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Double Cleansing Set


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A robust cleansing routine can make or break the effectiveness of your entire skincare regime. Up your cleansing game with the Double Cleansing Set! Start with the refreshing Pre-Cleansing Milk. Imbued with Orchid Extracts, allow this milky texture to melt away the day’s dirt and grime, prepping your skin for a second, deeper cleanse. For your second cleanse, select between Porcelain’s non-stripping, gel cleansers: the deeply hydrating, gentle Hydro Cleanser or the deep pore, acne-combatting Deep Cleansing Gel. Purchase online and enjoy extra savings with the Double Cleansing Set (U.P. $140).




✓ Thorough removal of sebum, dirt and impurities built up throughout the day

✓ Minimises breakouts caused by sebum and bacteria build-up

✓ Enhances the effectiveness of subsequent skincare steps

✓ Brightens, softens and conditions skin



To achieve a deep and thorough cleanse, double cleansing is essential. Including double cleansing in your nightly routine is particularly crucial for healthier skin. The first cleanse helps to remove off makeup, sunscreen, dirt and pollutants on your skin surface while the second cleanse deeply cleanses your pores and any lingering dirt that can cause acne and skin irritation. Even if you do not apply makeup daily, double cleansing is still essential as the initial cleanse helps to remove the environmental pollutants and dirt that accumulated throughout the day. Apart from double cleansing, another shortfall of the modern-day woman’s cleansing technique is the duration spent cleansing. The typical time taken to cleanse is 20 seconds – too short for the cleanser to do its job thoroughly. Remember, it’s a self-love skincare routine, not a race. Take your time and enjoy the process! (Recommend to take 30-45 seconds for each cleanse)


  1. Avoid cleansers with nasty ingredients like Sodium Laurel Sulfate, Parabens & Synthetic Fragrances that can over strip the skin of essential oils and cause irritation

  2. Your cleanser should not leave you with a squeaky-clean feeling (this means that the cleanser has stripped your skin of too much oil and moisture)

  3. Most importantly: look for a cleanser that does more than just cleanse

Although the primary goal of a cleanser is to remove all the nasties that build up over the day, your cleanser should also hydrate, protect and nourish your skin. These additional benefits serve to bring you closer to radiant, healthy skin each time you use them.  

Melt away sebum, environmental pollutants, and makeup with a pre-cleanser. Suitable for sensitive skin and use around the eyes.


✓ Loosens impurities in the skin

✓ Provides deep hydration on the skin

✓ Removes SPF and makeup

Made up of 8 natural ingredients, this gentle cleanser deeply hydrates and soothes even sensitive skin while removing deep impurities. 


✓ Protects and nourishes skin

✓ Deeply hydrates skin

✓ Gentle even for Sensitive Skin

A power cleanser with proprietary deep cleansing formula to thoroughly cleanse pores remove impurities.


✓ Prevents buildup of dirt and dead skin

✓ Restores skin’s natural pH level

✓ Soothes and hydrates skin



The first cleanse helps to remove surface impurities that build up on your skin surface throughout the day. Use 3 to 4 pumps of the Pre-Cleansing Milk on wet skin, gently massaging the product in small circular upwards motions for 1 minute.


The second cleanse penetrates deeper into the pores, cleaning out sebum and dirt lodged inside. Lather 3 to 4 pumps of your cleanser in your hands before applying it onto wet skin. Cleanse in small circular upwards motions for 1 minute and rinse thoroughly afterwards.
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