Kickstart Your Porcelain Journey

Your skin undergoes a myriad of changes as you journey through life. As you and your skin change, we will grow and adapt right along with you – and that’s an unchartered adventure we commit to for as long as you will it to.

We customise and curate our régimes wholly around you.

Experience Porcelain’s signature facial treatments expertly customised by our therapists based on your skin needs.

  • Skin Discovery

    Your journey in Porcelain starts with a skin analysis – A comprehensive Q&A about you, followed with a thorough skin analysis using a device that zooms up to 80 times of your skin surface, allowing us to uncover the deepest secrets of your skin.

  • Treatment Plan

    Porcelain solutions are targeted to treat the root of the problem by focusing on pH balancing and cellular regeneration for healthy radiant skin. Based on your skin discovery results, our skin experts will develop a customised treatment plan with facials treatments specially curated for you.​

  • Homecare Products

    Our skincare products, under different dosages and regimes, produce varying results. With Porcelain home-care range, you can now bring a piece of paradise home.