“Joy is a decision, a really brave one, about how you are going to respond to life.” 

Wess Stafford.   

There is plenty of joy to be found in the journey to embracing one’s imperfections though few often see it: accepting our bumpy roads and missteps as invaluable learning experiences that pave the way for future greatness.     

Welcome to #MyimPerfection – a collection of real stories graciously shared by individuals on their path to embracing their true selves, unabashed and unmasked. 

This month, we listened in to what seemed like a familiar story – a battle with acne- but what lay underneath was a story of perseverance littered with the rare choice of joy. 


The gloomy weather that afternoon had set the mood for a calm, mild and cosy conversation. This was quickly turned on its head when Esther arrived at Porcelain Origins. As she greeted the team around her, her beaming smile and chirpy tone instantly lifted the mood and put everyone at ease. Melodic laughter and lively conversation filled the spa as Esther got ready with our makeup artist. Her warm aura and infallible smile made it impossible to detect the true nature of her journey to embracing her imperfections. 

What is your imperfection? 

“I’ve been battling acne for a very long time and it really affected me. Subconsciously, when you have acne, you just don’t feel as comfortable. You wonder what others think of you: if they’re judging you or staring at your acne.”  

At the beginning of her skin journey, Esther’s skin knowledge was limited much like everyone else. This led her to rely heavily on the recommendations of her family and friends.  

“When I was younger, my friends would always point out what products had worked for them and seeing their flawless skin convinced me to try them out.”  

While trying and testing the wide variety of suggested solutions, Esther went for facials which begun to stabilise her condition. When her skin had finally gotten better, her acne reared its head again when she left for university overseas. The sudden reappearance had left Esther confused as she attempted to decipher the causes of this outbreak.   

“I wasn’t sure what the reason was and it came to a point where I decided to go to a doctor to get help.”  

Through her doctor, Esther was prescribed anti-biotics which had a positive effect on her skin. But she soon realised that it was not a long term solution as her acne resurfaced the moment her prescription was completed.   

Once more, Esther looked to her friends for help. Amongst the many mismatched recommendations and wasted, incompatible products, 2 had left their mark on her. While overseas, Esther was sold on a trending clay mask that was gaining traction for its ability to deeply remove oils and congestion. Though she had not realised it then, the mask had over-exfoliated her skin, causing it to become sensitive. Believing in her friends’ advocacy of the product, Esther continued to give it a go in hopes that it would alleviate her growing list of issues.   

“It took me a while to actually realise that the product was making things worse and I don’t think I would ever want to touch it again.”  

The second was laser treatments. In 2017, Esther decided to laser treatments a try, once more with the endorsement of her friends. Though she was apprehensive about the invasive nature of the procedure, she decided to go along with it as her friends’ saw good results from their experiences. 

Though her initial instincts were correct, she carried on with the treatments only for her skin to increase in sensitivity, to the point where a simple cleanse would cause spots to flare up.   

Finally, a recommendation that worked… 

Even though her skin journey thus far had been littered with ineffective solutions, Esther still chose to continue her search for the right solution that would one day provide her with the joys of healthy skin. 

After completing her university studies overseas, Esther returned home to hear the final recommendation that would change her skin for years to come.   

“I was introduced to Porcelain by my brother.”  

During his time in SMU, Esther’s brother had been involved in a competition in which Porcelain was a participating brand. Through that experience, he found out about Porcelain’s approach and decided to recommend it to Esther who was searching for an effective remedy. Given that she had yet to find the skincare solution that worked for her, Esther decided to give Porcelain a shot.  

“Though I was with Porcelain for a few months, I saw improvements in my skin. Even my friends and colleagues around me said I looked and felt more confident.”   

Even when she went overseas for an extended time or experienced maskne in recent times, Esther was able to restabilise her skin and enjoy the confidence that healthy skin brought.  

Despite the roller coaster ride of trial and error that would have stumped many, Esther chose to face them with a smile in hopes that one day, she would soak in the joys of having healthy skin.   

A piece of advice for my younger self: 

“Don’t just jump into any skincare products without properly understanding your skin and educating yourself on skincare.” 

Esther’s Favourites: 

“I recently tried Illuminate and really enjoy that treatment.” Much like Cellin & Mei Ying, Esther’s journey with Porcelain started with the Quintessential and OxyRevive but as her skin improved and progressed beyond acne, she ventured out to give different facials a try. 

Hydro Cleanser and Glycolic Toner are my staples. I began using Hydro Cleanser when I started my journey at Porcelain and I have not switched it since then. The Glycolic Toner always leaves my skin feeling refreshed. Plus, it helps with exfoliating your skin without making it feel too dry.” 

The Porcelain Difference: 

“It’s definitely the effectiveness. That is something that I personally stand by because it’s proven itself over the years for me.” 


We would like to thank Esther for sharing her magnetic personality and refreshingly cheer. We hope it sheds a comforting light on your journey to embracing your own imperfections. Know that your beauty is more than meets the eye and is a result of your unique experiences. We will always be here to journey with you as you embrace them.   


Embracing one’s imperfections has never been an effortless journey. For most, it is a lonely, unlit path filled with dead ends and booby traps. Though intimidating, we often find comfort in the experiences of others knowing they emerged stronger than ever.   

Welcome to #MyimPerfection – a collection of real stories, graciously shared by individuals on their path to embracing their true selves, unabashed and unmasked.  

This month, we found ourselves listening in to a familiar story: a struggle to find confidence and self-acceptance in the face of acne. 

We met up with Mei Ying, a poised 32-year-old, in bustling Porcelain Origins. To our surprise, she came in with a bare face, skin flawless and dewy fresh – a sight we were not expecting given the session was about imperfections! After settling down and having her natural features enhanced with a touch of makeup, we sat down to hear her journey to embracing her imperfections. 

What is your imperfection? 

Candidly, Mei Ying revealed that acne was her imperfection, something we would have never guessed given the healthy radiance her skin was emitting.   

“During my teenage years, I had really bad acne – like huge red bumps. With my acne journey starting out a lot earlier than the rest of my peers which caused me to develop a sense of inferiority.”  

To manage her acne, Mei Ying sought help from her family, turning to her mother and elder brother (who experienced the same issues) for advice.   

With her mother having little knowledge in skincare and scepticism towards facial treatments, there was little she could offer Mei Ying. Thus, she looked to her brother who recommended using the drug store staple Oxy Cream (a familiar solution to those of us who have struggled with acne) as that had worked for him.   

“It was a good solution back then because it helped to dry the acne up. But t it left me with scars.”  

As time passed, the Oxy Cream lost its effectiveness, causing her acne to reemerge. Yearning to rid herself of it quickly, Mei Ying started incorporating a deluge of solutions she believed would work. From copying her mum’s use of Hazeline Snow Cream, washing her face 3 to 4 times a day to remove the oily sheen, to picking and popping her own acne.   

The result? Mei Ying developed dry skin and uneven skin tone (thanks to the whitening properties of Hazeline Snow Cream), all in addition to her acne.   

“To summarise, this part of my journey with acne was all about trying every single product I came across in hopes that it would free me of my acne.” 

And this was only the beginning… 

“In university, I started to experiment with makeup. However, I did not know the proper ways to remove it, causing my existing acne to worsen alongside the development of many small bumps across my face.”  

But after all this time of dealing with her acne alone, Mei Ying finally got the help she needed – from her aunt! Given that her aunt was well versed in the realm of skincare, she brought Mei Ying along to visit a dermatologist – paying for her consultation as well as product prescription. For a while, the products worked, leaving Mei Ying with the skin that she always wanted. But as the products ran out and having little financial capability as a student to support her visits to the dermatologist, her acne started to crawl back into her life.   

“The thought of going to a facial place to treat my skin came to mind. So I started to look for affordable facials and found Porcelain. Perhaps it was just fate, but I decided to check it out.”  

Back in the early 2010s, where Porcelain Extraction facial trials were  conducted by Director Aesthetician Jenny, Mei Ying decided to give Porcelain a try. The 2-to-3-hour session was a painful one Mei Ying recalls, noting that she teared up quite a bit. Despite the ordeal and having left with a face covered in red spots from the deep extractions, Mei Ying noticed that her skin smoothened out significantly and looked better a few days after the redness subsided.  

As she was still schooling at the time, her finances restricted her from regular visits with Porcelain. Thus, she continued her search for affordable alternatives, with each never truly providing the long-lasting results she sought after.   

“After I found a job and started receiving a stable income in 2013, I decided to return to Porcelain and ever since then, I have only witnessed improvements in my skin!” 

A piece of advice for my younger self… 

“I should not have succumbed to make up to conceal my imperfections. Instead, to understand the causes of my acne and have a solid skincare routine.” 

Mei Ying’s Favourites: 

“Quintessential and Cryotherapy are my favourites!”

Though Quintessential is a staple in Mei Ying’s regimes, Cryotherapy captured her heart. Witnessing immediate brightening and reduction in pores.  

“For products, I cannot live without Hydraclear Gel. Whenever I feel an impending pimple, I always apply it  to prevent its  growth.”

The Porcelain Difference: 

“One thing that I love about Porcelain is the fact that there is no hard-selling. It made me comfortable with coming back. Plus, the therapists are very well-educated about the products and are happy to share that knowledge.” 


We would like to thank Mei Ying for being so gracious in sharing her story. We hope that it sheds a comforting light on your journey to embracing your own imperfections. Know that your beauty is a result of your unique experiences, and we will always be here to journey with you as you embrace them. 

Love, Porcelain. 


Not all acne is created equal. While each bump may feel and seem the same, each can be caused by a different combination of factors. Join us as we discover the causes of each form of acne and how to manage them at the root. 

Credit: Cottonbro 

Different Types of Acne: 

Much like skin, there are numerous forms of acne, each created through a different combination of factors. Though it may be unnerving to discover that there is more than one form of pesky blemish, they are often quite manageable (or can become manageable) once the root of the issue has been identified.  

There are three common causes of acne: 

1. Genetics 

Your genetics are the blueprint for your body. Based on genetics, you can be predisposed to having oilier skin (which contributes to acne) or be more prone to acne formation. Although genetics cannot be altered, a lot can be done to ensure your skin remains resilient to minimise the severity and frequency of breakouts.   

2. Sebum Build-Up & Dead Skin Cells 

The two core “ingredients” that form congestion. Without proper and regular exfoliation, dead skin cells prevent sebum produced within the pore to emerge and keep the skin moisturised. Over time, this causes sebum to build-up within the pore. Additionally, with dead skin cells covering pores, it creates the perfect environment for p.acne bacteria to breed, causing inflammation.   

3. Hormone Fluctuations 

Hormone fluctuations cause the body to produce androgens that stimulate the over-production of sebum. With sebum build-up being one of the core factors for congestion, acne can form as a result. 

Without further ado, let’s look at each form of acne, it’s root causes and our solution to managing them. 

Non-Inflammatory Types: 

1. Whiteheads & Blackheads 

Caused by: Accumulation of dead skin cells & sebum build-up 

Whiteheads are easily identified by their white centres – a mix of accumulated dead skin cells and sebum build-up. This congestion resides under a layer of skin, allowing it to retain its white-ish appearance.  

Contrariwise, congestion found in blackheads does not reside underneath a layer of skin. Instead, it is exposed to air, causing it to oxidise and darken. 

Solution: Regular exfoliation and pH rebalancing 

Whiteheads and blackheads are simple to manage. Regular exfoliation with non-abrasive exfoliators paired with products that regulate sebum production and hydrate the skin can reduce their occurrence. This method of balancing sebum production and hydrating the skin is known as rebalancing the skin’s pH. However, this example applies to oily skin types only. Find out more about how to rebalance your specific skin type’s pH.

Scheduling regular decongesting facials would also help remove congestion  – particularly blackheads as they can cause the skin to appear dull. 

Our Recommendation: Natural Skin RefinerGlycolic TonerSebum Control Essence & OxyRevive Facial 

For a gentle yet effective exfoliation, give our Natural Skin Refiner and Glycolic Toner a shot! Each packed with skin-loving ingredients to exfoliate and nourish the skin. To rebalance the skin pH (in this case, for oily skin), the Sebum Control Essence works to regulate sebum production and deeply hydrating the skin.   

Furthermore, scheduling regular facials like the OxyRevive can clear the pores of their congestion and leave your skin feeling healthier.   

The OxyRevive Facial utilises a gentle yet intensive high-velocity OxyJet to cleanse, remove dead skin and loosen clogged impurities. Paired with hyperbaric oxygen infusion therapy to pump essential nutrients into the skin to revive radiance in the skin. 

Credit: Polina Tankilevitch 

Inflammatory Types: 

1. Papules & Pustules  

Caused by: Accumulation of dead skin cells, sebum build-up & over-growth bacteria 

Papules are red bumps with no visible head while pustules have a visible pus head. These form because of p.acne bacteria over-growth. Congested pore provides the perfect environment for the naturally present bacteria to breed, causing infection and inflammation.  

When this occurs, the body deploys white blood cells to fight the infection, creating pus (a combination of sebum, dead skin cells and bacteria) that fills the pore and creates a bump. 

Solution: Decongesting facials and anti-bacterial homecare 

One of the best ways to counter p.acne bacteria would be to extract the congestion. Removing the congestion quickly would minimise the possibility of scarring as well (which often results when excessive congestion widens or breaks the pore walls). This is best done with a proper decongesting facial done by an expert. As many considerations go into a thorough extraction, it is ill-advised to attempt it yourself. On top of decongesting facials, a robust homecare routine is required – particularly one that has anti-bacterial benefits to counter p.acne bacteria. 

Our Recommendation: Daily Cleansing GelHydraclear Gel & Quintessential Facial 

Extractions are a great way to manage papules and pustules. But the award-winning Quintessential Facial is more than that – it combines medical-grade technology with craftsmanship to deliver the ultimate deep cleansing experience.  

While not a complete home care routine, the Daily Cleansing Gel and Hydraclear Gel form the cornerstones of an effective regime against further bacterial infection and inflammation. Bladderwrack Extract, Matricaria Flower Extract and Carica Papaya in the Daily Cleansing Gel work to soothe, lend its anti-bacterial properties and slough away dead skin cells.   

Paired with the Hydraclear Gel – packed with Witch Hazel Extract and Lemon Fruit Extract that contains potent anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties – to restore the skin to a healthier state.   

2. Nodular Acne 

Caused by: Dead skin cells, sebum build-up, over-growth of bacteria & deep infections 

Like pustules and papules, nodular acne is a result of p.acne bacteria over-growth. The main difference is that nodular acne occurs at a deeper layer of skin, causing the bump to have no visible pus head and be hard to the touch. Nodular acne also remains in the skin for longer compared to blackheads or pustules. 

Solution: Robust homecare & decongesting facials 

With nodular acne being harder to manage, more is required in terms of skincare solutions. For homecare, products with potent anti-inflammatory and healing properties would greatly help.   

In addition to home care, regular treatments can aid in managing nodular acne as they often deploy technology that penetrates the skin deeply to deal with the issue.   

Our Recommendation: HA+ Hydrating SerumBotanical Sensitive Care Toner & ZitZap Facial 

The HA+ Hydrating Serum is a multi-faceted concoction, with 4 unique blends to manage nodular acne. Cucumber Extract lends it reparative and anti-inflammatory qualities while Probiotics work to rebalance the bacteria on the skin, minimising over-growth of p.acne bacteria.  

Botanical Sensitive Care Toner and its reparative blend of medicinal herbs like Korean Mint and Honeysuckle Flower Extract soothes redness and inhibits bacteria growth.  

Treatments like ZitZap utilise medical-grade IPL to penetrate the skin deeply, effectively reducing inflammation and eliminating p.acne bacteria. This stops nodular acne from worsening and allows the body to naturally remove the congestion.   

3. Cystic Acne 

Caused by: Dead skin cells, sebum build-up, over-growth of bacteria & deep infections 

Often confused with nodular acne, cystic acne is the most severe form of acne. However, with time, patience and the right skincare solutions, it can be managed. Cystic acne develops deep within the skin. However, its severe infection generates a lot of pus, making it softer compared to nodular acne. It also has a visible pus head, unlike nodular acne.   

Our Solution: Combat bacterial growth and remove congestion 

Cystic acne often results in acne scarring as the volume of congestion breaks pore walls. To minimise the severity of scars, reduce the proliferation of p.acne bacteria with anti-bacterial homecare and extract congestion as soon as possible. 

Our Recommendation: Hydraclear GelZitZap & Quintessential Facial 

An essential for cystic acne, the Hydraclear Gel combats bacterial growth, reduces inflammation, hydrates, and regulates sebum & skin pH levels. This aids in diminishing p.acne bacterial, calming cystic acne and slowing down their occurrence as well. 

The mighty duo of ZitZap and Quintessential works quickly to minimise the damage of cystic acne. ZitZap uses medical-grade IPL to reduce inflammation and eliminate p.acne bacteria while the Quintessential utilises craftsmanship to remove the congestion with precision.   

Credit: Polina Tankilevitch 

4. Hormonal Acne 

Caused by: Hormone fluctuations 

Hormone fluctuations typically experienced by teenagers and women experiencing menstruation, menopause or pregnancy. Hormone fluctuations cause increased sebum production and p.acne bacteria propagation. Hormonal acne can come in all forms – papules, pustules and even cystic acne – depending on the severity of the infection.   

Solution: Identify your acne 

The best solution is derived once the type of acne has been identified. 

Balancing the skin’s pH levels also works to reduce the severity of hormonal acne. Plus, it allows the skin to have greater resilience against p.acne bacteria over-growth, irritants and sebum overproduction.   

Our Recommendation: Click here to find out more about how to rebalance your specific skin pH! 

5. Maskne 

Caused by: Heat, sweat, friction & over-growth of bacteria 

The latest form of acne to emerge, Maskne is acne caused by prolonged hours spent wearing a mask. The heat encapsulated within the mask triggers the skin to produce more sebum and sweat that congest pores. Furthermore, friction from the mask damages the skin’s outer protective layer, making it prone to bacterial infections. Plus, with reusable cloth masks quickly replacing disposable ones, bacteria caught in the fabric is in contact with the face until the mask is washed or replaced. This introduces more bacteria to the skin, causing inflammation, irritation and sensitivity.   

Solution: Anti-bacterial & anti-inflammatory homecare 

With a majority of maskne’s issues being caused by bacteria, anti-bacterial home care is vital. Additionally, with the irritation that the mask causes to the skin, anti-inflammatory products are also required to help calm the skin and aid in its repair.  

Our Recommendation: Skin Protecting Sanitiser & Aloe Recovery Gel 

Designed to combat Maskne without stripping the skin of its natural moisture, the Skin Protecting Sanitiser is a plant-based, alcohol-free sanitiser formulated with a combination of Eucalyptus, Tea-tree and 200ppm Hypochlorous Acid clinically proven for its effective antiviral properties. The perfect homecare that you can bring along to manage your maskne! 

Specially formulated with pure aloe extracts, the Aloe Recovery Gel provides intense hydration to heal dry and stressed skin. It works to repair skin and increase its resilience overtime.  


Acne is a very personal matter and should be dealt with the utmost care and personalisation. Thus, do note that the above are general recommendations. For a more accurate and tailored solution, we recommend scheduling a Virtual Skin Education session with our Skin Experts who will guide you 1-on-1 to managing your acne.  

Stay patient, resilient and hopeful! 

Ever since their inception, we’ve been glued to our phones. From staying up way too late scrolling social media to not being able to have a meal without a video playing, it’s safe to say that our phones have earned a large (and irreplaceable) spot in our lives. While their presence isn’t an inherently negative thing, our phones can have significant effects on the health of our skin in ways you never knew.

How Does My Phone Affect My Face? 

Apart from filters, your phone can change your face and skin in ways you never knew. Have you ever noticed that one side of your face tends to have more acne/acne-like bumps and is more sensitive than the other side? This is because of the symptom of Phone Face – a form of irritant contact dermatitis and acne mechanica.   

Irritant contact dermatitis is a nonallergic skin reaction where a substance damages your skin’s outer protective layer. Acne mechanica, on the other hand, is often acne caused when the skin is pressed or rubbed. Phone Face arises when we have our phones pressed up and rubbing our skin during calls multiple times a day. This constant contact allows bacteria from your phone to transfer onto your skin, resulting in a weakened natural protective barrier.   

Credit: Karolina Grabowska 

Don’t think that your phone is that dirty? Just imagine – your finger taps all over the phone, it sits screen down on tables, it goes into your pockets or bags. Sometimes it even follows us to the restroom. All the places your phone has been allowing it to accumulate bacteria which inevitably find themselves on your skin.   

How do I Combat Phone Face? 

Avoiding phone calls may seem like the perfect solution (especially for those of us that panic at the sight of a call). However, that’s not enough to keep Phone Face away, so here are two of our most essential tips to help! 

#1: Keep it Clean 

In times of telecommuting, it is quite hard to avoid answering calls. Despite that, what better way to keep Phone Face at bay than to keep your face, phone and workspace clean?   

While it may sound obvious, it can get quite tedious (and potentially dangerous) to have multiple sanitising solutions hanging around your workspace. Plus, hand sanitisers and alcohol-based cleaning solutions can’t double up and be used to sanitise your face. 

Our Recommendation: 

Skin Protecting Sanitiser
This multi-functional sanitiser is not only alcohol-free but utilises a medical-grade sanitising solution that is effective and gentle on skin. Tea Tree Oil and Eucalyptus Oil use their potent antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties to kill bacteria on the skin and soothe acne. You can also spitz it on your phone, desk and surfaces or toss into your bag for when you head out!

#2: Tone it Down 

What if you already have Phone Face? This tip is for you! On top of keeping your phone and space clean, incorporate skincare ingredients that would help the skin fight bacteria and inflammation. These ingredients can include:  

Witch Hazel Extract: for its potent anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Plus, it promotes the healing of broken skin and helps it to create a protective layer. 
Beta- Hydroxy Acids (BHAs): BHAs like Salicylic Acid have strong antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that can penetrate deep into pores to treat acne.  
Chamomile Flower Extract: Chamomile Tea isn’t the only soothing thing you can get from this flower. It aids in relieving inflammation, soothes, moisturises and inhibits the growth of bacteria. 

Our Recommendation:  

Botanical Sensitive Care Toner: 
Tone your skin away from Phone Face! This gentle toner is formulated with a reparative blend of medicinal herbs like Korean Mint and Honeysuckle Flower extract to soothe redness while infusing skin with antioxidants to reduce impurities and free-radical damage.

With these two tips at hand, you can say goodbye to Phone Face!   

Think you need more tips to help you through your Phone Face? Book yourself a 30-minute Virtual Skin Education Session with our highly trained Skin Educators as they guide you through your Phone Face and make tailored recommendations based on your skin’s needs. Plus, it’s now complimentary because of COVID-19!  


We hope this article helped you realise one of the many adverse effects your phone can have on your skin. Need more tips, trick and nuggets of knowledge? Join our mailing below and let us navigate your way to healthier skin together! 

Acne has never been a friend to any. It haunted many of us in our youth, and for some of us, it continues to follow us into our adulthood. This creates a lot of frustration that often results in several hours spent in front of a mirror, nit-picking at every pore and pimple present.  

While the frustration is valid and well-founded, we’re here to say that you need to leave extractions to the experts. As satisfying as it may be to do pore extractions on yourself and watch them disappear, you will be shocked to find that it does more damage than good.  

Credit: Orapin Joonkhajohn 

What are Pore Extractions? 

Pore extractions have been around for decades, initially starting as a treatment offered by dermatologists. It would involve the use of a sterile blade and comedone extractor – a long, pen-like tool. As the demand for this cleansing facial grew, many aestheticians picked up the skill of extraction in order to offer it as part of their luxury facial spa’s services. This, alongside the viral pimple popping videos like Dr Pimple Popper’s, contributed to the popularity of pore extraction treatments.

With this rise, many started to find ways to replicate this highly skilled treatment at home. From the use of pore strips and fingers, to purchasing their own comedone extractors.  

Despite the differences of each methods, they share one commonality – they do more unseen harm than visible good. 

Why you SHOULDN’T Extract At Home 

Though it is tempting to watch hard pellets or fluids emerge from your pores, the act of extracting can cause irreparable damage to the skin.  

Improper Tools & Technique 

Despite tools being readily available online, it does not make them the right or safe tool. After all, dentist drills are available online, but it doesn’t mean that you can safely do your own fillings. Similarly, metal comedone extractors – when used improperly – can dent the skin.

Furthermore, poor technique and unsanitary tools can push dirt and bacteria further into the skin. This causes infections and can even lead to more breakouts. In more extreme circumstances, poor extraction technique can cause post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation and scarring. That’s not all – pressing the comedone extractor into your skin too aggressively can cause the skin to bruise and become inflamed.

Technique also plays an important part in efficiently conducting pore extractions. The pores on our skin have different depths and directions, some even come in clusters. Failing to identify them accordingly impacts the technique and ability to extract the contents of the pore.  

Lastly, many facial salons and spas have the help of equipment to make the job of pore extractions safe and effective. The effects of such equipment can never be replicated at home safely. For example, the Oxygen Jet used to loosen impurities clogging the pores produces 1kg of pressure. No hose or power wash at home can ever replicate the same effects with the same degree of safety and comfort.  

Bacterial Infections & Scarring 

When using comedone extractors or your fingers, they are often not sterilized. This almost guarantees bacterial infections of the extracted pores. To make matters worse, home-based extractions typically focus on popping pimples that are glowing red with a visible pus head. Such pimples (known as papules and pustules) are already red and large thanks to inflammation caused by p.acne bacteria.

P.acne bacteria feasts off sebum present in the pores. To create more “food” for themselves, they irritate the pore’s sebum gland to produce more oils. Over time, this causes the pore to be congested with pus. This pus exerts pressure onto the walls of the pore, causing it to lose its shape. At this stage, regardless of where and how well the extraction is done, a scar will be left behind

Thus, unsanitary tools and fingers introduce more bacterial infection, leading to the possibility of scarring and more constant breakouts. Additionally, using unsanitary tools to extract multiple pores can lead to cross-infection amongst the pores. This can cause uninflamed pores to evolve into the glowing red pimples you want to avoid in the first place.

We understand that popping pimples can be a cathartic process and it may seem to bring you one step closer to the flawless skin of your dreams. But as we’ve said before, pore extractions at home can bring about more unseen damage and side effects than their short-term visible benefits. Instead, we should visit a professional facial treatment in Singapore for consultation.


Though the realm of skincare may seem scary, don’t be afraid. We’re here to guide you through with our tips, tricks and nuggets of knowledge. Join our mailing below and let us navigate this world together!