Youth is nature’s gift, but age is a work of art. With Plus+ in your corner, anti-ageing is more than correcting the effects of time on your skin. Instead, it allows your skin to age well, appearing untouched by time. 

Here’s our quick guide to incorporating Plus+ into your skincare routine for a timeless complexion. 

Bio-Cellulose Mask

Soaked with a powerful blend of nature’s best, this restorative mask works best on cleansed skin, allowing the ingredients to seep into the skin. Suitable for day & night use. 
After 20 minutes, gently tap the remaining serum until fully absorbed!   
Each mask comes with 30ml of serum – store it in a cool, dry place to use for the next 3 days.

RevitalEyes Silk Mask

Are your eyes in need of a de-stress session? Leave this mask on cleansed skin for 20 minutes, catch a quick nap and awake to refreshed eyes! Suitable for day & night use.   
Not only does this mask reduce signs of stress and age around the eyes, but it works on your neck too!  
Apply the RevitalEyes Silk Mask to your neck instead and say goodbye to fine lines. 


Still unsure of how to use Plus+ to slow down time’s impact on your skin? Book yourself a 30-minute Virtual Skin Education Session with our highly trained Skin Educators as they guide you through your skincare routine and make tailored recommendations based on your needs! 

In Singapore, we have the pleasure of living and experiencing a plethora of unique cultures and practices. However, a common point exists amongst them – the desire to be forever young. Join us as we breakdown the science behind aging, the importance of anti-aging and how to start your path down graceful aging. 

Credit: Mathias Huysmans 

The Science of Aging: 

Aging is a slow process that occurs from the day you were born. However, the negative effects of aging (like wrinkles, pigmentation, thinner skin etc) often appear when a person is in their late 20s. So, what’s causing it? 

Internal Causes:  

1. Poorer Blood Circulation  
Your skin’s blood circulation is vital as it delivers the nutrients and oxygen to your skin’s surface. As you age, naturally, your skin’s blood circulation gets poorer, causing the skin surface to turn dull. 

2. Genetics 
Genetics play a large part in determining the aging process we go through. Fair skin is prone to wrinkles at an earlier stage while darker skin tends to experience them at a later stage. Dryness induced by aging can also be determined by genetics.  

Credit: Craig Adderley

External Causes: 

1. Sun Exposure 
Aging caused by excessive sun exposure is also known as Photoaging. The sun’s UV rays are comprised of 2 types – UVA & UVB. Simply put, UVA can penetrate deeper into the skin and causes damage to the collagen and elastin of your skin. Collagen is responsible for giving your skin a youthful, plump look while elastin gives your skin its elasticity. UVB on the other hand, affects the surface layer of the skin, often resulting in tans & burns. 

Too much sun exposure over time can lead to spider veins, pigmentation, uneven skin tone and wrinkles. 

Credit: Jesse Schoff 

2. Pollutants 
Pollutants, especially in the cities, exposes the skin to free radicals. Free radicals are unstable atoms that cause oxidative stress to the body. Think of your skin as a freshly cut slice of apple. After some time, you would notice that the apple starts to brown and breakdown from oxidative stress. The same happens to your skin. Free radicals break down the cells over time and result in a loss of skin elasticity and wrinkles.  

Credit: Andrew Johnson 

3. Lifestyle Habits 
Habits like smoking can contribute to greater oxidative stress while too many late nights contribute to dark eye circles, imbalances in your skin pH and slow down your skin’s ability to heal & recover. Lastly, your nutrition greatly determines your body’s ability to neutralise free radicals. Plus, a poor diet consisting of too many sweets and fried foods can result in greater breakouts – trust us, it’s not worth it, despite how good they taste! 

Credit: Karlis Dambrans

4. Improper Care 
Much like any living thing, it will wither when poorly cared for. Improper skincare routines and habits – like over stripping the skin of moisture with oil blotters or skipping on SPF – can cause your skin to be more prone to oxidative damage, inflammation and pre-mature aging. These problems occur because improper care often results in an unbalanced skin pH and as a result, a weaker natural barrier against environmental aggressors. 

Creidts: Anna Shvets 

Anti- Aging – Why is it Important? 

Your skin often experiences & shows signs of aging in your mid to late 20s. However, for signs of aging to be visible indicate that the effects of aging have already started taking a toll on you. Furthermore, anti-aging is not all about looking 10 years younger than you are – but rather focusing on strengthening and protecting your skin from internal & external stressors. By focusing on strengthening your skin, you work on minimalizing inflammation, sensitivity, oiliness/dryness and slower signs of aging.  

All this sounds wonderful to have, but how and where do you start? 

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Anti-Aging – When & How to Start? 

It is always ideal to start the basic practices young. These practices include understanding your skin, double cleansing as part of your nightly routines and applying SPF (even if you’re staying home)! However, we know that if you’re reading this article, you have probably started to see signs of aging appear on your skin and are in search of more potent methods of anti-aging.  

These potent methods often come in the form of treatments like Botox, Fillers, Ablative & Non-Ablative treatments. 

P.S. Ablative means that the treatment would remove the first few layers of your skin. 

Credit: Gustavo Fring 

What to look for in Anti-Aging Treatments: 

There is a never-ending pile of anti-aging facials offered in the market of skincare. However, it is important that you do your research to find a reliable spa/clinic that offers treatments that: 

  • Deal with the root causes of aging – such as building up the skin’s collagen & elastin and boosting its natural ability to counter oxidative stress 
  • Suits your budget – anti-aging treatments are an investment that require consistency for effects to be substantial. 
  • Fits your time frame – is it vital to look 10 years younger by the end of one session? 
  • Is meant for your skin type – some laser treatments are not suitable for people with darker skin tones (particularly those with skin tones at level 5 & 6 of the Fitzpatrick Skin Phototype Scale 

Unsure of what treatment to go for? Here are some of our top anti-aging treatments you can check out: 

CryoZapWith over 1000 combinations, experience a fully customised treatment designed to target your specific anti-aging needs. 
Proionic: Using a uniquely patented long wave radio frequency, experience the instant and long-term anti-aging effects of cellular ionic exchange. 
Illuminate: A relaxing treatment that combines Oxygen Therapy, Diamond Microdermabrasion and Vino Therapy for the ultimate age-reversing treatment. 

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What to do in preparation for Anti-Aging Treatments: 

Anti-aging treatments are known to be very stimulating in order to stimulate the collagen & elastin that reside deep within the skin. Unfortunately, this stimulation can result in breakouts, inflammation and sensitivity if your skin’s pH is not balanced. This is often the reason that causes many to suffer from breakouts after anti-aging treatments.  

Thus, it is imperative that you work on balancing your skin pH first before continuing with anti-aging treatments. If you’re unsure on your skin’s pH and how to balance it, why not let our Skin Educators figure it out for you?  

Join our Skin Educators in our Virtual Skin Educators as they focus on helping you understand your skin, achieve a balanced pH and healthy skin – all in just 30 minutes! 

Credit: Andrea Piacquadio 

What to do post Anti-Aging Treatment: 

Congratulations! You started down your path to healthier, youthful skin. While getting started is important, ensuring consistency is equally vital. Thus, it is important to have a treatment plan to guide you through to younger skin. A treatment plan should consist of the various treatments suited to you as well as the durations between treatments. In addition to this, after-care is extremely vital to ensure the longevity of the treatment’s result. While after-care tips do vary from treatment to treatment, here are some general tips that should be adhered to: 

  • Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate – while your skin is working hard to minimise signs of aging, you need to work hard to supply it with the nutrients, anti-oxidants and hydration it needs to operate! Might we suggest our HA+ Hydrating Serum
  • SPF is your new BFF – remember that the sun is one of the main causes of aging, so protecting yourself from its UV rays is always a safe bet. Plus, some anti-aging treatments tend to make your skin more sensitive to the sun, so it’s always a good idea to make SPF a staple in your daily routine. Try out the Flawless Skin Perfecting Moisturiser – flawless skin that’s protected from the sun in one swipe! 
  • Pace yourself – as we mentioned prior, anti-aging treatments can be very stimulating to the skin. While this is not inherently a bad thing, it is important to note not to over-stimulate the skin with overly frequent treatments as it can result in more sensitive skin. 

We hoped this guide helped to break down aging – its causes and solutions – as well as share some hacks on anti-aging treatments! 

It’s amazing what (sun)light can do for you. We’re talking the magical Vitamin D, said to boost happiness levels, build stronger bones and lower blood pressure. Sunlight can also heal the skin… and generously leave it with little brown gifts called pigmentation. Then there’s the other kind of light called IPL (Intense Pulsed Light), which can also generously lighten the damage dealt. That’s our ZapZapTM for you.

A Zap is A Wish Your Skin Makes | The ZapZap IPL Series | #GetYourGlowOn

Credit: Matheus Bertelli

ZapZapTM — An IPL Fairy Tale for the Skin?

The latest introduction to the family of existing treatments, the ZapZapTM series is a suite of IPL treatments targeted at pigmentations, wrinkled/lined skin, acne and acne marks.

IPL isn’t really new to us, but we’d recently given our equipment an overhaul and exchanged our existing Korean technology for the latest, most premium of non-medical grade Spanish Variable Pulse IPL machines that aestheticians are legally licensed to operate. Also, while most other IPL treatments only use blue or green light, our ZapZapTM equipment pairs blue with red light for accelerated recovery.

In other words:

– Better, faster results with even less to no downtime
– It’s good for more than just pigmentations — it’s also great for softening fine lines, heal acne and its marks, balancing excess sebum and brightening the skin
– Suitable for all skin types
– Doesn’t cause dryness to the skin — we promise

We don’t believe in shortcuts, but this is as close as it gets.

Good Things Come in Threes: ZitZapTM, ZapBrightTM and ZapGlowTM 

Good Things Come in Threes: ZitZapTM, ZapBrightTM and ZapGlowTM 

Good Things Come in Threes: ZitZapTM, ZapBrightTM and ZapGlowTM 

Credit: Alice Alinari

ZitZapTM — Healer of Scars, Acne and Broken Hearts Skin

Meet ZitZap™ — the new best friend that makes our signature QuintessentialTM extraction facial so much better. Designed to — well — zap zits, marks and bacteria away, remarkably enhancing skin’s healing after it’s been uncongested (did I just make that up?) to death.

ZapBrightTM — Healer of Pigmentations, Age Spots and Dull Complexions

ZapBright™ zaps melanin, effectively lightening blemishes on the skin. Waste particles are then flushed out of the body and never see daylight again.

ZapGlowTM — Healer of Wrinkles, Lines and Sags

Imagine this: Results so stark yet subtle, a phone camera can’t capture it… but your friends will definitely notice the lines that did a mysterious disappearing act! Designed to reduce fine lines, firm and brighten the skin, ZapGlow™ is an IPL treatment that’s perfect for anti-ageing concerns.

With Good Things Come Bad Things Like Nagging

We love the fast results ZapZapTM brings us and our clients, but as with all things, prevention is better than cure. While some skin problems are truly hereditary (and there’s nothing we can do about genes), we can mitigate/prevent them with these quick skincare tips:

– Use sunscreen so pigmentations don’t appear/appear less
– Stay out of the sun as much as possible, especially if you’re pregnant and prone to pigmentations
– Acne is fixable but just made harder if you keep picking at it

Credit: Fröken Fokus

We’re just a zap away,

Disclaimer: As always, speak with our trusty consultants to determine if the ZapZapTM series is right for you. There’s always something that might be better for what your skin needs.


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The new Cryotherapy facial treatment is Porcelain’s newest skincare treatment poised as a non-invasive, pain-free solution for ageing and fatigued skin.

This latest Korean freeze medi-technology is designed to create a painless but effective facial that helps battle the effects of ageing by restoring firmness, tone and radiance to fatigued skin, with no downtime and side effects.

Duration: 75 minutes | $298.53


CRYOSTAMP — Increases cellular absorption of product nutrients.

CRYOPROBE — Chills the skin surface to -10°C to restore firmness, tone & radiance to fatigued skin

CRYO-ELECTROPHORESIS — Stimulates microcirculation and increases cellular oxygenation.


– Improves skin tone and texture
– Stimulates collagen production
– Lightens acne scars
– Increases radiance
– Reduces fine lines
– Lifts


We also did a self-assessment exercise over a 14 day period by 30 respondents and here are the results!:

1. 70% saw noticeable benefits within 24 hours of using the product, with the majority of them observing considerably more moisturized, as well as brighter and smoother looking skin.

2. 93.3% of all respondents saw significant improvements in their skin within 14 days of using the product, with 70% noting an increase in skin brightness and smoothness.


READY? Call 6227 9692 now to try it!

By Jenny Teng, Director Aesthetician, Porcelain The Face Spa


1. Anti-Aging is….

Achieving a balance within your skin between moisture and sebum level. It means maintaining a high level of collagen and elastin production, and low level of oxidation within the skin hence, reducing signs of aging.

2. How do I stop the clock?

Unfortunately, it is impossible to do so as chronological aging is part of life. We can prevent the signs of aging from showing by increasing our level of anti-oxidants to prevent free radical damages, stimulating collagen, elastin production and skin’s natural regenerating ability with technology such as Radio Frequency, Intense Pulsed Light, LED and reduce our sun exposure by applying sunscreen.

3. At what age should I start my anti-aging regime?

You should start your general skincare regime during puberty. Anti-aging should not be separated from your routine skincare regime. Revise your home care and professional treatments with your aesthetician or doctor every year to evaluate your changing needs. The skin begins to age around 25 to 30, however, many young skin display signs of premature aging due to improper care and lack of sun protection.

4. How do I prevent premature aging?

The number one cause of premature aging of the skin is caused by sun overexposure. It causes skin dehydration and discoloration of the skin’s pigment, which results in the formation of wrinkles and fine lines, freckles and other forms of pigments. We recommend that sunscreen to be applied daily prior to sun exposure, even when you are spending most of your time indoors. Next, frequent exfoliation of your skin can reduce dead skin cell buildup and stimulate cell regeneration.

That will help prevent and reduce existing signs of aging. Keeping your cells moist keep skin looking plump and firm. Use products such as Hyaluronic Acid to enable that and eat foods that are high in water content to keep your skin well hydrated at the cellular level.

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