We love storytellers with good stories to tell, and chefs with good food to give. In May, we collaborated with a woman who generously shared both with us. Celebrity chef Angela May’s tale is the first of two It’s What’s Inside That Counts stories, which also falls under the Origins series (headlined by Kelly Latimer). While Kelly’s story focused on how her English roots inspire her present and future in Singapore, Angela’s prods us to take a closer look — within ourselves.

Credit: WearOhWhere

“I love everything about the experience of eating, from sitting down with friends and chatting over food, and the food itself. I just felt the need to feed people… there’s a deep seated spot in my soul that physically hurts when I see hungry people.”


Hello, Sunshine by Angela May

We’ve always been advocates of not just topical care for healthy and radiant skin, but also being mindful of what we eat and drink so we’re nourishing our skin from within as well. With the opening of Porcelain Origins and the quaint café that nests within it, it was most opportune to work with Angela just in time for summer. Hello, Sunshine is Angela’s take on a fruity summer smoothie — available for a limited time only at Porcelain Origins at $12.90.

Credit: WearOhWhere

The Ingredients

Angela’s recipe incorporates yummies like peach, lychee, aloe vera, and rosemary and bee pollen for garnish. Is it a coincidence that they’re some of our own favourites and are key ingredients in our products and treatments?


Quite a wonderfruit, peaches are rich in antioxidants and combat free radicals and anti-aging effects that the sun brings. It’s also moisture- and glow-giving. Find this ingredient in our Soothe – Hydro Cleanser and  Pure – Botanical Soothing Gel

Our go-to for its ultra-hydrating, soothing and reparative properties. Found in almost all our products from our toners to our exfoliators, serums and moisturisers, including the Soothe – Aloe Recovery Gel (of course!)




Another antioxidant-rich superfruit for the skin. Soak up its goodness with our Hydrocare – Bio-cellulose Mask!

Something similarly bee-inspired is used in our Beespoke™ Honey Facial, a treatment that was specially created for Sofitel City Centre Singapore — bee propolis!




Yes, again, rosemary has amazing antioxidants properties. More than that, it’s a great oil-balancer (just in time for summer) and cleans out impurities without drying the skin. Catch a whiff of it in our Soothe – Hydro Cleanser.

“Peaches are such a great summer fruit. They smell amazing, and have a blush that screams summer.”

We do love bare skin and outward confidence as much as we love feeling good…

P.S. Read our full story with Angela May, interviewed by WearOhWhere, here. Enjoy Hello, Sunshine at Porcelain Origins at $9.90 (U.P. $12.90) when you flash that page!

Are you ready for summer?



We generally steer clear from sales talk or pushy blog posts, but our recent annual Client Satisfaction survey sprung some surprising results: Our clients actually want to hear more about our treatments, products and seasonal offerings. So, here’s answering some of their wishes because this X’mas, our Christmas offerings are looking pretty fine.

1: Porcelain Triple Moisture Kit for the Thirsty

Christmas Offerings 1: Porcelain Triple Moisture Kit for the Thirsty

No matter what age you are, hydration remains the essential solid foundation for great skin – making this set of three essential hydrators an absolute prize. The deal clincher – it also comes with a complimentary limited-edition pouch.


– Soothe – Aloe Recovery Gel (1x 50ml)
– Balance – Hydraclear Gel (1x 50ml)
– Pure – Botanical Soothing Gel (1x 30ml)
– Porcelain Pouch (1x, Complimentary)
– Porcelain Aurelie tea (1x, 10g) * 


– Have skin so dehydrated, they think it’s oily
– Have legit, dry skin
– Frequently complain they can never find a good aloe gel that’s made up of 99% stabilized Aloe Vera
– Have pimples and who can’t find a good spot treatment that also hydrates while zapping zits and that also balances sebum and that also feels featherlight on skin and that also…
– Want a moisturizer that hydrates while providing bursts of antioxidants for brightening and protection from free radicals
– Love natural ingredients like aloe vera, peach, mountain pepper, peony, lemon verbena, tea tree oil…
– Are men who need that extra bit of TLC post-shave
– Are all of the above


$269 (U.P. $350.50)

2: Ultimate Acne Busters Kit for the Zitty and Inflamed

Christmas Offerings 3: Ultimate Acne Busters Kit for the Zitty and InflamedOur favourite unisex kit.

Also the definitive SOS kit for acne-afflicted complexions, this bundle contains what Porcelain fans consider as the go-to stars when hormones go haywire, and acne rears its many ugly heads. Ridding skin of p.acnes bacteria and excess sebum while keeping hydration levels up is key.


– Balance – Daily Cleansing Gel (1x 120ml) or Soothe – Hydro Cleanser (1x 120ml)
– Revive – Glycolic Toner (1x 120ml)
– Balance – Sebum Control Essence (2x 8ml)


Zit-prone people
– Have combination-oily skin, including and especially men who are more prone to these skin types
– Are in need of controlling excess shine
– Need a gentle, exfoliating toner that contains mild AHAs, and that hydrates while providing bursts of antioxidants for brightening and protection from free radicals
– Love natural ingredients like aloe vera, coconut, sage, cucumber, tea tree oil, soybean extracts…
– Who are men, especially the ones who believe that they deserve good skin too


$149 (U.P. $200)


3: Prep & Revitalize Kit for the Dreary and Dull

Christmas Offerings 3: Prep & Revitalize Kit for the Dreary and Dull

Or, more warmly known as the essential kit for people who have plans pre-X’mas all the way till the New Year. Also the perfect complementary set to the above two kits.

Look radiant before that Christmas / New Year bash! Come off like you’ve had 8-hours’ sleep every night when you’ve been hopping from festive dinner to dinner!

Whether it’s revitalizing you need pre- and / or post-party, cure its hangover with mask after mask, and remember to drink more water.


– Hydrocare – Bio-cellulose Mask (2x)
– Revitaleyes – Multi-Peptide Silk Mask (2x)
– Revive – Natural Skin Refiner (1x 50ml)
– Gold Dropper Bottle (1x 5ml)


– Party a lot
– Are very busy
– Have skin so dehydrated, they think it’s oily
– Have legit, dry skin
– Frequently complain they can never find a good face mask that adheres well to their faces
– Suffer from tired, lined eyes
– Love value for money and serums in equal parts: this mask comes with 30ml of serum which you can squeeze into a 5ml dropper bottle we include with every set!
– Live for multiple-functional gadgets: The Natural Skin Refiner acts as an exfoliator-cum-mask
– Want a mask that hydrates while providing bursts of antioxidants for brightening and protection from free radicals
– Are women, especially mothers, grandmothers, wives and daughters — show them it’s okay to take a break!
– Are men, especially the ones who believe that they deserve good skin too

$99 (U.P. $198)

* Buy any 2 sets with a total value of over $200 and get 1x Porcelain pouch + 1x tin of Porcelain Aurelie tea. The Triple Moisture Kit automatically comes with one of both.

(Limited to 3 per person, while stocks last)


4: Just Aurelie.

You’ve met Aurelie.


– Grandparents
– Friends who love tea
– Friends who don’t know tea
– Everyone? Who doesn’t like tea? Even coffee lovers love tea

We’re all waiting for X’mas,


Rescue & Restore: 4 Steps to Restore Glow to Post-Holiday Skin | #GetYourGlowOn

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or… just flip through our site like you do a diary you found by secret!

If you’re like some of our clients who first walked through our doors, you might have the misunderstanding that hydration begins only when you’re slapping on moisturizer. Not true! Hydration should really be a part of every step of your skincare routine, including the first: pre-cleansing. Layering is a concept that’s been around for a while now, but many articles we’ve come across talk only about layering on moisturizers… which still focuses on the final step of your skincare ritual. And there’s so much more than that! Today, let’s talk about layering hydration the right way.

1. Layering hydration begins from cleansing

Your cleanser (and pre-cleanser) should help remove makeup and impurities while still injecting your skin with moisture. Love the squeaky-clean feel of your skin after cleansing? That’s not what you should be gunning for! Instead, your face should feel soft and supple after the first wash, as the former is a sure sign of skin that has been stripped of moisture. Look for pre-cleansers and cleansers that contain hydrating ingredients for a revitalizing and hydrating wash.

Ingredient Tip-off: Sodium Hyaluronate, coconut extracts, orchid extracts, aloe vera, cucumber.

2. Hydration continues every step after

Dehydrated skin means it’s more prone to build up and any moisture you want to flush your skin with simply won’t get through. Make room for it! Use a gentle exfoliator with natural plant enzymes and aloe extracts to soften dead skin cells while hydrating the skin.

You then follow with your essences, moisturisers, serums and toners… But wait, in which order? There IS a science to follow if you really want to be layering right.

3. The Golden Rule: Layer from lightest to heaviest

This applies to any skincare routine. After you cleanse and exfoliate, you want to work your way through the thinnest products first and build up to the thickest. Products that are less viscous have smaller particles, thus penetrating more easily and deeply into your skin. These mean your toners, essences and serums, followed by your moisturisers. Look for toners that contain hydrating ingredients like natural rose and jojoba oils and that you can use for a quick spritz throughout the day. Find serums that have hydration powerhouses like sodium hyaluronate and aloe vera to quench thirsty skin. Finally, end with moisturizers that also contain hydrating properties and hyaluronic acid to seal all that water within.

Ingredient Tip-off: Sodium Hyaluronate, aloe vera, hyaluronic acid, rose, jojoba

Credits: Steve Spangler

4. A Final Tip: Oils don’t moisturise; they seal

It’s an understandable misconception to think that heavier products are necessary to help dehydrated skin, but it is still a misconception. The truth is, when your skin needs water and you’re giving it oil instead, it’s going to become even more desert-like. Why? Oil keeps water out (or in, if you’d been diligent in your hydrating cleansing regime). Imagine adding heavy cream to a dry sponge – it wouldn’t be absorbed, right? Again, many clients have come to understand that dehydrated skin lacks water – not oil. If you are the kind who suffers from seemingly dry skin yet with overactive sebum glands, it’s a sure sign of dehydration but read more about that here.

A final note…

Layering tops up on moisture every single step so it’s a progressive journey for your skin. Instead of cleansing and toning methods that strip your face down into nothing before dumping a whole lot of moisturiser on again, taking it through a healthier exchange of removing oil while replenishing water helps achieve a balanced skin pH. Moreover, this helps to lock in moisture better!

Have you learnt the art of layering?

Stay True,


#DearPauline | Fuss-free Skincare Routines: How Long is Enough?

4 Ways to Ensure Your Body & Skin Are Hydrated

#SkinHacks: Dry Skin vs Dehydrated Skin – 3 Quick Tips

If this is new to you, trust me – I was surprised to learn this too! Dry skin and dehydrated skin are two different things, and you could worsen the issue if you don’t use the right products (and treatments) to remedy it. Let’s have a quick definition breakdown first:

Dry skin is a skin type that doesn’t produce much oil (also known as sebum)
Dehydrated skin is a skin condition where your skin lacks water

Now, here are some fuss-free takeaways with added care tips!


You cannot have both oily and dry skin.

Credits: Zé Zorzan

Simply put, you have oily skin when your skin produces oil (you don’t say)! On the flipside, dry skin doesn’t (not enough, anyway). Your skin can be oily and dehydrated, but never oily and dry. Therefore, many people with seemingly oily skin don’t realize it’s dehydrated — not dry. They then mistakenly use products with higher oil content, but what they need are water-based products to boost hydration. On to the next point!


Dry skin and dehydrated skin require different skincare products.

Credits: Toa Heftiba

Because dry skin doesn’t produce (much) oil, that’s exactly what it needs. As counterintuitive as it sounds, the skin needs oil to retain water! A good analogy to understand this? Take leather for example: you need to frequently condition it with oil to maintain it. On the contrary, when you add water to it, it usually just cracks after some time. Why is this? That’s because, in the absence of oil, the water rapidly evaporates… and takes away the existing water with it too. It’s really the same for your skin, so opt for moisturizers that have higher oil / cream content instead, to help lock water in.

And while dehydrated skin does produce oil, it lacks water. Sometimes, this lack of hydration is the culprit of excess oiliness. The solution is to use gentle, water-based products (not oil-based ones!) to replenish hydration. Avoiding harsh products also helps reduce tightness in the skin. 


Your skin needs a good balance of oil and water.

Credits: Eric Didier

Meaning, everyone needs a balance of moisture and hydration. Yes, that’s another mind-boggling fun fact: Moisture = Oil, and Hydration = Water! When these are in equilibrium, your skin will be naturally smooth, glowing, and radiant from within. That’s why our Balance – Sebum Control Essence is one of our star products (all our staff use this); it’s the very foundation of our #FoundationFreeConfidence (no pun intended)!

It feels like a Science class today, doesn’t it?

Stay True,

Water’s importance to the body is usually underestimated, and it really shouldn’t be! The amount of water in the human body ranges from 50-75%, a key component of the skin. As the largest organ, the skin contains approximately 64% water. Our skin has several different functions: to protect, regulate, feel and act as a barrier against external toxins, like pathogens and chemicals. It also regulates body temperature and helps us sense our surroundings. As the outermost barrier of our body, the skin regulates the body water content by controlling water loss from within the body to the outside via the skin’s topmost layer. Finally, it also blocks water permeation from the outside.

Be water my friend.
— Bruce Lee

If your skin feels dry, tight, itchy and flaky, then it probably lacks hydration! It may also look and feel rough and lack visible radiance. Dry skin will lose its soft, pliable characteristics and may crack, which could lead to the increased risk of infections. Dehydrated skin may also increase signs of aging, such as the appearance of visible wrinkles.

Here are four ways to keep your skin (and body!) hydrated, ensuring skin that’s hydrated, radiant and dewy:

1. Keep hydrated by drinking plenty of water

Since our body and every organ are at least 75% water, it’s a given that we require a hydrated medium for our bodies to function properly, and that means choosing to consume foods that help hydrate you and also drinking water. Different people require different amounts of water to stay hydrated.

Most healthy people can stay well hydrated by drinking water and other fluids whenever they feel thirsty. For some people, fewer than 8 glasses may be enough. One way to tell if you are not drinking enough water is to check your urine. If your urine is usually colorless or light yellow, congratulations – you are well hydrated. If it’s a dark yellow or amber, you may be dehydrated, so drink up!

And if you’re looking for a beverage that has a bit more flavour than your regular H2O, try coconut. Aside from its myriad of uses and health benefits, coconut water (naturally occurring liquid from the inside of a coconut) stacks up against water as a better ‘hydrator’ as not only does it hydrate you, blood sugar levels are also restored faster as it contains natural sugar. It’s also lower in both calories and sodium, which makes it a great alternative for water.

2. Cut down (or stop completely) on foods that dehydrate you

Drinking enough water is the key to hydration. However, lack of water intake isn’t the only cause of dehydration. Some foods, when consumed excessively, can lead to dehydration as well.

Many of the foods we eat are processed and stripped of true nutrition. These are highly acidic to the body and create water retention to thin out the toxicity. As the body strives hard to flush out the waste, our body becomes dehydrated.

Beverages such as coffee (sorry coffee aficionados out there) and alcohol can also worsen dehydration as both are diuretic. These cause you to urinate more frequently than usual. This is why you usually feel dehydrated and experience headaches after a night of alcohol, as alcohol depletes your cells of water, which in turns causes these symptoms.

3. Eat your greens and fruits

Foods with a lack of nutrition and high acidity due to processing cause an imbalance in your pH level. To maintain a good pH balance in your body, start including in your diet fresh fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts and legumes, as these alkaline forming foods not only provide your body with optimal nutrition but also ensures that your system is oxygenated and hydrated.

Another way to maintain your pH balance is to supplement with digestive enzymes, as our pancreas is largely responsible for the production of these enzymes so if your pancreas isn’t working properly, the supplement ensures that your natural enzyme level is where it needs to be.

4. Get a good night’s sleep

We’ve said it before in previous posts and we’ll say it again: sleep is important!

Research has suggested that people who sleep in are more creative, score higher on inductive reasoning tests, are less stressed and more productive. Sadly, many people (especially 9-5ers) get by on less.

Science says that we need eight hours of sleep to perform optimally daily. However, if you do your body good by getting enough sleep (7-8 hours minimum), you are actually allowing it to regenerate on a cellular level. As a result, it becomes less-stressed and more alkaline.

Don’t skimp on the zzz’s and ensure that you get adequate, quality sleep by developing a good bedtime routine. That means not using your electronics 2-3 hours before bedtime and letting go of the thoughts that may run rampant at night.

Water is the driving force of all nature.
— Leonardo da Vinci


Stay True,