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Restorative Facial

Restorative Facial

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First designed as a bespoke post-natal treatment, it has since evolved into a well-loved treatment for anyone seeking to improve the overall quality of their skin. The potent combination of hyperbaric oxygen infusion therapy with signature Shiatsu facial massage helps rid water retention and drain toxins while hydrating and brightening the skin.

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  • Key benefits

    ✓Refreshed and improve skin radiance
    ✓Refine pores and texture
    ✓Brighten skin tone
    ✓Lift and firm skin
    ✓Removes dead skin cell and prevent build-up
    ✓Hydrates the skin

  • Procedure

    • Double Cleansing
    • Exfoliation
    • Shiatsu Face Massage
    • Custom Blended Mask
    • Head Massage
    • OxySpray Mist Therapy
    • Moisture Protectant
    • Sunscreen

How it Works

Restorative Facial

Begins with double cleansing to free the skin of impurities and build-up from the day.

To reduce puffiness, drain toxins, and lift skin. It uses sustained pressure applied by the fingertip or palm to improve circulation, evitalize and tone your skin.

The treatment ends with a premium custom-blended mask for the ultimate indulgence.

A combination of vitamins in the oxygen spray helps to improve cell regeneration, reviving even the dullest skin back to its radiant, glowing self.