When your skin is going through a change and you want to regain control and restore balance, Control is the line you can rely upon. Here’s our quick guide to incorporating Control into your skincare routine for healthier, balanced skin! 

Deep Cleansing Gel 

Formally known as Daily Cleansing Gel, this powerful gel cleanser’s proprietary formula thoroughly removes impurities and excess sebum while soothing and moisturising the skin.  
Best used at night as a second cleanse. Suitable for use on the body to minimise acne and brighten skin. 

Glycolic Toner

A complex blend of nature’s best, this alcohol-free toner soothes inflammation, hydrates and accelerates collagen & elastin production for visibly radiant skin.   
Suitable for day & night use, pump product onto a cotton pad before swiping onto cleansed skin. When used in the day, do remember to apply SPF to minimise the development of photosensitivity. 

Hydraclear Gel

Clear and weightless, this gel works to keep acne at bay. Best used on cleansed skin, after serums and before heavy moisturisers/creams. 
Suitable for day & night use, apply a pea-sized amount on acne to soothe inflammation or apply a liberal layer on the skin to regulate skin’s sebum production.   

Still unsure of how to use Control to restore harmony to your skin? Book yourself a 30-minute Virtual Skin Education Session with our highly trained Skin Educators as they guide you through your skincare routine and make tailored recommendations based on your needs! 

Summer comes with a lot of perks, but at the same time, it brings a whole new set of challenges to deal with. Among the most common summer complaints when it comes to skin care there is excessive oiliness which tends to emerge at the worst possible times. Being prepared and minimizing damage are the best ways to deal with this problem. Here are a few ways to maintain the illusion of perfect skin without relying solely on blotting papers:


Try Acne-Fighting Cleansers

Even if the days when you were battling acne are officially gone, if you’re having regular shine issues, using a salicylic acid based cleanser can be a good idea. Don’t go beyond 2% concentration though, as it might have opposite effects.


Don’t Skimp On Facials 

Even if you don’t necessarily feel like spending big bucks on spa visits, keeping the ritual of applying suitable homemade facials on a weekly basis should be an important concern. Find our some of the DIY home-made mask for different skin types here.

Eat Right

It’s not only the products you put on your skin that influence the degree of oiliness you experience. Spicy foods along with alcoholic beverages such as cocktails dilate blood vessels causing your skin to sweat more. Limit your consumption of these and instead fill up on a variety of fruits and veggies with high water content and save a few calories in the process.


Try Mineral Based Sunblock 

It might seem unintuitive but it appears that sunblock can actually help control shine and excessive oil production. Micronized Zinc or Titanium Dioxide are the two helpful ingredients for this purpose. Denatured alcohol is another helpful ingredient which can keep the skin oil free. Of course, be sure not to overdo makeup in the summer for best results.