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#MyimPerfection – A Silent Confidence

#MyimPerfection – A Silent Confidence

Acknowledging, accepting and embracing your imperfections is a never-ending process that is rarely carefree. Though each of our journeys is different and can entail a variety of emotions, there’s always a comfort to be found in knowing others have emerged stronger than ever.    

Welcome back to #MyimPerfection – a collection of real stories, graciously shared by individuals on their path to embracing their true selves, unabashed and unmasked.  


Despite being a Saturday, Porcelain Origins maintained its tranquil nature, providing a much-needed respite from the bustle of the city streets. Though you’d expect boisterous energy to emerge from our guest, it was quite the opposite. Nicole, all dressed in white turned the corner and gave the team a soft yet warm greeting. Unlike most influencers and personas that we’ve had the pleasure of interacting with, Nicole had a refreshing reservedness. An unexpected introvert with an affinity for self-reflection and self-care, we sat down to discover what lay beyond the surface of this intriguing individual.  

What is your imperfection?  

“I’ve been dealing with hormonal acne for the past 6 years. And being in the industry of social media, having perfect skin is a big part of it, so it affected my self-confidence.”   

Having been in the world of social media for close to a decade, Nicole shared that she would struggle with her self-confidence. Looking at other influencers and noticing they weren’t experiencing the same thing as she only fed into the insecurity.   

In her first few brushes with hormonal acne, Nicole shared that she didn’t have a clue on what she was dealing with.   

“As a teen, I didn’t really deal with acne, so I thought I was immune to pimples! When I started breaking out in my mid-twenties, I didn’t know what was happening.”  

Thinking it was an allergic reaction, Nicole started to hunt for solutions. In a bid to understand her skin, she grew more confused given that each article and video she saw spoke about and classified acne differently. From there, it was a steady spiral down the familiar path of trying and testing.   

From various forms of exfoliants to concocting her own DIY masks, she made every effort to find something that would help. Along the way, she discovered what she dealt with was hormonal acne. 

“With hormonal acne, products don’t really work since it’s an internal issue.” 

 She shared that there was even a point in time when she considered hopping aboard with Accutane, a common acne treatment. However, after speaking with her husband (then boyfriend), she realised that taking that medication would result in health issues down the line.  

“He asked me at the time if I was willing to risk my health for the sake of vanity.” 

Though a jarring question, it led Nicole to conclude that meddling around with products was not the way to manage her skin.   

Instead, choosing to allow her body to be healthy in its own ways rather than forcing it to be perfect.  

A Moment of Change  

One day, while casually scrolling through Instagram, she came across a friend’s post.

Though it wasn’t her first experience with the brand, having used some of our products prior, this post along with the fact that her big day was just around the corner, really pushed forth to speak with Porcelain.   

“I mean my wedding was coming up! I wanted to make sure my skin looked good since the photos were meant to last a lifetime.”   

Deciding to pay more attention to caring for her skin, she reached out to Porcelain to begin her skincare journey.   

A piece of advice for my younger self:  

“Don’t worry too much about the things you can’t control.”  

Nicole’s Favourites:  

“Quintessential! It’s the most thorough and gentle extraction that I’ve ever tried. Other places feel like they just want to squeeze everything out which can leave you with scars and marks, but it’s different here.”  

“I’ve used the Deep Recovery Gel for a while and I like that. Recently, I’ve also been seeing some results from the Hydraclear Gel too.”  

The Porcelain Difference:  

“Porcelain is very true to its identity, and I enjoy that they are very confident in giving you the results you desire. They make sure I see the results beyond the naked eye as well with the Skin Discovery Analysis!”  


We would like to thank Nicole for being the first feature of our #MyimPerfection series for 2022 and for opening up on a sensitive topic. We hope it sheds a comforting light on your journey to embracing your own imperfections. Know that your beauty is more than meets the eye and is a result of your unique experiences. We will always be here to journey with you as you embrace them.      

Love, Porcelain. 

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