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How to Manage Eczema and Get Healthy Skin

How to Manage Eczema and Get Healthy Skin

Eczema has never been fun to deal with: dry, itchy, red and cracked skin that you’ll do anything to calm down and keep under control. Furthermore, the visuals aspects of eczema (dry, rough and scaly skin) can have a large impact on your self-confidence. To make matters worse, the stress of the current times paired with the need to constantly keep your hands clean and wear as mask has contributed to a rise in flare ups experienced.

While eczema cannot be fully ridded, it’s severity can be managed, and your skin can be restored back to a healthy, supple state.

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What Causes Eczema?

According to the National Eczema Association, eczema is usually caused by a combination of genetics and triggers. Those of us that experience eczema often have an overactive immune system that produces inflammation when it is triggered by a substance inside/outside of the body.

Though the effects of these triggering substances vary between people, some common irritants are:
– Dry skin
– Fragrances & Perfume
– Stress
– Humid & hot climate
– Bacterial infections
– Allergens (pollen, dust, pet dander)
– Hormones

5 Simple Steps to Managing Eczema

Despite the triggers varying amongst people, here are several basic steps you can apply to manage your eczema:

1. Avoid hot showers
2. Avoid scratching
3. Manage your stress levels
4. Keep your skin clean of sweat and dust
5. Hydrate your skin

Using the right skincare also plays a tremendous role. We’re here to share our secret to help you stay on top of your eczema and get the healthy skin you deserve.

Building Stronger, Resilient Skin

Eczema often flares up when the skin is exposed to various triggers (internal and external). While internal triggers (stress and hormones) are slightly harder to control and avoid compared to external triggers (fragrances, dry skin, climate, bacteria), the effects of both can be minimized by strengthening the skin’s natural barrier against these substances.

The skin’s natural barrier acts as a shield against triggers and thus minimize the impact of triggers. Its strength comes from your skin’s pH balance. If you’re not sure what skin pH is, head over to this article where we explain the basics of skin pH. Eczema skin’s pH imbalance often comes from an under-production of sebum and lack of hydration. Sebum (which is the oil your skin produces) is your skin’s way of retaining moisture and hydration, a lack of it causes your skin to experience a lot of hydration and moisture loss. 

Thus, it is vital to rebalance your skin in order to minimize the effects of triggers.

Treating Eczema skin with Intensive HA+ Hydrating Serum

As we mentioned, eczema skin’s imbalance lies in an under-production of sebum and lack of hydration. Thus, managing it requires replenishing the skin with hydration and sealing it in.

Made with a blend of natural ingredients to develop four unique complexes, the award-winning HA+ Hydrating Serum actively works to repair skin, reduce sensitivity and redness and deeply hydrate the skin. It’s lightweight texture and fast absorbing nature make it comfortable to apply, leaving no sticky feeling afterwards.

Credit: Nichole Tin

Blend #1: Sensitive Complex

Aloe Vera Extract and Cucumber Extract lend their anti-inflammatory properties to help soothe skin while stimulating it to repair. Elderflower Extract contains potent antioxidants (Vitamin A & C) to soothe and condition the skin – especially effective after the skin has experienced trauma caused by triggers.

Blend #2: Anti-Bacterial & Anti-Acne Blend

Lactobacillus Ferment, also known as Probiotics, aid in counteracting bacteria on skin to minimise the irritation and inflammation it causes to the skin. Additionally, this helps to reduce the number of breakouts caused by acne bacteria.

Blend #3: Anti-Aging Complex

Though this blend was created to aid in minimising signs of aging, the ingredients fueling this blend are beneficial to managing eczema. Ingredients like Wakame Extract help prevent cell degeneration, repair skin and reduce redness. Paired with Glycosaminoglycans to help maintain the collagen and elastin structures your skin needs to remain supple. Restore resilience to your skin while laying the foundations for a slower aging process.

Blend #4: Deep Moisture Complex

Earlier on, we mentioned that dry skin is a common trigger for eczema and an easy way to manage that would be to hydrate the skin. Thus, this last blend was created with the sole purpose of imbuing the skin with hydration and moisture. A dual-chained Hyaluronic Acid coupled with four hydrating ingredients (Butylene Glycol, Propylene Glycol, Polyquarternium-5, and Glycerin) helps to hydrate the skin from deep within, keep the surface of skin moisturised and seal it all in.

Combined, these ingredients and 4 blends work to comfort the skin while strengthening it from within, increasing its resilience against irritants.

How Do I Use It?

The HA+ Hydrating Serum is not only multifunctional in its blends but also in its application. To enjoy maximum effectiveness, apply three to four drops of the serum to cleansed skin and spread evenly. Boost the effectiveness of other products by mixing in several drops of the serum. We recommend mixing the HA+ Hydrating Serum with our Botanical Soothing Gel (a lightweight moisturiser formulated to strengthen and rebalance dry and sensitive skin). Lastly, the serum can also be applied to hands or other parts of the body experiencing eczema or signs of sensitivity.

Don’t just take it from us, check out these reviews from clients that experienced eczema!

“If y’all watched some of my empties videos I did in the past, you’d be familiar with the Porcelain HA+ Hydrating Serum! I love it for its efficacy, on my dry and eczema skin, this soothes, hydrates, plumps and gets rid of dry flakes.”

Mong Chin, YouTuber & Content Creator

“I’ve said this across a few other pages for other products because dehydration is the bane of my existence. I got the chance to try this new product from Porcelain and since using it, the fine lines (from dehydration, not age) on my forehead seem to have lightened. I used to have this stubborn eczema patch above my lip which pops up a few times a month but come to think of it — it hasn’t surfaced in a while…. Kudos to this, I’m pretty sure.”

Kelly Roxanne, Customer of Porcelain

“HA+ Hydrating Serum and Natural Skin Refiner are my absolute favourites from Porcelain for my eczema prone sensitive skin. I’ve tried them for about 1-2 months now and it helps with my acne and spots so so well.”

Trixie Khong, Founder of By Invite Only

Start conquering your eczema today and treat your skin to the ultimate multifunctional serum!

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