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#MyimPerfection – Journey to Acne-Free Confidence

#MyimPerfection – Journey to Acne-Free Confidence

Embracing one’s imperfections has never been an effortless journey. For most, it is a lonely, unlit path filled with dead ends and booby traps. Though intimidating, we often find comfort in the experiences of others knowing they emerged stronger than ever.   

Welcome to #MyimPerfection – a collection of real stories, graciously shared by individuals on their path to embracing their true selves, unabashed and unmasked.  

This month, we found ourselves listening in to a familiar story: a struggle to find confidence and self-acceptance in the face of acne. 

We met up with Mei Ying, a poised 32-year-old, in bustling Porcelain Origins. To our surprise, she came in with a bare face, skin flawless and dewy fresh – a sight we were not expecting given the session was about imperfections! After settling down and having her natural features enhanced with a touch of makeup, we sat down to hear her journey to embracing her imperfections. 

What is your imperfection? 

Candidly, Mei Ying revealed that acne was her imperfection, something we would have never guessed given the healthy radiance her skin was emitting.   

“During my teenage years, I had really bad acne – like huge red bumps. With my acne journey starting out a lot earlier than the rest of my peers which caused me to develop a sense of inferiority.”  

To manage her acne, Mei Ying sought help from her family, turning to her mother and elder brother (who experienced the same issues) for advice.   

With her mother having little knowledge in skincare and scepticism towards facial treatments, there was little she could offer Mei Ying. Thus, she looked to her brother who recommended using the drug store staple Oxy Cream (a familiar solution to those of us who have struggled with acne) as that had worked for him.   

“It was a good solution back then because it helped to dry the acne up. But t it left me with scars.”  

As time passed, the Oxy Cream lost its effectiveness, causing her acne to reemerge. Yearning to rid herself of it quickly, Mei Ying started incorporating a deluge of solutions she believed would work. From copying her mum’s use of Hazeline Snow Cream, washing her face 3 to 4 times a day to remove the oily sheen, to picking and popping her own acne.   

The result? Mei Ying developed dry skin and uneven skin tone (thanks to the whitening properties of Hazeline Snow Cream), all in addition to her acne.   

“To summarise, this part of my journey with acne was all about trying every single product I came across in hopes that it would free me of my acne.” 

And this was only the beginning… 

“In university, I started to experiment with makeup. However, I did not know the proper ways to remove it, causing my existing acne to worsen alongside the development of many small bumps across my face.”  

But after all this time of dealing with her acne alone, Mei Ying finally got the help she needed – from her aunt! Given that her aunt was well versed in the realm of skincare, she brought Mei Ying along to visit a dermatologist – paying for her consultation as well as product prescription. For a while, the products worked, leaving Mei Ying with the skin that she always wanted. But as the products ran out and having little financial capability as a student to support her visits to the dermatologist, her acne started to crawl back into her life.   

“The thought of going to a facial place to treat my skin came to mind. So I started to look for affordable facials and found Porcelain. Perhaps it was just fate, but I decided to check it out.”  

Back in the early 2010s, where Porcelain Extraction facial trials were  conducted by Director Aesthetician Jenny, Mei Ying decided to give Porcelain a try. The 2-to-3-hour session was a painful one Mei Ying recalls, noting that she teared up quite a bit. Despite the ordeal and having left with a face covered in red spots from the deep extractions, Mei Ying noticed that her skin smoothened out significantly and looked better a few days after the redness subsided.  

As she was still schooling at the time, her finances restricted her from regular visits with Porcelain. Thus, she continued her search for affordable alternatives, with each never truly providing the long-lasting results she sought after.    

“After I found a job and started receiving a stable income in 2013, I decided to return to Porcelain and ever since then, I have only witnessed improvements in my skin!” 

A piece of advice for my younger self… 

“I should not have succumbed to make up to conceal my imperfections. Instead, to understand the causes of my acne and have a solid skincare routine.” 

Mei Ying’s Favourites: 

“Quintessential and Cryotherapy are my favourites!”

Though Quintessential is a staple in Mei Ying’s regimes, Cryotherapy captured her heart. Witnessing immediate brightening and reduction in pores.  

“For products, I cannot live without Hydraclear Gel. Whenever I feel an impending pimple, I always apply it  to prevent its  growth.”

The Porcelain Difference: 

“One thing that I love about Porcelain is the fact that there is no hard-selling. It made me comfortable with coming back. Plus, the therapists are very well-educated about the products and are happy to share that knowledge.” 


We would like to thank Mei Ying for being so gracious in sharing her story. We hope that it sheds a comforting light on your journey to embracing your own imperfections. Know that your beauty is a result of your unique experiences, and we will always be here to journey with you as you embrace them. 

Love, Porcelain. 

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