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Customisation at the Core of Porcelain

Customisation at the Core of Porcelain

We sit down with founder, Pauline Ng,  to take a closer look at how customisation runs through the heart of Porcelain, growing from aspirations to development.

Customisation is no stranger to our practice. From the beginning of time, we believed that understanding one’s skin is not limited to the individual as its journey also includes the changes from our day to day.

Taking things a day at a time, even with just our skincare, is no easy task. Which is why the theme of customisation has been refreshed for this time of the year.

“To me, customisation is more about open-mindedness and constant learning.”

Open-mindedness and constant learning is something Pauline reflects in all aspects of growing her business. The beginnings of research and development involve the identification of a need, whilst further research and education comes together to tackle said problem. At the end of this enlightening rabbit hole you find a product displayed proudly in our spas and on webstore.

What follows is the beauty of experimentation and curiosity. The complexities of skin biology are far more erratic than what can be fixed in a one-off session. Monitoring skin changes through time and treating them accordingly with the right products can help you put your best face forward every day. Of course, this should not mean having an arsenal of products on hand everyday. Instead, all you need is to understand the different uses of these products and how they can cater to your different skin needs.

At Porcelain, we begin our journey of each individual with a Skin Discovery Analysis. From there, we monitor your skin’s reactions to treatments, making tiny adjustments along the way. According to your skin condition, different components of the facial are switched out to cater to skin sensitivity and maturity. Once you’re done with a session, aftercare is encouraged with take home products for further skin TLC.

Much like our approach to our services, our products don’t fall too far from the tree. Unknown to many, most of our products are multi-functional, with varying usage simply by adjusting application and dosage. Pauline shares the beginning stages of the Deep Hydrating Lotion and its reception from her peers. From varying climates all over the world, she would get texts raving about how the product has helped with stressed out skin from travelling. She notes that although some uses for the Deep Hydrating Lotion were not initially intended, their functionality continues to be a crowd pleaser. The product, included in our Christmas Gift Guide Sets, is definitely a multi-functional must have in every bag. As a mask in the evening, or a setting spray before you head out the door – it’s soothing capabilities and handy spray nozzle leads it to be highly adaptable to different skin needs, at different times of your life.

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Keeping an open mind with product business development is why Porcelain continues to offer the service standards it holds today. With the year winding down to an end, taking the time off to understand oneself is an on-going journey. But much like skincare, constant education and adaptability is the continuous step forward, either in personal growth or skin radiance.

With the year drawing to a close, embrace the gift change with a little helping hand. #GetYourGlowOn Xmas sets have been carefully curated with multifunctional capabilities to cater to your varying skincare needs.

Unwind this festive season and take on the new year with exuding radiance #fromwithin! Happy Holidays from us at Porcelain.

The #GetYourGlowOn Xmas sets and Holiday Gift Guides are currently available on our webstore here. Enjoy complimentary gift wrapping, travel accessories and a Skin Discovery Analysis with each purchase.

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