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Porcelain Aesthetics Closure

With the closing of every chapter, we write new ones. We have exciting plans lined up for the rest of the year, designed and planned with you – our dear client, in mind.  

Skin Hacks

How to Take Care of Your Skin at Different Ages

Your skin is ever changing, do you know how to take care of it?

Breaking It Down

Are Facials Really Vital for Healthy Skin?

We often get asked: “Are facials really necessary for me to achieve healthy skin?”


Your Cleansing Intervention.

Cleansing is something that’s always been a part of everyone’s skincare routine – if it’s missing in yours, consider this your intervention.


Customisation at the Core of Porcelain

The one thing in common across all our Christmas Gift Sets and Guides is customisation. A perplexing concept for the holidays, but a strong tenant of Porcelain’s rhetoric and approach. Founder, Pauline Ng, spends some time deconstructing the theme for this holiday and shares some anecdotes on the development process at Porcelain.