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Foundation of Skin Care: Must-knows of Moisturizing in Singapore

Foundation of Skin Care: Must-knows of Moisturizing in Singapore

There is more than meets the eye when it comes to moisturizing. On this hot and humid island, coating your face mindlessly with products can often worsen your skin condition rather than improve it. Read on and let us bring you the top tips of moisturizing.

In Singapore’s tropical climate, it is important for your moisturizer to be non-comedogenic. This means that products should not clog your pores. The detestable tiny whiteheads and blackheads that make your skin appear bumpy, stem from congested pores. With the build-up of sebum, the skin becomes prone to breakouts. Therefore, look out for oil-free, lightweight products and stay clear from thick and overly rich creams. The product should feel light on the skin, not layered, to allow the skin to breathe throughout the day.

Skin type also plays a role when it comes to choosing the right product. Here’s a summary of what products to use for the different skin types.

  • Oily skin
    • Do not leave out moisturizers as it can cause excess sebum production to make up for the lack of hydration
    • Pick products with watery or light textures e.g. serums, gels, lotions that can deliver deep hydration while keeping your skin comfortably clean
  • Combination Skin
    • Moisturize dry areas twice and oily areas once a day
    • Separate formulas for the skin recommended – Lightweight formulas for the T-zone and rich formulas for cheek.
    • If only one formula is used, balance your skin with Witch Hazel and soothe it with Aloe Extract
  • Dry Skin
    • While cleansing and exfoliating strips moisture off your skin, you want a rich moisturizer that hydrates and prevents further moisture loss
    • Use products with heavier formulas and thicker consistency for moisture retention
  • Sensitive Skin
    • When choosing products, the lesser ingredients the better
    • Avoid products with fragrance, anti-bacterial properties, alcohol, retinols or AHA Acids.

Recently, there has been a sudden surge of skin care terms surfacing such as essence, serums, ampoules, night masks, sleeping packs. Mind blown? Well, don’t be! Generally, the rule of thumb is to apply them in order from lightest to heaviest texture. After each layer of moisturizer, let it sit for a while so that the product sinks into your face.

Porcelain’s Balance, Hydraclear Gel prides itself in being able to combat all aspects of acne reduction, while providing deep hydration and balancing the pH level of the skin. With its light and watery texture, it soothes and cools the skin and leaves no sticky residue behind.

After cleansing, squeeze a quarter-sized dollop onto your clean palms and gingerly pat it on your face. Starting from your T-zone, use your finger tips to gently massage in into your face. Got dry skin? Use it on blemish areas as spot treatment. Don’t neglect your neck area as it is where wrinkles normally show up first! Lastly, finish off by adding some eye cream. (P.S.: Invest in a good eye cream in your 20s and prevent ageing early!)

Read what herworld has to say about this amazing product here.

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