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Illuminate™ Facial | #GetYourGlowOn

Illuminate™ Facial | #GetYourGlowOn

Illuminate™ Facial | #GetYourGlowOn with PorcelainIlluminate™ facial – Combining Italian-made 2 in 1 Diamond microdermabrasion with Oxygen Therapy and Vinotherapy for the Ultimate Age-Reversing skin resurfacing. Hyperbaric oxygen infusion using a selection from either Deeply Hydrating Damascena Rose Lotion, Ginseng Reviving Tonic or Purifying Witch Hazel Followed with Oxygen-Pulse Lymphatic Drainage massage with Floral Essence Lotion created using the finest Italian florals to send you into the deepest slumber whilst your skin is rid of toxins for a more youthful-looking visage. It’s finished with the finest mask, the Hydrocare pH balancing bio-cellulose mask, each infused with 30ml of concentrated skin serum.

Oxygen at high purity degree increases blood supply, improves cellular metabolism and stimulates collagen production by fibroblasts, thus accelerating skin repair processes. The Illuminate™ Facial integrates a Diamond Head handpiece, which allows the removal of the more superficial epidermis layers and a delivery system of hyperbaric oxygen, which mitigates the epidermis damage caused by abrasion.

After which, a mechanical massage will be performed with an elastomeric membrane and also, in this case, combine the treatment with oxygen emission. Illuminate™ also has a dedicated dispenser that allows carrying topical substances and active ingredients deep down through the oxygen.


1. Double Cleansing
2. Oxy-Diamond Microdermabrasion for gentle skin resurfacing
3. Hyperbaric Oxygen infusion with 1 of 3 premium tonic/lotions
4. Vinotherapy using Grape Wine Peel for deeper skin exfoliation (The peel might be switched out for certain skin types)
5. OxyPulse Massage for Lymphatic Drainage, using Floral Essence Cream
6. Premium Hydrocare Bio-Cellulose Mask

Immediate Benefits:

1. Skin Brightening
2. Pore Reducing and Reduce Blackheads
3. Baby smooth skin
4. Hydrating
5. Younger looking skin
6. Sharper, V-shape visage
7. Evens skin tone
8. Reduces water retention/puffiness

Long-Term Benefits:

1. Anti-Oxidation
2. Anti-ageing
3. More flawless complexion
4. Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
5. Reduce skin congestion and dead skin cell buildup
6. Smooth and Bright skin tone

Other #GetYourGlowOn-worthy treatments to consider:; Cryotherapy; Arctic ToneTM; ProionicTM

Other #GetYourGlowOn-worthy treatments to consider: BeespokeTM Honey Facial; Cryotherapy; Arctic ToneTM; ProionicTM


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