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Proionic™ Shoulder

Proionic™ Shoulder

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With longer hours spent at your desk, it’s not uncommon for your posture to falter through the day. Often, we end up in a position known as Tech Neck: a forward strain of the neck that creates additional strain on shoulder muscles, hinders healthy blood circulation and increases the occurrence of necklines. Relieve yourself of daily WFH stresses with the Proionic™ Shoulder.

Crafted to combine the intensely restorative and relaxing properties of the popular Prioionic™ Facial Treatment, leave enjoying restored cellular health, deep tissue repair and much-needed stress relief.

This treatment targets the neck and shoulder area.

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  • Key benefits

    ✓ Fatigue relieve
    ✓ Tension release
    ✓ Prevents stiff neck and shoulders
    ✓ Prevents saggy facial and neck contours
    ✓ Improves blood circulation

  • Procedure

    • Cleansing
    • Focus care

How it Works

Proionic™ Shoulder

The shoulder area is cleansed with warm towels to revitalise and prep the skin.

This 2 steps procedure that uses INDIBA focuses on both superficial and deep fibrotic tissues. It helps to enhance lymphatic circulation, brightens skin complexion and improves collagen and elastin density and bounce.