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#MyimPerfection – The Balancing Act of Self-Love

#MyimPerfection – The Balancing Act of Self-Love

Embracing one’s imperfections is more than just accepting the physical flaws you see. It’s a continuous journey that involves actively prioritising ourselves – giving time to activities, habits and efforts that make us feel good and better ourselves. But with so many things fighting for our time and attention, self-love has become a forgotten priority.  

Welcome to #MyimPerfection – a collection of real stories, graciously shared by individuals on their path to embracing their true selves, unabashed and unmasked.   

This month, we listened to a refreshing story of self-love: a balancing act between making time for yourself and the things around you.   


It was a quiet Sunday afternoon at Porcelain Signatures where we met up with Cellin. Within the first few minutes of settling down, Cellin’s magnetic personality revealed itself, filling the tranquil spa with laughter and intriguing conversation. We sat down with the capable young mum to hear her story. 

What is your imperfection? 

“In my teen years, I experienced my share of breakouts and I had this bad habit of squeezing them because I wanted to be rid of these ugly things on my face.”   

The urge to free herself of the pesky blemishes left Cellin with marks and scars that she did not know how to manage. As Cellin continued, she revealed that the early stages of her skincare journey were filled with coincidence and happenchance.   

“My first proper facial happened by accident: I was in a neighbourhood beauty salon getting my brows threaded when the lady offered to give me a facial to help with my skin.” Though it sounded like a good offer at the time, it left more marks and scars behind.  

Much like anyone else, when Cellin started working, she decided to invest in an established facial spa. Trusting its reputation, she bought skincare products and packages that she believed would help. Eventually, Cellin realised that it was not working for her skin, feeling that recommendations were not tailored to her skin and were given to fulfil sales quotas. Disappointed, she decided to put a hold on facials.   

In her third soiree with facials, Cellin found herself trying the facials at her neighbourhood manicure spot. Though the process was painful and left her more scars than before, she decided to stick with it as it cleared the congestion she always struggled with.   

“Every time I went, I look like I went through a war. After the facial, I would need to bear with looking ugly because of the long recovery times.”  

Given that Cellin’s work required her to represent her company to countless clients, the increasing scars and long downtimes affected her confidence despite her capabilities.   

“I worked in the healthcare industry and I felt so embarrassed and insecure that my skin was not in a healthy state.” 

Forth times’ the charm.. 

“After 2 years at that particular facial spot, I was recommended by a friend to try out Porcelain and I decided to check it out as I had seen her skin improve through the time that I had known her.”  

Living just 5 minutes away from Porcelain Face Spa (Porcelain’s first outlet), she decided to pop by and give it a chance. Compared to her other experiences with extraction facials, Cellin was pleasantly surprised by the treatment.   

“I went for the trial and was very amazed because, for the first time, my skin did not look bruised. The treatment did not leave behind large red marks like previous facials had and I was still able to look presentable the next day. My skin finally looked happy.”  

Captivated by the results she experienced, Cellin decided to continue on with her treatments at Porcelain. Though her skin was improving and Cellin started to gain confidence, another imperfection began to arise in her life – one that was beyond the surface of her skin. As a new mother, she found herself forgetting to make time for her self-care as she poured her all into being a parent.  

“Before I became a parent, time felt like it was an infinite resource. But ever since I became one, every second with my child is precious to me – to the point where I had forgotten to give myself some time.” 

Balancing Act Between Time and Self Love.. 

Struggling to find time for herself, Cellin decided to start small – with lunchtime workout classes.  

“Since lunchtime was the only time I could give, I decided to make it a priority for myself. Though it was a rush, it made me feel good to have that hour to myself.”  

A simple 60 minutes was all Cellin needed to realise that self-care did not need to always be lavish or extensive. It encouraged her to prioritise the vital things in her life, putting in the effort to ensure there was always time for her self-care activities. Even if it meant waking up at 5:30am for meditations or sneaking in a quick masking session after her child had gone to sleep – it helped Cellin feel more confident in herself.   

“It made me radiate more positive energy – I was more relaxed, patient and present with my child.”  

Having been with Porcelain for over 7 years, Cellin experienced a novel journey: gaining confidence in her skin and herself, learning the true meaning of self-care. We could not be more thankful to be there, journeying along with her. 

A piece of advice for my younger self… 

“Self-care is not selfish. Take time to take care of yourself so that you may take better care of others.” 

Cellin’s Favourites: 

“Artic Tone™ and Proionic™ are my favourites!”   

Though Cellin started her Porcelain journey with the Quintessential facial, her skin’s needs have evolved. Now focused on future-proofing her skin, Arctic Tone and Proionic both work at the muscular and cellular level to provide her with a timeless complexion.   

“I like the HA+ Hydrating Serum and Hydraclear Gel. But whenever I feel like indulging, I always put on the Bio-Cellulose Mask and listen to some music.” 

The Porcelain Difference: 

“I have been at Porcelain for 7 years and the few things I really enjoy are the trusting relationship I have built with my therapist, the lack of hard-selling and sincerity in recommendations. I feel relaxed knowing that I do not have to rush to get my card out and that the recommendations are genuinely for the benefit of my skin.”  


We would like to thank Cellin for sharing her wisdom and love for self-care. We hope it sheds a comforting light on your journey to embracing your own imperfections. Know that your beauty is more than meets the eye and is a result of your unique experiences. We will always be here to journey with you as you embrace them.   

Love, Porcelain. 

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