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Arctic Freeze™

Cryolipolysis body treatment – 360º spanish equipment applicator

What is it?

Arctic Freeze™ destroys fat cells in a targeted area by cooling it to a temperature of between -9°C to +5°C. In the weeks thereafter (usually around a 30-day metabolic cycle), the remaining fat cells condense and gradually, naturally leave your body, thus reducing the fat layer. Fats are reduced in a non-invasive way to reshape your body’s contours.

Choice of body parts: Tummy, Love Handles, Thighs

*T&Cs apply. Please contact us for more details on the first trials

Key Benefits



The treatment is 75 minutes long per body part.  

The treatment is safe and most customer will be able to return to their daily activities after the treatment. However, some swelling and redness on the area will be experienced which is normal. In rare cases, some may bruise depending on individual condition and area 

The same area cannot be performed until 6-8 weeks later from the previous session as it can take up to 6-8 weeks for the body to eliminate the damaged fat cells. 

Suitable For: 

  • All body types

    Not Suitable For: 
  • Pregnant mothers 
  • Within 6 months after childbirth 
  • People suffering from thrombophlebitis (blood clotting) 


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