Don’t Give Your Age Away!

The cold weather has arrived and women of a certain age are cheering. Turtlenecks, according to Harper’s Bazaar Australia, are ”in” this season and, as for every winter, they are a godsend because they cover up the turtle necks of 40-plus ladies. The tedious truth is that the necks and decolletage become pretty rough. For years they’ve been sun-exposed and overlooked and then one day we wake up and they’ve aged before our faces have. Before our very eyes. Young women take heed and read on. The neck becomes a giveaway that neither Botox nor surgery can remedy.

Women are mostly concerned with the face so their skin care regime stops there. Neck, decolletage and the hands often betray a person’s true age but is covering them up the answer? Necks seem to shorten with age as the chin line becomes heavier. A woman basically loses her long and, if so blessed, swanlike neck, becoming a squat head on shoulders, like a child’s drawing. Polonecks and high oriental collars can make it seem as if there’s no neck at all. The most flattering necklines to women no longer in the blush of youth are those that stay away from the neck. What the neck needs is some proper attention and skincare.

‘Prevention is better than cure, so it is wise to start at the same time as the general skincare regime. Once the signs of premature ageing of the neck and decolletage have set in, they are extremely hard to treat. Signs of premature ageing on the neck are loose skin (turkey neck), lines and sagging skin. Unless the decolletage is protected it will show the common signs of sun damage – the V-shape of skin discolouration, redness and freckles.

Neck Treats at Porcelain, The Face Spa

Age-Defying Neck & Decollete Treatment

The Neck & Décolleté is designed to refine it’s skin tone and texture, lighten necklines, skin tone, age spots and pigmentation and at the same time hydrates the skin to reverse signs of aging. Fully customized by our skilled therapist (Customization starts from a wide range of ampoules and serums, equipment and mask), experience the difference of your neck’s skin clarity in one session!

Cosmopolitan Facial – OxyRevive (Neck)

This treatment incorporates the physics of the high velocity jet stream targeted at a point-size area of your skin to achieve the functions of dermabrasion. Using Sodium Chloride, a saline solution closer to the pH of the skin, as a mediu, this treatment ensures skin is well hydrated and pumped with Oxygen while we remove congested pores and dead skin cells. This treatment is suitable for acne lesions, cell regeneration, wrinkles, removal of dead skin and skin moisturizing effect. It has immediate results with no down time.

3Deep™ Radio Frequency

Radio Frequency (RF) energy treatment is a new and promising technology for non-surgical tightening of the early signs of loose or sagging skin. It heats up the subcutaneous fat beneath the face skin so that it ruses up to the skin surface. The heat generated in the subcutaneous fat is transferred back to the surface collagen layer in the skin, which then immediately contracts for an immediate skin lift.

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