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Your Guide to Finding the Perfect Facial Spa in Singapore!

Your Guide to Finding the Perfect Facial Spa in Singapore!

Are you new to the concept of facials? Or just not sure where to start your facial journey? In this simple guide, we break down why you getting regular facials is beneficial and tips on how to find the perfect facial spa in Singapore! 

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There is an abundance of options when it comes to facial spas in Singapore! Though they each may offer slightly different treatments – each with their own benefits, almost all facial spas provide 3 common benefits:

3 Common benefits of all facial spas:

1. Resetting and Rejuvenating Skin 

Daily pollution and stress can get the better of you and your skin: commuting, city pollution and staying in air-conditioned environments can adversely affect your skin in the long run. Thus, it is good to invest in your facials and other self-pampering activities. Professionally executed extractions, medical-grade technology and signature facial massages are just a handful of things that work to help reset and rejuvenate your skin. Plus, nothing beats having a professional therapist take care of you as you catch some much-needed rest and awaken to brighter, healthier skin! 

2. Tailored Skincare 

For those who experience a myriad of skin issues, tailored treatments and skincare is often required. Investing in regular, tailored facial treatments can help alleviate these problems, strengthen its natural resilience and restore a healthy glow. Post-treatment, you would also be able to receive personal advice from professionals on how to take care of your skin at home, along with the appropriate dosage of products to use. 

3. Stress Management 

Nothing is more relaxing than heading to a spa after work. Laying down on a warm bed as calming music plays and experienced hands massage your tensions away. Not only does it help manage stress (which can impact the health of your skin), facial massages can actually reduce muscle tensions that pull and tug on your skin. Goodbye stress and hello youthful visage! 

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Now that we know the common benefits of regular facial treatments, the next step is choosing the right facial spa in Singapore! Here are some essential things to look out for when searching for your go-to facial place: 

Understand Yourself 

Though it may seem like a philosophical thought, it is important to understand your skin. Knowing your skin type and issues allows you to make informed decisions and provide your therapists with accurate information. Doing so before heading out to look for a facial spa will let you know what treatments to look out for!  

If you are unsure of your skin’s type and needs, check out this article to learn more about your own skin: Do you really know your skin type? (insert link)

Do Your Research 

There are plenty of facial spas in Singapore that offer a wide range of treatments for your skin concerns. Knowing your skin type and needs are can help narrow down which spas can best cater to your needs. Apart from your skin needs, consider your ability to support consistent facial treatments as it will often take several sessions to give you the healthy skin you deserve. The last thing you want would be to enjoy the results of one session without the financial ability to consistently enjoy those results. 

Beyond the facial spa’s capabilities and offerings, it is also vital to determine if their beliefs align with your own. Sharing the same beliefs allows you to build a strong relationship and sense of trust for your spa. Furthermore, checking in on the reviews can clue you into other’s experiences – a valuable indicator of the spa’s quality of products and services, and whether the spa is worth the visit.   

Arrange for a Consultation 

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When in doubt, always arrange for a consultation. It allows you to visit the spa and understand the offerings first-hand. If feel like you’re still not fully aware of what your skin needs, this consultation is an opportunity for you to ask the experts! During the visit you could observe the hygiene standards of the staff and how comfortable you personally feel in the setting.  

Get Your Money’s Worth! 

It is always good to shop around to understand the offerings and benefits that different spas provide. Do not let pressure influence you, instead, treat purchasing a facial like investing in art. When you have found the right facial spa in Singapore that connects with you emotionally and understands your needs, commit to a regular biweekly or monthly schedule. Signing up for packages can even be a financially viable alternative! Good skin is an investment, but nothing beats a lifetime’s worth of healthy skin! 

Finally, it is important to be realistic in your expectations. A single appointment alone will not do miracles for your skin, especially if you do not keep up a good routine at home. You would have to be consistent with booking regular appointments, applying the recommended products and keeping up a healthy lifestyle! 


Ready to give Porcelain a try? Begin your skincare journey with a Skin Discovery Enhanced and allow our trained professionals to uncover your skin’s deepest secrets! 

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