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Tips on how to Choose the Best Facial Package in Singapore

Tips on how to Choose the Best Facial Package in Singapore

Not sure if you should sign up for a facial package? You’ve come to the right place! Below we break down what you should do before jumping into facial packages and why facial packages can be great for your skin (and wallet)!

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Know thyself!

There is much wisdom to be attained when you know yourself – even in the realm of skincare! Plus, we believe that no two skins are alike, and they should not be treated as such! Before you start looking into the types of facial packages spas in Singapore offer, you should know your skin type and condition first.  

Skin type is affected by your genetics. Skin conditions are temporary states of your skin that can be affected by external factors such as unsuitable skincare products, air pollution and being in an air-conditioned environment all day or internal factors such as hormones, lifestyle and stress.  

While there are four primary skin types (normal, oily, dry and combination) skin conditions can be trickier to grasp. Here are some of the common skin conditions: congested skin, dehydrated skin, sensitive skin and sensitised skin 

Looking to better understand your skin type and condition? Check out our simple guide to better understand your skin type and skin condition!

Know thy Ally!

Once you know your own skin type and condition, you’ll want to familiarise yourself with the different types of facial treatments that various spas offer. Each facial spa in Singapore offers facial packages that are usually some sort of combination of the following: extractions, exfoliation, hydration, firming & contouring, express facials.  

In the case of congested skin, one would benefit from extraction treatments as your pores are thoroughly cleansed using precise extraction techniques. For mildly congested skin or for those of us with lower pain tolerance, exfoliation treatments are a great alternative to traditional extractions.  

Hydration treatments are the perfect starter treatment for all skin types. In particular, dehydrated skin would flourish once essential hydration is replenished. Plus, hydrating your skin sufficiently can work wonders in reducing fine lines and wrinkles! 

Sensitive skin and sensitised skin requires a customised and delicate touch. First, the focus would be on restoring the skin’s natural barrier, increasing its ability to protect itself from environmental aggressors and pollutants. Depending on your skin type, the approach to restoring the barrier differs as well!  

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So why choose a facial package? Here are some reasons why you’d want to opt for a facial package:


Purchasing a facial package in Singapore can be a financially viable alternative to paying for the treatments individually each time you visit. Depending on the facial spa, you could even receive some goodies as part of the package, saving you some money in the process!

Consistency is Key

Healthy skin is a commitment, and you must stick to a regular schedule to achieve the best results. With a facial package in hand, you’ll be encouraged to be consistent in coming for the treatments. Don’t let your investment go to waste by skipping out on appointments! Being consistent also means that spa staff will be more familiar with your skin. This way the therapist can make accurate adjustments and customisations with every visit.   

Special Promotions

In Singapore, purchasing a facial spa package often comes with many perks – from loyalty programs, gifts with purchases and even complimentary treatments! While it is always advised to see facials as an investment in your skin and to purchase facial treatments based on its needs, having these additional goodies to sweeten the deal never hurt!

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Now that you’ve been equipped with the knowledge of what to look out for in facial packages in Singapore, go forth and discover all your facial treatment options at Porcelain

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