Are you new to the concept of facials? Or just not sure where to start your facial journey? In this simple guide, we break down why you getting regular facials is beneficial and tips on how to find the perfect facial spa in Singapore! 

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There is an abundance of options when it comes to facial spas in Singapore! Though they each may offer slightly different treatments – each with their own benefits, almost all facial spas provide 3 common benefits:

3 Common benefits of all facial spas:

1. Resetting and Rejuvenating Skin 

Daily pollution and stress can get the better of you and your skin: commuting, city pollution and staying in air-conditioned environments can adversely affect your skin in the long run. Thus, it is good to invest in your facials and other self-pampering activities. Professionally executed extractions, medical-grade technology and signature facial massages are just a handful of things that work to help reset and rejuvenate your skin. Plus, nothing beats having a professional therapist take care of you as you catch some much-needed rest and awaken to brighter, healthier skin! 

2. Tailored Skincare 

For those who experience a myriad of skin issues, tailored treatments and skincare is often required. Investing in regular, tailored facial treatments can help alleviate these problems, strengthen its natural resilience and restore a healthy glow. Post-treatment, you would also be able to receive personal advice from professionals on how to take care of your skin at home, along with the appropriate dosage of products to use. 

3. Stress Management 

Nothing is more relaxing than heading to a spa after work. Laying down on a warm bed as calming music plays and experienced hands massage your tensions away. Not only does it help manage stress (which can impact the health of your skin), facial massages can actually reduce muscle tensions that pull and tug on your skin. Goodbye stress and hello youthful visage! 

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Now that we know the common benefits of regular facial treatments, the next step is choosing the right facial spa in Singapore! Here are some essential things to look out for when searching for your go-to facial place: 

Understand Yourself 

Though it may seem like a philosophical thought, it is important to understand your skin. Knowing your skin type and issues allows you to make informed decisions and provide your therapists with accurate information. Doing so before heading out to look for a facial spa will let you know what treatments to look out for!  

If you are unsure of your skin’s type and needs, check out this article to learn more about your own skin: Do you really know your skin type? 

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Do Your Research 

There are plenty of facial spas in Singapore that offer a wide range of treatments for your skin concerns. Knowing your skin type and needs are can help narrow down which spas can best cater to your needs. Apart from your skin needs, consider your ability to support consistent facial treatments as it will often take several sessions to give you the healthy skin you deserve. The last thing you want would be to enjoy the results of one session without the financial ability to consistently enjoy those results. 

Beyond the facial spa’s capabilities and offerings, it is also vital to determine if their beliefs align with your own. Sharing the same beliefs allows you to build a strong relationship and sense of trust for your spa. Furthermore, checking in on the reviews can clue you into other’s experiences – a valuable indicator of the spa’s quality of products and services, and whether the spa is worth the visit.   

Arrange for a Consultation 

When in doubt, always arrange for a consultation. It allows you to visit the spa and understand the offerings first-hand. If feel like you’re still not fully aware of what your skin needs, this consultation is an opportunity for you to ask the experts! During the visit you could observe the hygiene standards of the staff and how comfortable you personally feel in the setting.  

Get Your Money’s Worth! 

It is always good to shop around to understand the offerings and benefits that different spas provide. Do not let pressure influence you, instead, treat purchasing a facial like investing in art. When you have found the right facial spa in Singapore that connects with you emotionally and understands your needs, commit to a regular biweekly or monthly schedule. Signing up for packages can even be a financially viable alternative! Good skin is an investment, but nothing beats a lifetime’s worth of healthy skin! 

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Finally, it is important to be realistic in your expectations. A single appointment alone will not do miracles for your skin, especially if you do not keep up a good routine at home. You would have to be consistent with booking regular appointments, applying the recommended products and keeping up a healthy lifestyle


Ready to give Porcelain a try? Begin your skincare journey with a Skin Discovery Analysis and allow our trained professionals to uncover your skin’s deepest secrets! 

Have you ever faced troubles choosing a facial salon or spa for your regular facials?

We feel you – thus, we created this definitive guide to help you choose the best facial treatment you can find in Singapore for your skin.

The Importance of the Right Facial

While it may seem infinitesimal to scrutinize the differences between facials and facial spas, an uninformed decision can lead to unnecessary consequences that can last ages. We’re sure you have heard your fair share of facial horror stories – from improper extraction techniques leaving behind scars, being zapped unsafe equipment to having breakouts and sensitivity post treatment from incorrect products. A wrong decision can leave you and your skin scarred (physically and emotionally). Although this may sound foreboding, it’s all avoidable when you are armed with information to guide your decision.

Steer clear of terrible experiences and work towards finding the best facial treatment in Singapore with these simple tips:

1. Research

The research we are referring to is not equivalent to a quick 10-second search on Google to end up selecting the first facial recommended in an article titled Top 10 Facials in Singapore. No, we mean spending time looking into the spa’s beliefs and philosophies, reviews, testimonials and the amount of information shared about their techniques and equipment.

Beliefs and philosophies dictate how a brand operates and what they value. Though it may seem insignificant to consider it in part of your research, ask yourself – would you be proud to go to a spa that upholds wildly different beliefs and philosophies?

Additionally, the more information a brand shares about the equipment they use, the more research you do about the equipment used and if it’s suitable for you (this is especially important for expecting moms)!

Lastly, reviews and testimonials are a sure-fire way to know if the spa and its treatments are reliable.

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2. Identify your Concern

The selection process for a facial is harder when you prioritise achieving radiant, congestion-free and ageless skin simultaneously. Here’s a rule of thumb we use to identify the urgency of skin concerns. 

Sensitivity – Congestion – Surface Concerns (wrinkles, pigmentation, fine lines & scars) 

This scale is grounded in the idea of obtaining and maintaining pH balance in the skin. Your pH balance determines the strength of your skin’s natural barrier against aggressors (like UV Rays, pollutants, irritants and free radicals). With an off-balanced pH, you would experience symptoms such as sensitivity, increased dryness/oiliness and breakouts.  

Thus, it is vital to rebalance your pH to strengthen the barrier against these aggressors. Once the skin’s barrier is restored, it would allow for your skin to recover faster and to be more positively receptive to treatments. Next, you would aim to treat congestion before surface concerns. Removing congestion aids in rebalancing the skin’s pH by helping to reduce sebum over-production (which leads to congestion).  

Furthermore, most treatments that target surface concerns are very stimulating and can cause the skin to purge (pushing excess sebum and congestion from deep within the pores to the surface). Thus, clearing as much congestion as possible would minimise the uncomfortable process of purging.  

Therefore, when selecting the best facial treatment for your skin, you must identify and rank your skin concerns accordingly.

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Our Recommendations

Now that you know our best selection tips – here are a couple of our recommendations for the best facial treatment for your skin type to help make your selection process easier! 

For Normal Skin: 
You struck gold in the skin type lottery! Though normal skin types experience few major skin concerns, it is still important to maintain the beautiful visage. 

OxyRevive Plus
Treat your skin to our radiance reviver! With a gentle yet intensive OxyJet, remove dead skin cells and loosen congestion build-up. Hyperbaric Oxygen Infusion therapy to pump your skin with nutrients and oxygen to revive and hydrate skin. Top it off with a Shiatsu Massage to reduce puffiness, drain toxins and lift skin.  

For Oily Skin: 
Oily skin is often a result of pH imbalance caused by an over-production of sebum to compensate for a lack of hydration. Thus, the key is to rehydrate and control oil production. What better way to do it than with our award-winning Quintessential facial extraction!

A deep cleansing facial designed specifically for acne and congested skin to help refine pores, brighten skin tone, reduce sebum production and smoothen skin. 

For Dry Skin:
An opposite to oily skin, dry skin’s pH imbalance lies in the underproduction of sebum and lack of hydration. Thus, rebalancing requires replenishing oils and moisture.

BeespokeTM Honey: 
A combination of cold therapy, shiatsu facial massage and LED light therapy to reinvigorate the skin. Treat yourself to the wonders of bee-centric products – from a hydrating milk & honey mask to a cold infusion of bee propolis extract.  

For Aging Skin:
Although it is important to refer to the scale of skin concern urgency, if it leads you to skin surface concerns, then we have the treatment for you! Ageing skin, along with its concerns of wrinkles, fine lines and sagging, often require highly intensive treatments to stimulate repair and regeneration.

A high performing, custom-made facial that combines the cold touch of Cryotherapy with the heat of our Zap IPL treatments. Micro-currents work to tone your skin while stimulating collagen production. IPL works to stimulate collagen production and rejuvenate skin.  

Still unsure which treatments to pick up? Book yourself a 30-minute Virtual Skin Education Session with our highly trained Skin Educators as they guide you through your skin and make recommendations based on your needs. Plus, it’s now complimentary because of COVID-19! 

We hope you enjoy these tips for selecting the best facial treatment for YOUR skin from Porcelain Skin! Join our mailing list below for more tips and tricks to navigate the realm of skincare with ease!

It’s been several months since Singaporeans emerged from their homes thanks to Stay Home Orders. Now, with spas reopening, everyone is slowly coming out of their homes in search of methods to clear their skin of all the problems that accumulated over time as quickly as possible. 

Thankfully, we’ve got the solution just for you! In just under 2 hours, experience a high performing custom-made facial that combines luxury, technology & craftsmanship for immediate results that will last for weeks! 

Introducing CryoZap™ – the pinnacle of customisation. With over 1000 different combinations, rest assured that your skin concerns will be taken care of efficiently and effectively.  

Here’s how it CryoZap™ works: 

CryoZap™ is a combination of two treatments – Cryotherapy and Zap.  

The Cryotherapy aspect of CryoZap™ involves the use of Korean medical technology that is capable of cooling the skin’s surface to temperatures of -15°C. This stimulates microcirculation (which encourages skin’s recovery and reduces skin inflammation), pore size reduction and restores tone & radiance to dull, fatigued skin. 

The Zap aspect involves the use of Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) to zap away your problems – from acne and pigmentation to fine lines and wrinkles. It’s ability to deal with a wide array of skin concerns is thanks to the adjustable light frequencies.  

Combining the two treatments allowed a greater variety of skincare issues to be treated simultaneously with more than twice the result. 

For fine lines and saggy skin: 

The treatment uses a low-voltage microcurrent to tone muscles while stimulating collagen production. A custom-blended serum is then imbued into the deeper layers of the skin with Iontophoresis, plumping fine lines and wrinkles for facial lifting and firming.  

For oily and acne-prone skin:  

The treatment stimulates cellular repair, regulates sebum production and aids penetration of active ingredients custom-blended for sensitive, acne skin. The skin is then treated with IPL to reduce bacteria and enhance healing.    

For acne scars and pigmented skin: 

The combination of CryoStamp microneedles and a custom-blended serum boost brightening, pore reduction and scar reduction results. Followed with IPL to selectively destroy pigment cells to treat acne spots, freckles and hyper pigmentation. 

For dull and dry skin: 

The hot and cold treatment takes the skin from -15°C to 60 °C to stimulate microcirculation, cell oxygenation and detoxification. A special concoction of products is used to soothe, nourish and rejuvenate skin. 

While this treatment allows for a great range of customisation, the use of Iontophoresis and IPL during the treatment makes CryoZap™ unsuitable for all expecting mums, those with hypersensitive and extremely acneic skin. If you are unsure of your suitability, rest assured as our therapists will evaluate your skin accordingly prior to starting the treatment.  

The Process of Customisation: 

In order to maximise the results of CryoZap™, a thorough diagnosis of your skin is conducted to ensure an accurate and total personalisation.  

This diagnosis is facilitated through our comprehensive Q&A and in-depth Skin Discovery Analysis. The questionaire allows us to get to know you – your lifestyle, current skincare regime – to helps us better understand your needs and skin concerns.  

This is followed with a thorough Skin Discovery Analysis. Using a device that zooms up to 80 times of your skin surface, our skin experts would be able to uncover the deepest secrets of your skin. All the information gathered from the Q&A and Skin Discovery Analysis will be recorded and conveyed to our highly trained therapists, facilitating the process of customisation to your CryoZap™ treatment. 


Start your path to healthier, radiant skin with a CryoZap™ Trial and experience the lasting effects of customisation.  

Not ready to leave the safety of home but want to kick start your path to healthier skin? We got you! Book yourself a Virtual Skin Education with our highly trained Skin Educators to learn about your skin and what you can do to make it glow from home! 

We often get asked: “Are facials really necessary for me to achieve healthy skin?”. As your local skincare experts, we say YES!   

While reading this, we bet you’re thinking: “There must be other ways to get healthy skin, facials are so troublesome!” 

Although facials are not the most convenient or economical thing to incorporate into your life, but much like anything worth having, consistent effort and investments are required.  

Let’s use the analogy of achieving a healthy body to show you why facials are vital for healthy skin.

The Fundamentals of Health: 

At this point, we are sure you’ve heard about the various complex and odd ways you can get healthy. However, for you to achieve a sustainable level health, the following equation should be followed: 

Balanced Diet + Regular Exercise = Healthy Body 

One of the fundamental methods is to watch your diet: having a healthy and well-balanced diet can do wonders for your journey to a better state of health. But a healthy diet does not simply mean cutting out all carbs or eating fewer calories. A healthy diet requires finding out what you’re fueling your body with and ensuring that it’s whole, natural foods.  

Similar to your diet, a good skincare routine shouldn’t be focused on using the best products on the market for the sake of it or adopting a 10 step Korean skincare routine. Your skincare should be designed around your lifestyle and consist of products that are good for your skin; products that include skin-loving ingredients that will nourish and protect your skin.

Don’t believe us? Check out our blog on cleansing to see the importance one small step has on your skin.

But what about the second fundamental: Regular Exercise? 

Although you can get healthy with just a balanced diet, it is not enough. Regular exercise has been proven to boost your body’s metabolism, immune system, strengthen your bones and muscles, and reduce the likelihood of developing chronic diseases. However, those benefits only come with regular exercising. The consistency of your exercising matters just as much as your diet. Don’t let the effort you put into your diet go to waste by exercising infrequently. A healthy diet when combined with regular exercise, allows you to achieve a healthy body at a much faster rate. 

Applying the same concept, if you add “exercise” for your skin on top of a solid home skincare routine, you will be able to tackle skincare woes and achieve healthy skin that radiates from within.  

Wait, What? How do you “Exercise” your Skin? 

We’ve been talking a lot about exercising and drawing parallels to your skincare. But what does exercising your skin mean? The phrase “exercising your skin” conjures up odd images in your mind but it’s not what you think it is! Instead of stretching and pulling your skin in various directions to achieve a facial exercise, there are other means – like a facial!  

Nowadays, facials are more than just a simple cleanse and masking with a gentle facial massage. A facial at Porcelain entails an intensive session between our highly trained therapists, medical grade equipment and in-house formulated products that will harmonize perfectly to give you healthy and brighter skin. 

With advanced technologies, products used during the treatments are able to penetrate deeper into your skin and show greater efficacy than what you can achieve with basic home care. For example, in our Proionic Treatment, we make use of a unique patented 448kHz long wave radio frequency Spanish medical technology to stimulate your collagen and elastin production in addition to improving the skin’s natural ionic equilibrium. Emerge out of the treatment room to visibly tighter, lifted skin that is also stimulated deeply for long-term anti-aging effects. Does that sound like something you could get at home? 

In addition to the technology, expertise and quality of products used, we aim to make your journey to healthy skin easy and sustainable. The reason why many plans for better health fail is because they are a “one-size fits all”, implemented directly without considering their lifestyle and body’s needs.  

An infallible plan for better health is one that is thoughtfully designed to integrate into your current lifestyle and customised to your ever-changing needs. That’s why at Porcelain, all our therapists and ambassadors are trained to be your lifelong beauty partner, accompanying you through the evolution of your skin with customised service and treatment plans.  

Ready to get the healthy skin you deserve? Sign up for our Skin Discovery to kickstart your journey with us! 

It’s amazing what (sun)light can do for you. We’re talking the magical Vitamin D, said to boost happiness levels, build stronger bones and lower blood pressure. Sunlight can also heal the skin… and generously leave it with little brown gifts called pigmentation. Then there’s the other kind of light called IPL (Intense Pulsed Light), which can also generously lighten the damage dealt. That’s our ZapZapTM for you.

A Zap is A Wish Your Skin Makes | The ZapZap IPL Series | #GetYourGlowOn

Credit: Matheus Bertelli

ZapZapTM — An IPL Fairy Tale for the Skin?

The latest introduction to the family of existing treatments, the ZapZapTM series is a suite of IPL treatments targeted at pigmentations, wrinkled/lined skin, acne and acne marks.

IPL isn’t really new to us, but we’d recently given our equipment an overhaul and exchanged our existing Korean technology for the latest, most premium of non-medical grade Spanish Variable Pulse IPL machines that aestheticians are legally licensed to operate. Also, while most other IPL treatments only use blue or green light, our ZapZapTM equipment pairs blue with red light for accelerated recovery.

In other words:

– Better, faster results with even less to no downtime
– It’s good for more than just pigmentations — it’s also great for softening fine lines, heal acne and its marks, balancing excess sebum and brightening the skin
– Suitable for all skin types
– Doesn’t cause dryness to the skin — we promise

We don’t believe in shortcuts, but this is as close as it gets.

Good Things Come in Threes: ZitZapTM, ZapBrightTM and ZapGlowTM 

Good Things Come in Threes: ZitZapTM, ZapBrightTM and ZapGlowTM 

Good Things Come in Threes: ZitZapTM, ZapBrightTM and ZapGlowTM 

Credit: Alice Alinari

ZitZapTM — Healer of Scars, Acne and Broken Hearts Skin

Meet ZitZap™ — the new best friend that makes our signature QuintessentialTM extraction facial so much better. Designed to — well — zap zits, marks and bacteria away, remarkably enhancing skin’s healing after it’s been uncongested (did I just make that up?) to death.

ZapBrightTM — Healer of Pigmentations, Age Spots and Dull Complexions

ZapBright™ zaps melanin, effectively lightening blemishes on the skin. Waste particles are then flushed out of the body and never see daylight again.

ZapGlowTM — Healer of Wrinkles, Lines and Sags

Imagine this: Results so stark yet subtle, a phone camera can’t capture it… but your friends will definitely notice the lines that did a mysterious disappearing act! Designed to reduce fine lines, firm and brighten the skin, ZapGlow™ is an IPL treatment that’s perfect for anti-ageing concerns.

With Good Things Come Bad Things Like Nagging

We love the fast results ZapZapTM brings us and our clients, but as with all things, prevention is better than cure. While some skin problems are truly hereditary (and there’s nothing we can do about genes), we can mitigate/prevent them with these quick skincare tips:

– Use sunscreen so pigmentations don’t appear/appear less
– Stay out of the sun as much as possible, especially if you’re pregnant and prone to pigmentations
– Acne is fixable but just made harder if you keep picking at it

Credit: Fröken Fokus

We’re just a zap away,

Disclaimer: As always, speak with our trusty consultants to determine if the ZapZapTM series is right for you. There’s always something that might be better for what your skin needs.


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