Porcelain Treatment Membership

Other methods to collect points


Yes, you can join both Product and Treatment memberships. Utilise both to maximise the rewards. You may use the same mobile number and email for both as well.

To provide a more seamless omnichannel experience, we have separated the membership programmes into two categories - products & treatments. There will also be slightly different benefits and rewards for each programme.

Yes you can! For products membership, simply register via our website. For treatments membership, simply book an appointment or start purchase in stores.

It will automatically be credited to your account with every successful payment or additional action to collect points.

For Treatment Membership: You can check it through our Porcelain mobile app. If it is not installed, feel free to ask our therapist in our spas.

For Product Membership: You can check the balance by logging into your account on www.porcelainskin.com. Then click on Porcelain Rewards > My Card Status.

All points collected on the Treatment Membership can only be redeemed in our spas for any ala-carte service (facials, facial add-ons, body treatments and body add-ons).

You may still sign up for Treatment Membership. However, do note that points can only be attained if you purchase treatments in our spas which are located in Singapore.

Your membership account cannot be transferred or shared with others, even if it's a family member. We are unable to combine or transfer points to other accounts or between the 2 memberships.

The complimentary service reward can only be redeemed and used by use. It cannot be transferred or shared with others.

Points cannot be transferred or combined between the 2 memberships even if it is both your account.

Points will expire 365 days from purchase date for both products and treatment memberships. Complimentary treatment rewards cannot be transferred to someone else and can only be redeemed by the membership account holder. Points cannot be transferred from Product Membership to Treatment Membership or vice versa.

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