#MyimPerfection – Freedom in Acceptance

We’re back! After a 5-month long hiatus thanks to the pandemic, we’re finally back with the next instalment of our #MyimPerfection series. This series was created to shed light on the journey everyone goes through when dealing with their insecurities and imperfections. So, what better way to kick start it again with today’s story – one about the freedoms of acceptance.   

Welcome to #MyimPerfection – a collection of real stories, graciously shared by individuals on their path to embracing their true selves, unabashed and unmasked.     


We started off our day at Porcelain Face Spa. Even with a bustling street right outside its doors, Face Spa remained tranquil as ever. Having briefly spoken on a call prior, we were looking forward to experiencing our guest’s bright and refreshing energy in person. A foodie at heart with an affinity for the arts, we sat down with Lionel to unpack his journey to embracing his imperfections. 

What is your imperfection?  

“You can say that I was lucky. Both my parents had good skin, so I didn’t really have many problems until Circuit Breaker last year.” 

Given his parents had passed on their genetics for robust, healthy skin, Lionel never found the need to research or learn more about ways to care for his skin. When it came to skincare, he would always purchase recommended or trending products. Come April 2020, Lionel had gotten his hands on a cleansing brush – a tool he had never used before. Being excited to try it out, he began incorporating it into his cleansing routine until, for the first time, his skin started to show signs of unhappiness.  

“After using it for some time, I realised I started to develop scars on my cheeks. Only after speaking with friends did I learn that it was likely the result of bacteria that had grown on the brush.”  

While he attempted to deal with his new skin affliction, he began to experience issues with his selection of skincare. Having never dealt with this before, Lionel couldn’t quite understand why he started to experience strong stinging sensations from products that had never really given him problems before. To make matters worse, Lionel ignored the stinging sensations and carried on using his products.   

“I was always led to believe that stinging was a normal part of it since products before had always given me this sensation.”  

But not knowing what it truly meant, Lionel continued on with his habit of purchasing skincare based on the reviews and suggestions of others – without understanding his skin’s true needs.   

“I bought the products for the sake of buying products, hoping that they would be the solution to my problems.”  

While the products did provide some results after a few days, the stinging sensation would return to haunt him. As Lionel elaborated on his experiences with various skincare products, he shared an insight that provided a refreshing perspective on how many of us understand skin.  

“I think I was so used to understanding that unhealthy skin is one where there were visible symptoms like pimples and acne scars. But when your skin doesn’t have all these signs, everyone assumes you have great skin – which isn’t always the case.”  

Over time, Lionel’s ego took a hit. As someone that was always camera ready, the scars on his cheeks caused Lionel to gain an over-heightened sense of self-consciousness.   

“I became more self-conscious during photo taking and I wouldn’t readily be in photos.”  

One Step in the Right Direction  

Having never sought after facial treatments before his onset of skin issues, and knowing that the spa industry had a mixed reputation, Lionel relied on the help of those around him. This eventually led to his discovery of Porcelain.   

“While my friends who recommended Porcelain swore by it, I was still quite apprehensive given the reputation that the spa industry has.”  

Though it did put a bump in Lionel’s path to investing in his skin, he concluded that if he did not take the leap of faith, he would need to accept that his skin would not get better.   

During his first visit, Lionel experienced the Skin Discovery Analysis, where he was shocked to learn that his skin was dry.  

“For me, I can only imagine dry skin as skin that’s white and flaking off. But since my face wasn’t anything like that, I was quite surprised by the results.”  

Determined to invest in his skin, Lionel began his Porcelain journey. After returning for his second treatment, his therapist Moon was pleasantly surprised that Lionel’s skin had made considerable improvements. Given that he had slowly incorporated more products in his home care, his skin was able to regain its natural glow.   

“As she was commenting on the improvements of my skin, I felt like she was a parent being proud of their child’s achievements and that really motivated me to do more and be better for my skin.”  

For Freedom in Acceptance  

Though the scars are still there, Lionel had come to terms with it, accepting that the skin behaves as a result of our actions- depending on whether we cared for it well or not.   

“When I was dealing with my scars initially, I was feeling very embarrassed by it but I realised it was just my own self-consciousness holding me back since no one around me was pointing it out.”  

Deciding that he was the master of his own confidence, Lionel was determined to show it through his mannerisms and personality, rather than letting his skin take the reins.  

Lionel also shared that he would openly talk about his skin afflictions, commenting that by talking about it, he was actively owning his imperfections and embracing them as part of who he was.   

“I’m now not working towards the skin I once had when I was younger, but I take comfort in knowing that my skin is better now than it was a year ago because of the changes I’ve made in my skincare.”  

A piece of advice for my younger self:  

“Use sunblock. It’s not just for those with fairer skin.”  

And a piece of advice for those experiencing similar imperfections:  

“Accept and embrace your skin issues and know that not every product will work for your skin. It’s always best to speak with friends, do your research and find the right experts to help you understand your skin.”  

Lionel’s Favourites:  

Sun Rescue was one of Lionel first treatments and even after just one session, he fell in love with the results it gave him.    

Without hesitation, Lionel also shared that his favourite products are the Deep Hydrating Lotion and Natural Skin Refiner. Being the first product he added into his skincare regime, the Deep Hydrating Lotion was what introduced Lionel to the benefits of good skincare.   

The Porcelain Difference:  

“The honesty and approachability are what really makes Porcelain different for me. You can have a candid conversation about your skin and trust that the suggestions given to you by therapists are to meet your skin’s needs.”  


We would like to thank Lionel for sharing his journey and showing us the freedom and confidence one can have by embracing their imperfections. We hope it sheds a comforting light on your journey to embracing your own imperfections. Know that your beauty is more than meets the eye and is a result of your unique experiences. We will always be here to journey with you as you embrace them.     

Love, Porcelain.