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Sun Rescue Facial

Sun Rescue Facial

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The Sun Rescue facial entails a three-pronged approach of Calm, Repair and Hydrate to provide restorative care. Soothe sun-damaged and/or dehydrated skin instantly with a combination of Oxygen- and Cryo-therapies to calm, stimulate repair, shorten recovery time and reduce skin sensitivity.

Calm: The damaged skin surface will be chilled to a temperature of up to -10°C with the use of CryoProbe, Electrophoresis and stabilized aloe vera to kickstart the process of vaso-constriction and -dilation to encourage skin regeneration.
Repair: An oxygen hyperbaric spray is used with a customized serum to provide cellular hydration, pH level regulation and to repair the skin.
Hydrate: The treatment ends with an anti-inflammatory and soothing cucumber mask on the skin, sealing and locking in moisture.

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  • Key benefits

    ✓Heals and repairs sun damaged skin
    ✓Replenishes essential hydration and
    ✓antioxidants to skin
    ✓Soothes irritated skin
    ✓Regulates skin’s pH level

  • Procedure

    • Double Cleansing
    • Exfoliation
    • CryoProbe
    • Cryo-Electrophoresis/Microcurrent
    • OxySpray Mist Therapy
    • Custom Blended Mask
    • Head Massage
    • Moisture Protectant
    • Sunscreen

How it Works

Sun Rescue Facial

Begins with double cleansing to free the skin of impurities and build-up from the day.

To bring down the skin's temperature to between -15 to 25 degrees celsius to stimulate and repair skin cells.

A combination of vitamins in the oxygen spray helps to improve cell regeneration, reviving even the dullest skin back to its radiant, glowing self.

The treatment ends with a premium custom-blended mask for the ultimate indulgence.