work, we typically enjoy the cleansing aspect of our skincare routines. The rush of euphoria you feel as you massage your favorite cleanser into your skin to free it of all the grime that’s built up – the process is almost therapeutic. But here at Porcelain, we know that not everyone has that kind of energy to pamper their skin with a cleansing massage. That’s why we’re here to give you a fresh take on cleansing: providing a quick breakdown of why cleansing is so important, what should be in your cleansing routine and how to cleanse your skin to get that glow from within! 

Credit: Anton Levin

Why Cleansing is Important: 

Cleansing plays a very important role in your skincare routine as it sets precedence for the effectiveness of your entire skincare routine. Without a deep and thorough cleanse, your pores would be clogged with sebum, makeup, dirt and pollutants built up through the course of the day. Topping all these nasties with your expensive serums, masks and moisturisers would only serve to reduce your products’ efficacy and waste your money.  

Not only are you reducing the results your products provide, over time, the nasties festering in your pores can lead to break outs, skin sensitivity and pre-mature aging.  

Not worth skipping cleansing after all, is it? 

Choosing a cleanser that’s good for your skin: 

Now that you’re slowly realizing the importance of cleansing (if not, read the paragraph above again and imagine looking 70 when you’re 40 with your skin covered in red patches of acne and sensitivity), it’s likely your next question would be what to use to cleanse your skin. There is a plethora of cleansers you could choose from: oil-based, balms, creams, micellar water, gels, foams, powders. The list is endless and if you don’t know what to look for, it can get confusing. 

But fret not, here are some tips from us that you can use when searching for the right cleanser for you: 

1. Avoid cleansers with nasty ingredients like Sodium Laurel Sulfate, Parabens & Synthetic Fragrances that can over strip the skin of essential oils and cause irritation 

2. Your cleanser should not leave you with a squeaky-clean feeling (this means that the cleanser has stripped your skin of too much oil and moisture)

3. Most importantly: look for a cleanser that does more than just cleanse

Although the primary goal of a cleanser is to remove all the nasties that build up over the day, your cleanser should also hydrate, protect and nourish your skin. These additional benefits serve to bring you closer to radiant, healthy skin each time you use them.  

Think you know the right way to cleanse?: 

This section may seem counter-intuitive to you. You might be thinking: 

 “Cleansing is so simple; I just use one cleanser and rub it on my skin until I feel it’s clean.” 

As your local skincare experts, we disagree. 

Credits: Curology

To achieve a deep and thorough cleanse, double cleansing is essential. We repeat, essential. Including double cleansing in your nightly routine is particularly crucial for healthier skin.  

Imagine this: showering with your dirty clothes on after a long day out. Weird isn’t it? 

This same concept applies to your skin – to achieve a total cleanse, you need to first remove the top layer of dirt and grime. 

The first cleanse helps to remove the makeup, sunscreen, dirt and pollutants on your skin surface while the second cleanse deeply cleanses your pores of bacteria that can cause acne and skin sensitivity. Even if you may not be a daily makeup wearer, double cleansing is still essential as the initial cleanse helps to remove the environmental pollutants and dirt that accumulated through the day. 

Apart from the lack of double cleansing, another shortfall of the modern-day woman’s cleansing technique is the duration spent cleansing. The typical time taken to cleanse is 20 seconds – too short for the cleanser to do its job thoroughly. Remember, it’s a self-love skincare routine, not a race. Take your time and enjoy the process! 

We suggest the following steps to boost the efficacy of your double cleanse: 

1. Wet your face with luke-warm water before starting your first cleanse

2. Lather the cleanser in your hands before gently massaging it across your skin for 1 minute

3. Wash or wipe away the cleanser before starting the second cleanse

4. Repeat step 2 for the second cleanse before washing your skin to complete your double cleanse!

Consider Porcelain’s perfect cleansing duo that accomplishes all the above. 

Step 1: Revive – Makeup Cleanser

Imbued with natural ingredients like Orchid Extract, Centella Asiatica Extract and Calendula Flower Extract, this gentle milk cleanser melts away sebum, environmental pollutants and makeup while soothing, nourishing and pumping your skin with powerful anti-oxidants. The Revive – Makeup Cleanser is Paraben and Sulfate Free, making it suitable for even the most sensitive of skins.

Step 2: Soothe – Hydro Cleanser 

Much like its counterpart, the Soothe – Hydro Cleanser is Paraben and Sulfate Free. Packed with 8 natural skin-loving ingredients like Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract, Peach Fruit Extract and Peony Root Extract, this cleanser deeply hydrates and soothes the skin, leaving behind a glowing complexion after each wash.

What are you waiting for? Kick start your fresh take on cleansing with our Double Cleansing Duo. Shop now and share your results with us on Instagram with #totalcleanse!