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Love For Family, Career & Self

Love For Family, Career & Self

Although plenty of headway needs to be made in the realm of supporting and celebrating women’s accomplishments, great strides have already been taken in comparison to the past. Regrettably, one group of women have consistently remained unlauded – mothers. The choice to be a mother is not an easy one to make and to be deemed as a successful one often entails facing the brute end of unreasonable expectations. Furthermore, to be a working mother in today’s context adds another layer of challenge that many attempt to conquer.  

In our final installment of our #PorcelainWomen series, we want to pay tribute to these working mothers to understand what it truly means to succeed in maintaining the ever-changing balance between work and family. We spoke with a mother of two who successfully found this balance between raising her family and staying up to date in her work – modern-mum, Leanne (@loveforskincare on Instagram). 

As her Instagram handle indicates, Leanne is a fanatic of skincare – seeing it as a vital form of self-love. This perspective of skincare led her to discover Porcelain and remain partial to the brand. We caught up with the modern mum to understand how she harmonised her love for family, career and self!

Q: Many modern mums often find themselves struggling to balance work and family. How did you manage? 

The process of finding balance has been the most challenging yet fulfilling. When the kids were younger, I had help from my parents and parent in-laws. Evidently, this helped me a lot in the early years of parenting. Moreover, I find that in parenting, effective communication between spouses takes centerstage. Plus, a weekly date night always helped our relationship stay healthy and happy. Apart from that, I always find time to practice a lot of self-love. I mainly practice these five mantras.  

(1) Protect your HQ: keep your mind and body healthy and nourished. 

(2) Make Time: make time for people who matter, make time for yourself. Set aside some quiet time to reflect and heal. 

(3) See the world with grace and love: focus on the good, surround yourself with your support system and laugh a lot. 

(4) Forgive yourself: things do get out of control at times, don’t be too hard on yourself. 

(5) Go with the flow: one can never be too sure what the right and wrong choices are. So, go with the flow, make your choice right!

QYour role as an influencer often requires you to stay on-top of the fast-moving social environment. What has it been like for you and how do you manage to stay updated? 

I suppose when you view it more as a hobby, it takes away a lot of stress that comes along with every job. It’s been gratifying and enlightening. Moreover, I am often inspired by colors and visuals, so the job of an influencer allows me to utilise photography to gain perspectives, to pause and live the moment and appreciate our surroundings. That process allows me to feel extremely fulfilled driven – making this job a lot more enjoyable.  

Credits: Leanne (@Loveforskincare)

Aside from this, keeping oneself occupied and doing more of what makes you feel alive is perhaps the best anti-aging secrets.  I didn’t have time to dwell on aging! Lastly, apart from subscribing to social media marketing newsletters, I learn something new every day through interactions with fellow industry friends and professionals at events and press trips. 

 Q: Another difficulty that many modern mums face is developing strong and close relationships with their family and children as their attentions are often shared with work. Any suggestions on how mums can work on strengthening their relations? 

I suppose having family traditions really helps and it’s never too late to set one if you haven’t. We have regular gatherings, celebrations, annual trips with family and friends. It’s a huge support network we share with other families. At home, we advocate respect for each other and emphasize on harmony. It is important to give space, listen well and communicate your thoughts regardless of the position in the family. I find that helping children identify their emotions at a young age is very rewarding. Walk through with them what they could be experiencing, determine the emotion they are feeling and find the cause of it. Looking back, what I was doing with them could be essentially a form of gradual detoxing and relief of emotional build-up instead of avoiding it and having to struggle with bottled-up feelings later. Now that they are in their teens, I’m comforted by their ability and willingness to listen, share and communicate.   

Credits: Icon Magazine

Q: This year’s theme for International Women’s Day is Each for Equal, what does this mean to each of you?  

As the theme suggests, individually, we are all responsible for our own thoughts and actions. Being the only woman in the household, I do my part by raising my boys to understand perspectives and treat women with respect, tenderness and openness.  

I encourage them to share their views on social behaviors, school events, politics, books and games etc openly during family discussions. We end these sessions with our respective takes and a family hug. With each boy, we established our own signal/gesture of love and understanding and agree that in times of arguments when words fail us, we can exercise that (like a nod, a touch on forehead or nose etc). It is a sign of I hear you, and we agree to disagree. I hope they will learn to hold true to these values, respect and tolerance for people always. 

Q: To end us off on a nice note, if you had the ability to go back in time and tell your younger self one thing, what would it be?  

 Thank you. You gave your all. Keep walking and when night falls, we watch the stars twinkle.  

To all our #PorcelainWomen, thank you for being strong, authentic and unwavering in your support. We hope that through this series, you discover your uniqueness and hidden ability to pursue your passions fearlessly.  

💕The Porcelain Family  

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