Over the years, we have heard your requests for initiatives that help you responsibly manage your empties. After speaking with various vendors, we are happy to announce that it is finally here!  In collaboration with SembCorp, Rinse.Recycle.Repeat is our first ever in-spa recycling program that rewards you for recycling your empties.

How To Participate

With COVID creating new norms for us all, comes a new wave of wastes, creating a strain on Singapore’s waste management systems. Join us this Earth Day as we do our part to manage the waste of new norms and lay the foundations for a Zero Waste Future. 

Recycle and be Rewarded!

What can be recycled?

Do note that staff may choose to refuse any empties within their discretion, which they deemed unsuitable for recycling or if beauty empties are not cleaned and dried properly.

Where to drop off your empty recyclables to?

Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for helping us to achieve a sustainable future!

As our way of rewarding your earth-loving habits, enjoy these rewards with each type of empties you recycle:

  • Porcelain’s brand of recyclable bottles and jars: $2 per empty
  • Other brands’ recyclable bottles and jars: $1 per empty

While we’d love to encourage recycling, kindly note that we can only accept up to $20 worth of empties per day per person. For example, if you’re only recycling Porcelain’s brand of empties, you are limited to 10 bottles per day. If you’re recycling other brands’ empties, you are limited to 20 bottles per day.

You can use your rewards to purchase any Porcelain skincare in-stores only – either repurchasing your favourites or trying something new! However, rewards earned cannot be stored and accumulated over time. Rewards earned are only redeemable on the same day you recycle your empties. Do note that reward is not applicable for online purchases at PORCELAINSKIN.COM.
When recyclables are not cleaned and dried thoroughly, we are unable to recycle them as our recycling partner’s facilities can only process clean and dried empties. Furthermore, should leftover creams or products contaminate other recyclables, it would result in our collective efforts of recycling and collection being wasted.