#PorcelainWomen 2020

Love For Family, Career & Self

In our final installment of our #PorcelainWomen series, we pay homage to the most under-rated group of women – mothers!

#PorcelainWomen 2020

The Unconventional Ride

In the second installment of our #PorcelainWomen series, we spoke to Sally Shum, Co-Founder of Boutique Fitness space, Axiom, about her Unconventional Ride to success.

#PorcelainWomen 2020

Trials & Tribulations of Skincare

In our first installment of #PorcelainWomen, we spoke to our founder – Pauline Ng- to discover the trials & tribulations of setting up a successful skincare brand.

Insider News

Porcelain Aesthetics Closure

With the closing of every chapter, we write new ones. We have exciting plans lined up for the rest of the year, designed and planned with you – our dear client, in mind.  

Skin Hacks

How to Take Care of Your Skin at Different Ages

Your skin is ever changing, do you know how to take care of it?