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How To Protect Your Skin From the Bacteria on Your Phone

How To Protect Your Skin From the Bacteria on Your Phone

Ever since their inception, we’ve been glued to our phones. From staying up way too late scrolling social media to not being able to have a meal without a video playing, it’s safe to say that our phones have earned a large (and irreplaceable) spot in our lives. While their presence isn’t an inherently negative thing, our phones can have significant effects on the health of our skin in ways you never knew.

How Does My Phone Affect My Face? 

How does phone affect my face

Apart from filters, your phone can change your face and skin in ways you never knew. Have you ever noticed that one side of your face tends to have more acne/acne-like bumps and is more sensitive than the other side? This is because of the symptom of Phone Face – a form of irritant contact dermatitis and acne mechanica.   

Irritant contact dermatitis is a nonallergic skin reaction where a substance damages your skin’s outer protective layer. Acne mechanica, on the other hand, is often acne caused when the skin is pressed or rubbed. Phone Face arises when we have our phones pressed up and rubbing our skin during calls multiple times a day. This constant contact allows bacteria from your phone to transfer onto your skin, resulting in a weakened natural protective barrier.   

Don’t think that your phone is that dirty? Just imagine – your finger taps all over the phone, it sits screen down on tables, it goes into your pockets or bags. Sometimes it even follows us to the restroom. All the places your phone has been allowing it to accumulate bacteria which inevitably find themselves on your skin.     

How do I Combat Phone Face? 

Avoiding phone calls may seem like the perfect solution (especially for those of us that panic at the sight of a call). However, that’s not enough to keep Phone Face away, so here are two of our most essential tips to help! 

#1: Keep it Clean 

In times of telecommuting, it is quite hard to avoid answering calls. Despite that, what better way to keep Phone Face at bay than to keep your face, phone and workspace clean?   

While it may sound obvious, it can get quite tedious (and potentially dangerous) to have multiple sanitising solutions hanging around your workspace. Plus, hand sanitisers and alcohol-based cleaning solutions can’t double up and be used to sanitise your face. 

Our Recommendation: 

Skin Protecting Sanitiser

Skin Protecting Sanitiser: 
This multi-functional sanitiser is not only alcohol-free but utilises a medical-grade sanitising solution that is effective and gentle on skin. Tea Tree Oil and Eucalyptus Oil use their potent antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties to kill bacteria on the skin and soothe acne. You can also spitz it on your phone, desk and surfaces or toss into your bag for when you head out!

#2: Tone it Down 

What if you already have Phone Face? This tip is for you! On top of keeping your phone and space clean, incorporate skincare ingredients that would help the skin fight bacteria and inflammation. These ingredients can include:  

 Witch Hazel Extract: for its potent anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Plus, it promotes the healing of broken skin and helps it to create a protective layer. 
 Beta- Hydroxy Acids (BHAs): BHAs like Salicylic Acid have strong antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that can penetrate deep into pores to treat acne.  
 Chamomile Flower Extract: Chamomile Tea isn’t the only soothing thing you can get from this flower. It aids in relieving inflammation, soothes, moisturises and inhibits the growth of bacteria. 


Our Recommendation:  

Botanical Sensitive Care Toner

Botanical Sensitive Care Toner: 
Tone your skin away from Phone Face! This gentle toner is formulated with a reparative blend of medicinal herbs like Korean Mint and Honeysuckle Flower extract to soothe redness while infusing skin with antioxidants to reduce impurities and free-radical damage.

With these two tips at hand, you can say goodbye to Phone Face!   

Think you need more tips to help you through your Phone Face? Book yourself a 30-minute Virtual Skin Education Session with our highly trained Skin Educators as they guide you through your Phone Face and make tailored recommendations based on your skin’s needs. Plus, it’s now complimentary because of COVID-19!  


We hope this article helped you realise one of the many adverse effects your phone can have on your skin. Need more tips, trick and nuggets of knowledge? Join our mailing below and let us navigate your way to healthier skin together! 

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