Skincare Tips For Every Stage of Motherhood

Change is a constant when you are a mother. A new mom’s sleep schedule is ever-changing. A mom with toddlers is changing her energy levels to keep up with their energetic lifestyle. A mature mom changes their mindset to be more open to the latest trends to stay relevant with the kids.  

While every mum embarks on a different journey, there is one thing in common all moms experience – changes in their skin. Though this is known, not many mothers are able to tide through their skin changes with grace and poise.  

But don’t worry, we’re here to share our skincare secrets that every mom needs.

Credit: Daria Shevtsova

For New Moms: 

Congratulations on your adorable ball of sunshine! You’ve done well in taking care of your body to ensure your child emerges healthy & happy. But now that your baby is out, take some time to focus on you. New moms experience the greatest amount of change in their skin due to the constant fluctuation of their hormones. This can bring about skin issues like breakouts and bouts of sensitivity on the skin. While these issues will never truly disappear until your hormones are back in balance (or until you catch a restful sleep), here is a tip to minimise their severity. 

Rebalance your Skin pH: 

Your skin’s pH is a balance between the moisture and oil content of your skin. When it is unbalanced, it can weaken your skin’s natural barrier making it more prone to breakouts and sensitivity.  

Here are some tell-tale signs of an unbalanced skin pH: 
– Oilier Skin 
– Dry Skin 
– Increased Frequency of Breakouts 
– Increased Sensitivity 

While J.R.R Tolkein famously wrote “One Ring to Rule Them All” in his Lord of The Rings novel, we say “One Serum to Balance it All”. With the Sebum Control Essence and its unique balancing formula comprised of Sodium Hyaluronate, Horse Chestnut & Tea Tree Extract, experience deeply hydrated, rejuvenated and calm skin. 

For Busy Moms: 

Your kids have grown beyond their infancy and are now energetic toddlers running circles around you. While your selfcare & skincare are still important to you, you barely have the spare time to lounge around applying your 10 step skincare routines. Moreover, it is important to remember that at this stage, your skin has started to show signs of aging. 

Credits: Kevin Octa 

Though it isn’t the end of the world, you would certainly need to pay more attention to your skincare routine to ensure that it works hard for your skin as you work hard for your child. Thus, here’s our tip. 

Make multi-tasking products a staple in your routine.  

Considering the hectic schedule your toddlers would have, find products with multiple key ingredients that aid in tackling several skincare concerns. These products are not only more effective, but they also allow you to get your skincare done in a jiffy. Another thing to note is that it is imperative that your products do their best to slow down the signs of aging and give you plump, glowing skin just like your toddler!

Consider a tinted sunscreen your new ally! With all the time you spend chasing your child under the sun, sunscreen is an essential against pre-mature aging.

The Skin Perfecting Moisturiser keeps the skin hydrated and made-up in an instant! It is loaded with antioxidants like Vitamin E that help to slow down the signs of aging. Antarticine, another key active ingredient, helps to promote the production of collagen and elastin.  

For “Can Time Speed Up Now?” Moms: 

Most moms would admit that when their child reaches the young adult stage, they wish they could go back to the “good old days” when their child was a chubby baby. Some moms may even dread the teen years as they are notorious for being some of the roughest times for both mom and child. But what many moms fail to see is that this is a wonderful time to bond with your child. As a mom, you are your child’s best friend (even though they may not say it). While they mature and start down their path of self-discovery, join them and discover it alongside them – we promise it will be a fruitful journey.  

Credits: Albert Rafael 

Thus, here’s our tip for all our “Can Time Speed Up Now?” Moms: 

Though you are your child’s best friend, remember that CryoZap is yours.  

Let’s be honest, at a certain point, you would notice that your skin is no longer what it used to be, and you’d wish you could turn back time to the good ol’ skin days. Though we may not have a time machine, we do have a treatment that can give you the same results! 

With over 1000 combinations, treat yourself to the CryoZap – a fully customised facial that can aid in lightening pigmentation, lifting the skin, stimulating collagen and giving you that youthful, radiant glow all in one go.  Plus, it doubles as a soothing mask whenever your skin is feeling irritated or inflamed – perfect for your teen’s hormonal breakouts! Plus, this treatment is so customisable it can even fit your child’s acne-prone skin!

For Moms of the Bride/Groom: 

The kids have all grown up and started families on their own and you’re no longer used to the silence of an empty nest. But all is not dull and drab once you’ve hit this stage of motherhood! Take the time to reward yourself for all the years you’ve spent placing others before yourself. While your skin may not be what it was 30 years ago, there are still ways to age gracefully. 

Credits: Anna Shvets 

At this point, you may be thinking of investing in a luxurious skincare routine. While we do encourage that, do keep in mind that they may not be as effective at repairing your skin to facilitate a graceful aging process.  

This is not to say that the products are inherently less useful but rather the repair work your skin requires to return to its glory days requires stimulation that only medical-grade equipment can provide.  

A treatment like Proionic stimulate your collagen and elastin production and facial muscles for lifted, supple and radiant skin.  This treatment makes use of a unique-patented long wave radio frequency to generate heat and ion-balancing technologies to boost skin cell health and collagen and elastin production.

Plus, isn’t a spa day the most relaxing way to bond before the wedding? We think so! 


While motherhood is a challenging process, it has been shown to be endlessly rewarding. We hope that these secrets helped in making your path of motherhood a little easier.