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HA+ Hydrating Serum


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Size: 30ml


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A power-packed concoction of dual-molecular Hyaluronic Acid and 4-Complexes, counteract signs of ageing and increase cellular moisture with daily use. Combined with Aloe Vera, Elderflower, Cucumber and Wakame extracts, each drop adds a potent dose of antioxidants (vitamins A, C and K) to nourish and protect your skin and restores its natural resilience. An added boost of Probiotics acts as a natural anti-microbial to prevent acne breakouts. Achieve softer, smoother, plumper skin with regular use.



✓ Intensely hydrates and retains skin moisture

✓ Reduces skin inflammation & stimulates collagen regeneration

✓ Protects skin against free radicals and environmental stress


After cleansing and toning, apply 3 to 4 drops to skin and spread evenly on face and eye. Use another 2 drops on neck to prevent signs of ageing. Use day and night, or as recommended by your skincare professional.



Ageing is an inescapable fate for all of us – as much as we dislike admitting it. It causes the beauty and health of youth to gradually slip through our fingers. However, much can be done to slow down its grip on our skin. These efforts can range from anti-ageing treatments to simply including a potent serum into your skincare routine.
Apart from the obvious factor of time, signs of ageing that appear on our skin are a compounded result of multiple factors such as exposure to environmental aggressors (like free radicals and UV Rays), diet and dehydration. The goal of these treatments should be to aid the skin in its natural repair and regeneration of the skin’s key building blocks – collagen and elastin. This would allow the skin to appear naturally younger for longer and strengthen the skin from within.

HA-Hydrating-Serum LS


The general rule of thumb would be to start as early as possible – typically in the early twenties – to minimise the impact of ageing on the skin. It is often in our twenties that our skin starts to weaken, and experience decreases in its reparative and regenerative abilities. Supporting your skin through treatments and products would build a strong foundation against ageing.
The first step taken towards anti-ageing can be as simple as including a potent serum into your skincare routine. Here are a few of our recommendations:

One of the main contributors to ageing is dehydration resulting in wrinkle formation with collagen damage as its name states, this essence aims to rebalance the skin’s pH by rehydrating it and regulating its oil production.

Intensive is not an understatement – made of 4 unique complexes, the HA+ Hydrating Serum’s complexes aim to deeply hydrate, soothe, minimise breakouts and most importantly, slow down the signs of ageing. Wakame Extract (Seaweed Extract) prevents cell degeneration, repairs skin, reduces wrinkles and redness.

Key Ingredients

Rich source of nutrients to defend the skin against regeneration and environmental stress.

Widely loved for its reparative and anti-inflammatory qualities. Hydrates, softens and smoothens skin.

A probiotic ferment to give healthily balanced skin and to reduce the appearance of acne and redness.

Potent antioxidant properties and rich in bioflavonoids which help prevent wrinkles from developing.

Penetrates the deeper layers of the skin, enhancing skin’s natural suppleness for youthful appearance.


Aqua (Water), Butylene Glycol, Undaria Pinnatifida (Wakame) Extract, Cucumis Sativus (Cucumber) Extract), Propylene Glycol, Glycerin, Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe Vera) Leaf Juice, Biosaccharide Gum-1, Sodium PCA, Lactobacillus Ferment (Probiotic), Polyquarternium-51, Phenoxyethanol, Sambucus Nigra Flower (Elderflower) Extract, Sodium Hyaluronate, Hydrolyzed Hyaluronic Acid, Glycosaminoglycans, Xanthan Gum 

Frequently asked questions

HA+ Hydrating Serum is made of 4 unique complexes that aims to deeply hydrate, soothe, minimise breakouts and slow down the signs of ageing. It is a lightweight water-based serum that is suitable for all skin types including combination, sensitive, dry, and oily skin.

HA+ Hydrating Serum is a lightweight water-based serum which contains probiotics that helps to balance your skin microflora and prevent acne breakouts.

Yes. It is safe to use around the eye area.

Our HA+ Hydrating Serum is specially designed not just for anti-ageing and hydration, but also to combat acne (rebalance skin microflora) and soothe and heal sensitive skin.

Our HA+ Hydrating Serum can be used day and night, or as recommended by your skincare professional.

16 reviews for HA+ Hydrating Serum

  1. kae.xanne

    I’ve said this across a few other pages for other products because dehydration is the bane of my existence. I got the chance to try this new product from Porcelain and since using it, the fine lines (from dehydration, not age) on my forehead seem to have lightened. I used to have this stubborn eczema patch above my lip which pops up a few times a month, but come to think of it — it hasn’t surfaced in awhile…. Kudos to this, I’m pretty sure.

  2. Jiahui

    My dehydrated skin looked more supple, radiant and moisturised after a few days of application (twice a day)! Doubled it up as a eye cream because this serum was really lightweight and easy to absorb.

  3. Z.

    Been using this product for a couple months. My skin looks brighter and I break out a lot less. It’s lightweight, absorbs quickly and doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin. However it is a little expensive and not as moisturizing as I thought it would be, lock it in with a good moisturizer. Great product to treat yourself to.

  4. Jazlynn

    Im so impressed with this serum! I used it overnight and i woke up with such supple and smooth skin. I was skeptical with the results at first so i stop using afterwards. A week after, i had breakouts on my chin and i try applying this again. And to my amazement, my chin got smoother just overnight!

  5. Sonia

    The serum is going great for me as I can actually see a difference, like my face looks brighter and more glowy throughout the day. Before I started using this serum, I have to put moisturizer before applying make up because I have my face is a little dry, which makes it harder to blend, but now I don’t need it. I love it!

  6. Charlene

    Love this oil-free hydrating serum! It absorbs quickly, keeps skin supple even under heavy makeup/powder and soothes and helps speed up the recovery when i get the occasional hormonal acne breakouts. Perfect for travel as well- great for both cold and humid weather!

  7. Pameline Sin

    I have tried many brands hydrating serum but nothing beat this intensive HA+ Hydrating Serum. I was hesitated to get this serum as the price is on the steep side for 30ml and after some consultation via IG with Porcelain staffs, I have never regret to purchase this serum. I have seen my face with great improvement on getting hydrated, not getting oily at the middle or end of the day, scars lighten, pimples are getting smaller and no more outbreaks! For those who are still considering, try carting out to give it a try!! U will see amazing results with this serum. No regrets getting this serum 🙂thanks porcelain~

  8. Kelly Loo

    I love the product. Makes my skin including undereye more moisted and hydrated making pores less obvious and sagging!

  9. Yeow Ming Zhen

    One of my most fav, go to, serum of all time.. very light weight and oil free, hydrating as well.. As my skin surface lacks moisture, but can be sensitive and oily beneath, I cannot have a product that’s too rich and moisturizing.. This hydrating serum is perfect and great for sensitive skin!

  10. KY

    This is a serum I cannot live without, and have already finished several bottles. It is easy to absorb, and has a non-sticky finish. It is also gentle on dry and sensitive skin.

  11. sarahkreissl96

    This serum has changed my skin from day 1 and I cannot live without it. I used to break out badly prior to the serum and now, my pores are less visible, my breakouts are more infrequent and less severe. It’s been 5 months since my first purchase and I’ve already used 6 bottles. My new holy grail!

  12. Adeline

    I custom it with aloe recovery gel..really feel fresh & hydrates especially around my eyes area. I do a light massage during applying. I can really see results. That’s what i like about the serum light weight easily absorb

  13. June

    My skin feel very hydration and refreshing after using

  14. Rachel Lin YiFan

    I simply LOVE this product! N will load it whenever a promo is on! I use this so fast cos my skin is so thirsty now that I’m in my late 30s! Just gotta pump the lost hydration back! I was told to add an extra drop on areas with more obvious fine lines and open pores and press it in. N I am so amazed with the results! They seem to reduced right away when I do this extra step! Thanks for the great application advice y’all! Works like magic

  15. Esther Lim

    New user of the HA Hydrating Serum, it’s awesome! Unlike those serum that I have tried in the past; mostly are oily and sticky. But Porcelain‘s HA serum is light and easily absorbed. Highly recommended.

  16. Shu Min

    Bought this during the promotion and I have been using it for 3 days. Initially I worried that I may get breakouts from it as my skin is sensitive and acne prone. But it works well on my skin. I like how it is lightweight and I will usually use my Skin Inc tri light with it and it works like magic. I have some stubborn under the skin kind of maskne on my chin and after 3 days of constant using of this serum, the maskne reduced in size significantly. A great product that its worth the try during promotion. The only downside is the price is steep.

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