UPLIFT™ Natural Definition Treatment
UPLIFT™ Natural Definition Treatment
UPLIFT™ Natural Definition Treatment
UPLIFT™ Natural Definition Treatment

UPLIFT™ Natural Definition Treatment

Lifts and sculpts appearance with non-invasive plumping technology
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For 3 cycles

Treatment Benefits

✓ Strong precision technology that gives you a graceful and subtle upgrade on your nasolabial (laugh lines) and marionette lines. ​
✓ Non-invasive treatment with filler-like effects​.
✓ Build skin elasticity from wrinkles and lines.​
✓ Increase collagen production​.
✓ Achieve younger looking skin from reduced facial lines​.
✓ Regenerate new collagen and elastin cells for a firmer skin​.
✓ Optimal long-lasting wrinkle reduction with results lasting 1.5 to 2 years.
✓ Complimentary aftercare pack after each UPLIFT™ session (1x Antiseptic Cream, 1x Bio-cellulose Mask, 1x Ice Pack).

Our Promise To You

Get healthy skin from within through safe and tailored treatments.

A needleless treatment crafted to restore volume to the nasolabial and marionette lines. By integrating cutting-edge nanotechnology and a patented multi-peptides serum, this procedure focuses on targeted wrinkles and fine lines in that area. This then stimulates skin elastin and aids collagen production for a more youthful appearance. Results can last from 1.5 - 2 years. 

Rediscover youthful fullness while still looking like an enhanced version of yourself!

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For anyone seeking to plump up nasolabial or marionette lines.

Not recommended for those who had aesthetic surgery or injectables within the last 3 months.

90 minutes per session
3 cycles (3 sessions of UPLIFT™, 3 sessions of Pick Me Up)

To indicate areas near the facial contours to guide the serum application for optimal plumping.

Administration of the HA Matrix that helps to stimulate natural collagen production through a needleless approach. This helps to reproduce, repair and restructure the collagen and elastin of dermal layer to stimulate collagen production.

A thin layer of antiseptic is applied to thoroughly disinfect, promoting optimal healing.

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This treatment is a corrective process as the HA Matrix is absorbed into the skin to stimulate regeneration of new collagen and elastin which eventually will fill the indents (wrinkles).

However, it takes time for the body to produce these new cells effectively. Moreover, in every session, we can only administer a certain dosage of serum. Thus, multiple sessions are required for maximum efficacy.

You may already notice a result after 1 session, but we strongly recommend following finishing the proposed cycle for the best results.

We use a needless approach to stimulate your cells to fill in gaps rather than inserting a foreign substance into the skin. This treatment may seem similar to a filler procedure, but it works differently.

Fillers fill in the gaps and they a much longer time to be absorbed into the skin.

Our treatment uses the HA matrix serum which is easily absorbed into the skin to stimulate collagen and elastin cells to reproduce and fill up the gaps themselves.

In most cases, your skin will recover fully after 1-2 days, after which you may wear makeup.
To ensure quick and proper recovery, please adhere to the aftercare instructions.

You may experience minimal to no pain at all during the procedure.

You may still book for the treatment first. During your appointment, our therapists will conduct an in-depth Skin Discovery Analysis to understand your skin issues and needs.

From there, our therapists will propose the suitable treatments and products.

Should you like to journey with Porcelain, we will customise a treatment plan and product regime that is best suited for you. The plan and regime may change from time to time depending on your changing skin condition or improvements.

Drop us a message and let us assist you in finding a suitable treatment. An appointment can be made through one of these platforms:

All our services are based on appointments only. Prior booking is required and subject to availability.

For first-time clients, please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your appointment. You will be required to complete a medical indemnity form. 

For subsequent visits, please try to arrive at least 10 minutes prior to your appointment. Your prompt arrival will help us ensure all clients receive full and quality service in a timely manner. 

In an event of a late arrival, Porcelain reserve the right to reduce the duration of the treatment accordingly or end the session on the scheduled time. Do note that full payment of the entire treatment will still be chargeable to the client. 

Your appointment will be cancelled with a lateness of more than 30 minutes.

Yes, we incorporate Porcelain products for our treatments.

Our products have been researched in-house and formulated over years to suit different skin needs. They are free from cruelty, silicone, drying-alcohol, sulphates and parabens.

Our therapist may customise the products used depending on the treatment and your skin condition.

Fun fact: Porcelain Skin product line started because of the high demand from our clients.

To ensure your safety, we would only be able to conduct the following facials during your pregnancy:

  • OxyRevive™ Facial
  • Restorative Facial
  • Quintessential Facial
  • OxyRevive™ Plus Facial
  • Barrier Booster+ Facial
  • Illuminate™ Facial
  • Sun Rescue™ Facial
  • Cryotherapy™ Facial

Journey With Porcelain

With over 130 awards and 1000+ reviews, we strive to be your lifelong beauty partner that journeys with you through the evolution of your skin. We believe that:
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