Time passes fast and summer is here. The weather is getting hotter and we are more inclined to stay indoors with the air conditioner on. Our skin, being the outermost layer, is the first to be affected by our external environment and temperature changes. In fact, high temperatures have a hugely adverse effect on our skin. Collagen and elastin, in charge of maintaining elastic and resilient skin, are destroyed due to high temperatures, resulting in a skin appearance that is dry and lusterless. The damaged collagen can no longer support our skin, causing us to wrinkle! To make matters worse, the use of air-conditioner also dries our skin, causing it to age. This is why mist toners come in handy during summer. It is an effective skincare product that gives an instant cooling effect for skin that is affected by intense heat.  It also moisturizes our skin immediately.


Benefits of Mist Toners

A facial mist provides hydration that exhausted skin needs. When sprayed onto our skin, tiny particles of water penetrate into our inner layers, supplementing the moisture required. It also forms a thin layer of protective moisture, giving us fresh and moist-full skin. 

Apart from that, a facial mist helps to calm sun-damages skin. It lowers the skin surface temperature, soothing delicate skin. By maintaining this moderate temperature for a while, it delays the skin’s premature ageing process.

A facial mist also freshens us up and lightens our moods. We will be refreshed and revitalized by the pleasant and calming fragrance. An instant glow will be created by the little water particles, making us look more youthful.


Proper use of mist toners

Many people complain that the use of facial mist toners actually steals the moisture from our skin, resulting in even drier skin than before. In actual fact, this problem stems from the incorrect usage of a facial mist. Today, we will teach you the correct usage of a facial mist so you can reap the amazing benefits and achieve youthful looking skin.

Before applying, be sure to use a tissue to clean off a film of dirt, oil and other pollutants so that the mist can be better absorbed.

When applying, place the mist toner 20cm away from your face and spray. If you spray it too close to your face, the mist forms dewy drops, which are too large for your skin to absorb entirely. Spraying it further away keeps the air around you moist, creating a better environment for your skin.

After applying, it is important to protect the moisture. It is a common mistake to skip this step, causing your skin to feel dry after a while. We recommend that you apply some moisturizer to lock in the moisture and keep your skin hydrated for longer periods.

Other Useful Tips

1.    Moisture saver
Spray the mist toner right after cleansing your face. Your skin usually feels dry after cleansing. This is because the cleanser removes the protective oil on your skin. By using a facial mist, you can preserve the moisture in your skin effectively. At the same time, the mist acts as a booster, allowing skincare products to penetrate into your skin easily.

2.    Reduce water retention
If you often worry about water retention, worry no more, because your facial mist can also be used for reducing water retention. Soak a cotton pad with mist and place it on your eyelids. We promise you will look and feel fresher after just 5 minutes.

3.    Water mask pack
Wet a sheet of dry mask (or even cotton pads!) with your facial mist and place it on your face for 10-15 minutes. This is an inexpensive homemade mask pack that gives your skin instant hydration and revitalization.


 Mist Toners: Porcelain's Deep Hydrating Lotion is great for hydration in summer

Porcelain’s Soothe – Deep Hydrating Lotion

Porcelain’s Deep Hydrating Lotion is perfect for summer weather. It is a lightweight facial mist toner that tones, hydrates, soothes and revitalizes dull skin.

It is made from all natural ingredients such as rose and jojoba oils and Vitamin E, which fights against free radicals and prevents cellular damage, while Damascena Rose extracts, hyaluronic acid and sodium hyaluronate deeply hydrate the skin and improve its natural resilience.

With an infusion of botanicals and vitamins, it is gentle and calming with a fresh floral scent. It combats environmental damage. It also hydrates the skin without overly moisturizing it, keeping your skin hydrated and refreshed, even in summer.

Delicate, exotic and graceful. A symbol of beauty, refinement and love. Often present in perfumes, and now present in skin care and hair care. In Asia, they’ve been used for centuries for their reparative and protective properties… a wondrous natural ingredient: orchid extract.

Orchid Extract & Their Benefits

Credit: Lisheng Chang

Orchids are not just beautiful. They’re also known to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Plus, it acts as an anti-oxidant and humectant that moisturizes, soothes and conditions our skin.  It is one of skincare’s beauty secrets, restoring one’s smooth, radiant complexion and flawless skin tone.

Orchid Extracts have anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and soothing properties

Credit: Gul Kutaran

Orchid leaves contain certain pigments from a group of plant pigments called Anthocyanins. These synthesize in response to stressors like UV radiation, temperature extremes, drought, diseases and pollution. In turn, they do the same wonders for your skin.

Anthocyanins are also part of a larger group of phytochemicals called flavonoids, which are known for their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory capabilities. Certain flavonoids have Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) — fighting radicals up to four times more than Vitamins E & C. Thus, orchids help sooth, and enhance tone while minimizing oxidative stress.

About Revive – Makeup Cleanser

Porcelain, The Face Spa has added a new product to its Revive range with a pre-cleanser that also doubles as a makeup cleanser.

Blended with Orchid Extracts, the Makeup Cleanser loosens impurities in the skin and is gentle on the skin

Blended with Orchid Extractsthe Revive – Makeup Cleanser possesses a subtle floral scent. Its high concentration of skin-nourishing ingredients provides anti-oxidation and skin conditioning. Also paraben- and sulphate-free, it is suitable for daily use on even sensitive skin. This ultra-gentle cleanser is ideal as a pre-cleanser as it loosens impurities and allows the skin to breathe, whilst providing deep hydration.

Other Orchid Benefits: 

  • Reparative and protective properties
  • Moisturizing
  • Fighting free radicals
  • Reducing fine lines and wrinkles

The idea of a week without makeup is enough to make waterproof mascara streak down many a rouged cheek. But according to one makeup expert, the challenge is worthwhile one for women to consider. It’s good to give your skin a breather from wearing make-up. As much fun as it is to play with makeup, it can be as confidence-boosting, if not more so, to go without it.

“The modern aesthetic is not a face with makeup. It’s not chic anymore. We try to narrow down their skin products, their hair products and their makeup products,” said a magazine beauty editor.

When women aren’t worrying about goopy mascara or cakey foundation, they can concentrate on living life instead of looking pretty.


How To Go Without Makeup

  • Concentrate on your skin care. The best way to go without makeup is if you’ve been taking great care of your skin, so you can show it off. If you’re feeling confident about your skin you’re going to feel good about going without makeup as well.
  • Get a cleanser, a gentle exfoliant and a sunscreen. Most of the anti-aging creams out there are too rich for a woman under the age 35. If you still feel like you need anti-aging products, incorporate it; but, just like with makeup, less is more.
  • Have your lip balm handy. If your lips look healthy and moisturized, you won’t look scraggly.
  • If you must have something on your face, try a tinted sunscreen with SPF. They a small amount of coverage and sunscreen — makeup or no makeup, you should wear sunscreen everyday.


How To Go With Less Make-Up

  • Swipe on some mascara.
  • Apply a bit of a multi-tasking color product — a palette or stick you can use on your cheeks, lips, even your eyes for a touch of color. A quick application will give you a slight amount of polish and a little glow.
  • Dump the dozens of products you’re toting around and replace them with two essentials: a sunscreen and a lip balm to keep your lips looking sexy all day long.


No two skins are the same. Are you Asian? Are you in Asia? It all matters and will affect how you care for it. Here are 6 differences that Asian skin has compared to other skins.

1. Prone To Sensitivity

Our skin is said to be prone to irritation as we have a thinner stratum corneum or the outermost layer of skin, compared to other ethnic groups. As a result, Asian skin becomes extremely sensitive to environmental factors and chemicals, which can disrupt the skin’s pH level.

We need to be more careful with what products and treatments we use on our skin as most of us may not react well to harsh treatments such as peeling or acidic chemical solutions.

Asian skin is more prone to sensitivity

Credit: Aiony Haust

2. Scars More Easily

Because of our thinner stratum corneum, it is also said that Asian skin is genetically predisposed to scar more easily than others. Hence, greater care must be given when one has acne breakout and when one is trying to heal from some skin scarring.

Do not go squeezing that pimple and poking at that acne. Use gentle products like emu oil or Vitamin E to heal the scars.

3. More Issues With Hyper-Pigmentation

All skin contains about the same number of melanocytes but the amount of melanin they produce varies. Melanin is a natural skin pigment that protects the skin from UV damage. Obviously, dark-skinned people produce more melanin and light skin people produce less. While research has indicated that Asians have more photo-protective pigment melanin.

Use sunscreen religiously and use a product containing gentle skin brightening properties from your early twenties. Avoid hydroquinone!

Asian skin is more prone to hyper-pigmentation

Credit: Brock Elbank

4. Loses Moisture Easily

Asian skin showed the highest levels of Trans Epidermal Water Loss (TEWL), as well as increased levels of permeability. TEWL is the amount of water vapour lost through the skin under non-sweating conditions.

We need more skin hydration and it’ll be good to choose a moisturizer high in water-binding ingredients such as hyaluronic acid.

Asian skin loses moisture more easily

5. Gets Oily More Easily

It is often said that Asian skin has more sebaceous glands and is oilier than Caucasian skin type. This might have to do with the weather as well but it is generally true that most of us are constantly fighting to keep shine away from our skin.

Our skin may get clogged easily and it’ll be good to exfoliate once or twice a week. In addition, do not use harsh products that will strip away our natural skin lipids and make the skin oilier.

6. More Resistant To Aging

While we have a thinner stratum corneum, we also have a thicker dermis that contains greater collagen. This means that our skin shows fewer signs of premature ageing.

Green Tea

Green tea is has been used in traditional Chinese medicine to treat many ailments for at least 4000 years; however, it’s not until recently that western medicine has begun to pay attention to the many healing properties of Green Tea.

Green tea is one herbal option that you can be used to treat acne.

What is Green Tea?

Green tea comes from the same plant that produces the black tea most of us are used to, but the difference is in the processing. Green tea is dried, but not fermented. The shorter processing gives green tea a lighter flavor than black tea. It also helps keep all the beneficial chemicals intact, which is why green tea is so good for everyone.

Scientific research shows that green tea provides many health benefits. Green tea is a strong antioxidant which plays a key role in preventing cancer. It also has the same effect as your omega 3 fatty acids have on cholesterol; it increases the good cholesterol while lowering the artery clogging bad cholesterol. It also functions as an antibiotic helping the body get rid of infections, it can reduce inflammation, and rid your body of toxins. There are few medical conditions in which drinking green tea has not been reported to help.

How does Green Tea help in acne?

Green tea also helps to reduce inflammation, hormonal activity and aids in detoxification – which is all good news for acne sufferers. With the added benefit that it is safe, it seems that drinking green tea for acne is a win-win situation. It has many beneficial properties which promote good all-round health with little or no known side effects and for the price, it’s definitely a herbal treatment thats worth trying.

What about wrinkles, skin sag and other signs of aging?

Can green tea help? Considering their well-documented antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activities, topical green tea polyphenols are likely to slow down the development of some signs of aging. Whether green tea can actually diminish wrinkles and prevent skin from sagging is far more uncertain.

P.s A glass of whisky in Scotland in the thirties cost lesser than a cup of tea.