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Designed with Care: Soothing Sensitivity

Designed with Care: Soothing Sensitivity

ClearPurity™ Sensitive Repair

In a world full of aggravating triggers, it’s no surprise that an increasing number within our Porcelain Community are experiencing sensitivity. As your lifelong skincare companions, we wanted to improve and innovate on our treatments – creating something unique for sensitivity.   

Numerous months were spent: 

Sourcing safe and effective equipment from trustworthy suppliers 

Testing our protocols on various skin types 

Experimenting with product combinations to deliver the best immediate and long term results.  

With this, we’re finally ready to introduce our latest addition to our suite of treatments – ClearPurity™ Sensitive Repair. 

A revolutionary solution for sensitive skin that perfectly balances botanicals and technology 

Designed with care to provide comfort and results, ClearPurity™ Sensitive Repair incorporates Korean medi-technology and high-potency botanicals to deeply cleanse, purify and instantly soothe.   

Although it is suitable for all skin types, this delicate treatment is especially effective for those experiencing sensitivity, rosacea, eczema and inflammation.   

5-Steps to Instant Relief  

With FDA-Approved, clinically-proven equipment coupled with spa-grade high potency botanicals, the ClearPurity™ Sensitive Repair effectively resets, repairs and soothes skin. Each step is carefully designed to calm and strengthen sensitivity while providing a relaxing experience.   

Double Cleanse: 

A staple in every Porcelain treatment, the ClearPurity™ Sensitive Repair begins with a skilful double-cleansing using Porcelain’s Pre-Cleansing Milk, and either the Hydro Cleanser or Deep Cleansing Gel to free the skin of impurities and build-up. 

Fruit Enzyme Peel: 

Unlike chemical or acid peels, fruit enzymes cause no discomfort when exfoliating the surface layer of dead skin cells. Additionally, this curated fruit enzyme peel is rich in anti-inflammatory properties, soothing the skin with each passing minute. Not to mention, the light fruity scent offers a welcomed respite. 

ClearPurity™ Deep Pore Cleansing: 

This unique 360° rotating tip deeply cleanses congested pores to remove unwanted residues. Simultaneously, potent botanicals from the Porcelain Botanical Sensitive Care Toner are infused into the skin for soothing benefits. 

Botanical Micro-Infusion: 

A tailored blend of Porcelain skincare products is infused into the skin with microcurrent technology, effectively repairing damaged skin and stimulating collagen and elastin production by up to 14%. Concurrently, a lymphatic drainage massage aids in reducing water retention. 

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Hydra Mask & Yellow LED Light Therapy: 

Loaded with six soothing botanical actives, this treatment mask deeply infuses comfort and hydration to bring sensitive and irritated skin into a healthy balance. Combined with yellow LED Light therapy, its anti-inflammatory properties aid restores the skin’s barrier function and boosts cell repair mechanisms. 

With Instant Benefits and Long Term Results 

After one session, experience: 

  • Instant relief of redness and symptoms of sensitivity 
  • Deeply cleansed pores 
  • Smoother, softer skin  
  • Brighter skin tone 

After 3 sessions, experience:  

  • Resilient and less reactive skin 
  • Better absorption of skincare products 
  • Enhanced healing and repair 


Ready to achieve calm, soothed skin with ClearPurity™ Sensitive Repair?   

Pre-book your trial today at $198 (U.P. $321) at  

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