In last week’s edition of #LetsTalkTuesday, we covered the hidden impacts of blue light on our sleep and skin health. Truth is, your screens can bring around more skincare issues beyond blue light.   

Credit: Tranmautritam 

The Phenomenon of Screen Face: 

With our environment and lifestyle being more volatile these days, we’ve relied on technology to bring a sense of normality and routine into our lives. From telecommuting, Zoom hangout sessions with friends and Netflix watch parties, our interaction time with technology has increased to stay connected. However, unknown to us, this increased interaction has taken its toll on our skin and body. The phenomenon of Screen Face is a collection of skincare problems that develop as a result of the increased screen time. Namely, Squint Eyes, Tech Neck and Phone Chin. 

Squint Eyes: 

Long hours spent staring at your screens can cause your eyes involuntarily slip into a squint. Prolonged squinting causes your eyes to be in a crumpled position which leads to fine lines and wrinkles forming around the eye. Additionally, researchers have found that squinting halves the number of blinks per minute, causing dry eyes and blurry vision. With that, you would very likely rub your eyes which isn’t great for the delicate skin around the eyes.   

 Prolonged screen time also exposes your eyes to blue light. This can destroy collagen, cause dark eye circles, weaker skin barrier and increased dryness in the skin.   

Tech Neck: 

This skincare issue shares the same name as the common posture problem. Tech Neck is the forward-leaning of the head to look at devices. This unknowingly repeated action places additional strain on your spine (around five times the gravitational pull), causing shoulder pain and more. Moreover, it can also cause the skin under the neck to fold, deepening necklines. The additional gravitational pull also affects the skin, causing it to sag.   

Pair these issues with the lack of care the neck and décolleté receive in skincare routines you would get a neck and décolleté that may look older than you face. 

Phone Chin: 

Like Tech Neck, Phone Chin is a result of poor posture. Looking down at your phone or computers can cause the skin under the jawline to be compressed. With the average person checking their phone every 10 minutes (amounting to a whopping 96 times a day), this repeated downward gaze eventually causes a once defined jawline and neck to sag.   

Reversing Screen Face: 

Much like most skincare issues, reversing Screen Face is possible with the help of advanced technology combined with traditional craftsmanship encouraging the skin’s natural restorative properties. Introducing, the trinity of treatments that will reverse the effects of screen time, revealing the beauty unplugged.   

Multi-Spectrum Intensive Eye Treatment 

Created to combat Squint Eyes in 45 minutes, the Multi-Sprectrum Intensive Eye Treatment effectively:  

  • Reduces fine lines, wrinkles, puffiness and dark eye circles   
  • Rebuilds collagen for plump eyes and firmer skin  
  • Lifts droopy eyelids 

Step 1: Double Cleansing & Exfoliation 

The treatment begins with a Porcelain staple – double cleansing – to free the skin of impurities while nourishing it with potent ingredients and antioxidants. Followed by a gentle exfoliation using Porcelain’s enzyme-based gel exfoliator – the Natural Skin Refiner – to lighten fine lines and brighten the eye area. 

Step 2: Eye Lift Massage 

A firm lifting massage is performed to aid the lymphatic drainage of fluids – to depuff and lift the eye area.  

Step 3:  Ultrasound with RevitalEyes Concentrate & HA+ Hydrating Serum 

To further boost the efficacy of the lifting massage, ultrasound technology is used to stimulate collagen production and strengthen capillary walls of blood vessels under the eyes to restore suppleness to the area. Coupled with the multi-faceted formulation of the HA+ Hydrating Serum and scientifically advanced ingredients of the RevitalEyes Concentrate restores youthfulness to the skin while reinvigorating the skin’s natural restorative properties.   

Step 4: Mask with LED Light Therapy 

Masking is a must-have. Porcelain’s Multipeptide Silk Eye Mask is then applied along with LED light therapy to enhance the penetration of the mask’s active ingredients around the eyes.   

Step 5: Head Massage 

The treatment ends with a head massage for the ultimate indulgence. Emerge with refreshed eyes and relaxed mind. 

Duo-Intensive Neck & Décolleté Treatment 

The best accessory is an elegant neck with a flawless décolleté to match. However, Tech Neck stands in the way of that. Thus, the Duo-Intensive Neck & Décolleté Treatment effectively:  

  • Reduces fine lines and necklines  
  • Visibly brightens and firms the skin around neck and décolleté  
  • Even skin tone along neck and décolleté 

Step 1: Double Cleansing & Deep Peel 

The treatment begins with a Porcelain staple – double cleansing – to free the skin of impurities while nourishing it with potent ingredients and antioxidants. To reveal brighter, youthful skin, a deep peel made from a balanced blend of Glycolic Acid and Trichloroacetic Acid is applied to exfoliate the neck and décolleté comfortably. 

Step 2: Intense Pulse Light (IPL) Treatment 

With medical-grade machinery, a selection of pulsating lights is administered for precise and targeted treatment. Gentle flicks of light stimulate the skin’s collagen production in the dermis layer. Simultaneously, pigmentation is lightened and skin tone is evened, leaving behind a plump and radiant neck and décolleté. 

Step 3:  Detox Lymphatic Drainage Massage 

To further enhance the skin’s natural youthfulness, Porcelain’s signature lymphatic massage is conducted. The in-house developed technique reduces water retention and boosts the drainage of toxins for healthier skin upon an elegant neck. 

Step 4: Custom Blended Mask 

A premium custom-blended mask targeted at your specific skin needs is applied as you slowly fall into a relaxing slumber. 

Step 5: Head Massage 

The treatment ends with a soothing head massage that is guaranteed to deepen your sleep, leaving you reinvigorated when you awake. 

Proionic Multi-Sculpting Chin & Neck Treatment 

While adjusting the way you look at your devices can reduce the presence of Phone Chin, allow the Proionic Multi-Sculpting Chin & Neck Treatment to do the heavy lifting and restore a sharper visage with a sleek neck to match.  It effectively:  

  • Reduces the appearance of a double chin  
  • Tightens sagging skin under chin and neck  
  • Stimulates collagen production for taut skin over time 

Step 1: Double Cleansing  

Likewise, the treatment starts with a double cleanse to free the skin of impurities while nourishing it with potent ingredients and antioxidants.  

Step 2: Carbon Dioxide Treatment 

A carbon dioxide sheet mask and topical gel are applied, triggering the BOHR Effect – a process that releases a rush of oxygen and nutrients to the treated area. The BOHR Effect results in stimulating cell renewal and collagen production. Witness an immediate V-shape facial contour with bright skin to match. The cell renewal and collagen production lay the foundation for healthier skin in future. 

Step 3:  Proionic Neck Lift & Detox Lymphatic Drainage Massage 

Using a patented, 448kHz long wave radio frequency paired with Porcelain’s signature lymphatic massage helps to stimulate collagen and elastin production while draining toxins for an instant and long-term anti-ageing effects. Results are immediate with sustained tautness around the chin and neck. 

Step 4: Custom Blended Mask 

A premium custom-blended mask targeted at your specific skin needs is applied. 

Step 5: Head Massage 

The treatment ends with a soothing head massage that is guaranteed to deepen your sleep, leaving you reinvigorated when you awake. 


Start reversing your Screen Face and get the healthy skin you deserve by booking an appointment today! 

Have you ever read a book or listened to a speech and came away from it feeling it was so vacuous, you could sum it up in a line or two? Or, conversely, finished one with your notepad chockfull of hastily scribbled notes of talking points, because there were just so many takeaways? That’s Serena Adsit’s story for us.

Part 2 of our #Origins series that kicked off with Kelly Latimer, Serena’s tale is so unapologetically honest, and revealing in how her history and experiences carved out her story of undeniable internal strength.

Credit: WearOhWhere

“My eclectic background wasn’t traditional in any way, yet I have learned some real important life lessons from the home. You are not your family, and should never let them dictate who you should be… Everyone is an individual, and should have her / his own personal freedom to work towards that. That’s a huge gift my mother has accorded me:
The choice to be whomever I wanted.


The Origins series with WearOhWhere was meant to dive deep into our interviewees’ origins — their original birthplaces and cultures and how they influence their present-day selves despite being in Singapore and away from “home”.

When we approached Serena to be a part of this series, her story took a slightly different turn. Instead of focusing on the influence of her mixed parentage, she shared how her history as a model shaped her first views of what beauty was and “should be”, creating a toxic cycle where she silently imposed judgment and expectations on others’ bodies and on her own, in line with how much of the outside world similarly does to women’s (not just models’) bodies. We talked about how, in time, she chose to break her silence on her own flaws and “broke (the) spell of perfection”, and how that granted her relief and a profound sense of freedom.

Serena agreed to the interview, while requesting that we cover more ground beyond “what is beauty, success and happiness”… which forms, I guess, the cotton-candy, fluffier aspects of most interviews with successful entrepreneurs (Serena runs Mint Singapore, a commercial modelling agency that represents talents of all ages, shapes and sizes). We talked beauty and its impositions on society at large, and how her EveryBody movement seeks to change that.

Kind of felt like a throwback to our tough interview with BBC just last year, where we discussed whether beauty businesses were profiteering off people’s insecurities and creating too much pressure on women to look a certain way.

Credit: WearOhWhere

“Being in the modelling industry, I’ve seen first-hand what unrealistic expectations can do to a person… I’ve spent years hiding my flaws like cellulite, and had boyfriends try to exercise it off me, but worst of all, it not only made me feel bad about myself and my “shortcomings”, it made me judge others based on this unrealistic expectation that I had inadvertently put on myself. That hurts me more than the burden of having cellulite — that I became judge, jury and executioner of what I mistakenly thought “beauty” means. I was done living that way, done hating the way women’s bodies are always under scrutiny. By openly discussing my own perceived flaws, it instantly broke a spell of perfection I have been trying all these years to upkeep. Instantly, I felt it allowed others to breathe a sigh of relief in knowing hey, she’s got issues just like all of us and
none of us are perfect after all.”

Credit: WearOhWhere

Beyond beauty, we talked about resilience, outgrowing friendships and finding magic in life. And played with Nephra, her gorgeous, affectionate, friendly feline.

No more spoilers. Read the full story here.

Stay True,

We love storytellers with good stories to tell, and chefs with good food to give. In May, we collaborated with a woman who generously shared both with us. Celebrity chef Angela May’s tale is the first of two It’s What’s Inside That Counts stories, which also falls under the Origins series (headlined by Kelly Latimer). While Kelly’s story focused on how her English roots inspire her present and future in Singapore, Angela’s prods us to take a closer look — within ourselves.

Credit: WearOhWhere

“I love everything about the experience of eating, from sitting down with friends and chatting over food, and the food itself. I just felt the need to feed people… there’s a deep seated spot in my soul that physically hurts when I see hungry people.”


Hello, Sunshine by Angela May

We’ve always been advocates of not just topical care for healthy and radiant skin, but also being mindful of what we eat and drink so we’re nourishing our skin from within as well. With the opening of Porcelain Origins and the quaint café that nests within it, it was most opportune to work with Angela just in time for summer. Hello, Sunshine is Angela’s take on a fruity summer smoothie — available for a limited time only at Porcelain Origins at $12.90.

Credit: WearOhWhere

The Ingredients

Angela’s recipe incorporates yummies like peach, lychee, aloe vera, and rosemary and bee pollen for garnish. Is it a coincidence that they’re some of our own favourites and are key ingredients in our products and treatments?


Quite a wonderfruit, peaches are rich in antioxidants and combat free radicals and anti-aging effects that the sun brings. It’s also moisture- and glow-giving. Find this ingredient in our Soothe – Hydro Cleanser and  Pure – Botanical Soothing Gel

Our go-to for its ultra-hydrating, soothing and reparative properties. Found in almost all our products from our toners to our exfoliators, serums and moisturisers, including the Soothe – Aloe Recovery Gel (of course!)




Another antioxidant-rich superfruit for the skin. Soak up its goodness with our Hydrocare – Bio-cellulose Mask!

Something similarly bee-inspired is used in our Beespoke™ Honey Facial, a treatment that was specially created for Sofitel City Centre Singapore — bee propolis!




Yes, again, rosemary has amazing antioxidants properties. More than that, it’s a great oil-balancer (just in time for summer) and cleans out impurities without drying the skin. Catch a whiff of it in our Soothe – Hydro Cleanser.

“Peaches are such a great summer fruit. They smell amazing, and have a blush that screams summer.”

We do love bare skin and outward confidence as much as we love feeling good…

P.S. Read our full story with Angela May, interviewed by WearOhWhere, here. Enjoy Hello, Sunshine at Porcelain Origins at $9.90 (U.P. $12.90) when you flash that page!

Are you ready for summer?



Iman Fandi is the face that tops off our #BareWithMe stories with WearOhWhere.

“Better an “oops” than a “what if”.”
– Iman Fandi, Model

Iman Fandi: Everything Will Be All Right | #BareWithMe

Credit: WearOhWhere

For those who don’t know, #BareWithMe is a campaign we kicked off with Lucinda Law (Founder of WithinArtNature) and WOW back in 2017 — a spinoff from #FoundationFreeConfidence. Porcelain has always told the story of good skin from within and preached the benefits that going foundation-free would do for it. Natural beauty on the outside. How about on the inside? We thought, there lies so many parallels between physical and inner beauty, skincare journeys and personal ones. How do we inspire confidence not just on a surface level, but from within?

We reached out to old friend Karman,

the maker of WearOhWhere, storyteller of people’s — well, stories. There was no one better to help us capture the essence of people — inspirational women, to be exact. And to capture their experiences, triumphs, flaws, journeys and definitions of beauty. It was no longer just about physical beauty; we wanted to go beyond skin-deep. And when said influential women bared to us how they were (are) equally fallible human beings, we all hoped to spur others to similarly bare their own stories. Owning them. Finding strength in them. (Re)gaining confidence both outside and within.

Iman Fandi: Everything Will Be All Right | #BareWithMe

Credit: WearOhWhere

Just like that, Bare with Me was born.

It’s now 2019. Bare With Me came further and lasted longer than we expected, together with Viola Tan, Co-Founder of Love, Bonito and Olivia Eleazar, photographer, stylist and self-proclaimed unicorn. We began planning a capstone story to top off the series and to kickstart the year. This story would take the form of a video, showcasing a woman stripping off her makeup after a day with the world. Symbolism of emancipation.

In all honesty, when we first started talking about this, I had in my mind a 40-something-year-old woman who had reached enlightenment, or something close to it. Someone who had seen much in life. Probably glamorous and strong on the outside, fun and strong on the inside (yes, “glamorous” and “fun” are antonyms in my head). The video would take on a darker, more somber look and feel. Adult.

What we ended up producing was this:

I got it completely wrong and the production team got it completely right. Well, I got one part right — Iman is a girl who’s glamorous and strong on the outside (as a model), and fun and strong on the inside (as herself).

“To anyone out there who doesn’t feel beautiful, I want to tell you that it’s OK not to be OK, and we all go through phases where we just shut down, but in the end, everything will be all right — it just takes time. It took time for me to understand what I like about myself, and how I can improve myself. With body image, I go to the gym and eat healthy, so that’s how I try and basically take care of me. You just have to figure out what is your way.”
– Iman Fandi, Model

We wanted to portray a typical day in her life as a model by day, Iman by night. The idea was to showcase a woman who displays to the world her game face and who then slowly relinquishes that persona to become… her. And as we went from shooting scenes to interview time, Iman literally morphed from professional model to bare-faced girl with candour and ease. And as we uncovered her story, we found someone who was precocious, wise beyond her years and brimming with positivity for the future.

Read our latest (and possibly final) Bare With Me story with Iman Fandi here.

And if life ever gets you down, our 18-year-old girl/woman has wise words for you:

“It’s OK not to be OK… everything will be all right.”

Iman Fandi: Everything Will Be All Right | #BareWithMe

Credit: WearOhWhere

Stay True,


#INSIDERNEWS – #BareWithMe Campaign 2018

#BareWithMe – Guilty Pleasures Are Okay. Really.

The Origins Series | Kelly Latimer

Our Very Own Beauty Column! | #DearPauline

Our Beauty Guru On “Skin” | #DearPauline

It’s amazing what (sun)light can do for you. We’re talking the magical Vitamin D, said to boost happiness levels, build stronger bones and lower blood pressure. Sunlight can also heal the skin… and generously leave it with little brown gifts called pigmentation. Then there’s the other kind of light called IPL (Intense Pulsed Light), which can also generously lighten the damage dealt. That’s our ZapZapTM for you.

A Zap is A Wish Your Skin Makes | The ZapZap IPL Series | #GetYourGlowOn

Credit: Matheus Bertelli

ZapZapTM — An IPL Fairy Tale for the Skin?

The latest introduction to the family of existing treatments, the ZapZapTM series is a suite of IPL treatments targeted at pigmentations, wrinkled/lined skin, acne and acne marks.

IPL isn’t really new to us, but we’d recently given our equipment an overhaul and exchanged our existing Korean technology for the latest, most premium of non-medical grade Spanish Variable Pulse IPL machines that aestheticians are legally licensed to operate. Also, while most other IPL treatments only use blue or green light, our ZapZapTM equipment pairs blue with red light for accelerated recovery.

In other words:

– Better, faster results with even less to no downtime
– It’s good for more than just pigmentations — it’s also great for softening fine lines, heal acne and its marks, balancing excess sebum and brightening the skin
– Suitable for all skin types
– Doesn’t cause dryness to the skin — we promise

We don’t believe in shortcuts, but this is as close as it gets.

Good Things Come in Threes: ZitZapTM, ZapBrightTM and ZapGlowTM 

Good Things Come in Threes: ZitZapTM, ZapBrightTM and ZapGlowTM 

Good Things Come in Threes: ZitZapTM, ZapBrightTM and ZapGlowTM 

Credit: Alice Alinari

ZitZapTM — Healer of Scars, Acne and Broken Hearts Skin

Meet ZitZap™ — the new best friend that makes our signature QuintessentialTM extraction facial so much better. Designed to — well — zap zits, marks and bacteria away, remarkably enhancing skin’s healing after it’s been uncongested (did I just make that up?) to death.

ZapBrightTM — Healer of Pigmentations, Age Spots and Dull Complexions

ZapBright™ zaps melanin, effectively lightening blemishes on the skin. Waste particles are then flushed out of the body and never see daylight again.

ZapGlowTM — Healer of Wrinkles, Lines and Sags

Imagine this: Results so stark yet subtle, a phone camera can’t capture it… but your friends will definitely notice the lines that did a mysterious disappearing act! Designed to reduce fine lines, firm and brighten the skin, ZapGlow™ is an IPL treatment that’s perfect for anti-ageing concerns.

With Good Things Come Bad Things Like Nagging

We love the fast results ZapZapTM brings us and our clients, but as with all things, prevention is better than cure. While some skin problems are truly hereditary (and there’s nothing we can do about genes), we can mitigate/prevent them with these quick skincare tips:

– Use sunscreen so pigmentations don’t appear/appear less
– Stay out of the sun as much as possible, especially if you’re pregnant and prone to pigmentations
– Acne is fixable but just made harder if you keep picking at it

Credit: Fröken Fokus

We’re just a zap away,

Disclaimer: As always, speak with our trusty consultants to determine if the ZapZapTM series is right for you. There’s always something that might be better for what your skin needs.


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On Honey Facials, Milk and Almonds | #GetYourGlowOn

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#SkinHacks for the Time-Starved Traveller

or… just flip through our site like you do a diary you found by secret!