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Proionic™ Facial

Proionic™ Facial

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This treatment harnesses a unique patented, 448kHz – long wave radio frequency using Spanish medical tech, Indiba™, to stimulate collagen and elastin production for instant and long-term anti-aging effects. It also boosts cellular ionic exchange, restoring the skin’s natural ionic equilibrium to improve overall skin health.

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  • Key benefits

    ✓Lifts and tightens skin
    ✓Improves on fine lines and wrinkles
    ✓Improves skin tone
    ✓Improves hydration, collagen and elastin levels
    ✓Contours jawline
    ✓Age prevention
    ✓Improve detoxification and rejuvenation

  • Procedure

    • Double cleansing
    • Channeling of Energy
    • Focus Care
    • INDIBA Capacitive Electrode
    • INDIBA Resistive Electrode
    • Final Balance: Thermal Facial Massage
    • Custom Blended Mask (Premium)

How it Works

Proionic™ Facial

Begins with double cleansing to free the skin of impurities and build-up from the day.

Using INDIBA Capacitive Electrode to activate facial meridian points and aid in the skin’s natural lymphatic drainage system.

Followed with an INDIBA Resistive Electrode to penetrate and increase the skin’s internal temperature

The treatment ends with Thermal Facial Massage with sustained pressure applied by the fingertips or palm to improve the circulation, revitalize and tone your skin