Extraction Facial 101 – All you need to know before going for an extraction facial

Extraction Facial 101 – All you need to know before going for an extraction facial

Extractions – most people have a love-hate relationship with it. A painful yet innately satisfying process that’s sought after – especially in Singapore where humidity and heat add to an increased frequency of pore congestion. But before you start picking at your zits, here is what you need to know about extraction facials in Singapore and why you should leave it to the professionals. 

What are Extraction Facials and are they painful?

Extraction Facial

Extraction facials are the process of clearing congestion from pores using extraction tools or fingers. This process manipulates and applies pressure to the skin to express congestion. Thus, there is a high likelihood that there would be pain experienced as a result. However, the severity is dependent upon the expertise of your therapist and personal pain tolerance. While extraction facials may seem simple, multiple factors come into play. Acne type, skin sensitivity, skin type, skin condition and pore direction all factor into the difficulty of extractions. 

While most would gravitate towards a ‘painless’ extraction, it is good to note that a thorough extraction is rarely that.

Can I do my Extraction Facials by myself?

Should your skin, fingers or tools be improperly sanitised, it can result in inflammation. Although inflammation may seem like a small price to pay for seemingly cleaner pores, it is typically a sign that there is much worse to come and don’t say we didn’t warn you here about the dangers of extracting at home. 

An inflamed pore shows the presence of bacteria. These bacteria can further irritate the oil glands within the pore, causing it to produce more sebum. This further clogs the pore. If not dealt with correctly and immediately, it can cause the pore to enlarge on the surface and within the skin. At this stage, even removing the congestion thoroughly can leave behind acne scars and pigmentation spots (a result of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation).

Therefore, as gratifying as it is to express zits and blackheads, improper extracting knowledge, technique and sanitation will only cause more problems than it solves. 

Are Extractions good for your skin?

Yes, when done correctly! Congestion left for too long can lead to enlarged pores, bumpy skin texture and in some severe cases of acne – a higher possibility of acne scars developing post-extractions. Thus, a thorough extraction done by a trained professional will aid in:

– Minimising pores
– Evening skin tone
– Improving overall skin texture
 Stimulate cell renewal
– Reduce sebum production
– Minimising presence of acne causing bacteria

How often should you go for extractions?

No two skins are alike. Thus, the frequency of extractions depends on a variety of factors like genetics, skin type and severity of congestion. Genetics determines your skin type and its conditions. Should acne be a genetic condition, it would require a higher frequency of extractions to manage. In addition to genetics, skin types like oily skin produce higher quantities of sebum – which contributes to acne formation. 

While extraction facials satisfy the desire for congestion-free skin, it is vital to support the recovery process of your skin post-extraction. After all, the extraction process causes small wounds (aka extracted pores) to form. A sturdy recovery process is a balance of a holistic home care regime and treatments that replenishes, protects the skin and boosts the natural healing abilities of the skin.

Where should I go for extractions?

When searching for the right facial spa for extraction facials, there are several important factors to consider. 


With many factors to consider before extracting, it is best to place your trust (and face) with a well-trained and skilled therapist who can adapt to suit the specific needs of your skin. 


Price is a huge factor in many of our decisions. Though it is tempting to seek inexpensive options, it is vital to remember that you get what you pay for. Moreover, more than one extraction facial is likely required for your skin to reach a healthy, self-sustaining state. Thus, make sure that you look for value-for-money options that you can sustain in the long run. 

Holistic Skin Care:

Extractions are only a small part of your journey to healthier skin. If post-extraction care is lacking, the recovery process of your skin would slow down drastically. It may even impact the results of the extraction facial.  Thus, the search for spas that place a focus on providing a holistic skincare routine that provides a balance of treatments and skincare products. 

Thankfully, Porcelain has got you covered!

Grounded in our skincare philosophies of customized facial treatment, healthy skin and sustainability and methodologies to treat, balance and protect the skin. Porcelain prides itself in providing a lifelong, holistic skincare journey with the help of technology, craftsmanship and the power of natural ingredients. 

To ensure a consistent experience and quality service, each therapist undergoes over 500 hours worth of training and stringent testing.  

Don’t just take it from us – check out what our clients have to say!

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