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Proionic Multi-Sculpting Chin & Neck Treatment

Proionic Multi-Sculpting Chin & Neck Treatment

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3-months instalment plans available

The Proionic™ Multi-Sculpting Chin & Neck Treatment uses the advance technology of long wave radio frequency to rebuild the skin’s elasticity by regenerating collagen and elastin fibres. Effectively reducing the appearance of fine lines, double chin and saggy skin around the neck naturally without any discomfort or downtime. In one session, achieve the V-shaped facial contour you desire. ​

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  • Key benefits

    ✓Lifts and tightens skin
    ✓Improves on fine lines and wrinkles
    ✓Improves skin tone
    ✓Improves hydration, collagen and elastin levels
    ✓Contours jawline
    ✓Age prevention
    ✓Improve detoxification and rejuvenation

  • Procedure

    • Double cleansing
    • CO2 Mask
    • Focus Care
    • Custom Blended Mask (Premium)

How it Works

Proionic Multi-Sculpting Chin & Neck Treatment

Begins with double cleansing to free the skin of impurities and build-up from the day.

This 2 steps procedure that uses INDIBA focuses on both superficial and deep fibrotic tissues. It helps to enhance lymphatic circulation, brightens skin complexion and improves collagen and elastin density and bounce.

The treatment ends with a premium custom-blended mask for the ultimate indulgence.